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[CHALLENGE!] HOT Sushi – NyamNyamNyam – Ep.4

Woah, it must be good! It should be yummy right? We’ll eat as usual, in Jakarta~ Set menu! Set menu! What set menu actually? I’m curious We’ll see~ Wow, really Looks delicious Thank you Woah, what is this Miss? -This is gyu tan don -Gyu tan don! Woah looks so yummy! I love this! Look […]

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SDRW: Azuki Sushi

This episode of Food Quest is brought to you by Sean and John of Windermere Homes and Estates. What’s up you guys? Chris here with another episode of Food Quest. We’re here in Baker’s Hill for San Diego Restaurant Week. And it occurred to us, with over 70 miles of coastline in San Diego, it’s […]

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