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Fecal Contamination of Sushi

“Fecal Contamination of Sushi” Remember that 24-hour flu you had last year? Well, there’s no such thing as a 24-hour or 48-hour flu. There’s no such thing as stomach flu. What you had was likely food poisoning. When someone gets hepatitis from eating a strawberry, the hepatitis didn’t come from the strawberry; they don’t even […]

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West Wing Week 04/25/14 or, “POTUS Dreams of Sushi”

(applause) The President: I’m not playing. I’m not playing. (applause) The President: That’s what I’m talking about. Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the White House celebrated Easter and the President began a weeklong trip to Asia, while the First Lady and […]

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Indians try Sushi for the first time

Japanese? No! Nope! Japanese Cuisine? I know tofu and sushi are Japanese.. No! Never! Not rich enough! Nope I have tried fish before. Prawns, fish curry and that…. lobster.. is it a fish? Is crab a fish? My father was in the navy.. So.. I have had lots of fishes.. Yeah, I have.. But I […]

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