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Today, we would make inari-sushi with additional ingredients. Before we wash the rice, we would wipe salt from 10g of kelp and put it in water. We would wash 4 cups of rice (we used a half for the other purpose) cleanly. After washing, we would put it on a strainer for 20 to 30 […]

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Today, we would eat Temaki-zushi (hand rolled sushi) with family. Ingredients are pretty much anything that would fit with sushi rice: cucumber, baby leaves, radish sprout, lettuce, mashed Umeboshi, soy sauce with wasabi, Mentaiko, Natto, Salmon sashimi (these are pretty much we could get in our fridge for this purpose). Nori (for wrapping rice). The […]

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Nashville Best Sushi

Searching for the best sushi restaurant in your area take a quick moment to consider this most people agree six important aspects will provide the most satisfying experience. 1.) one quality ingredients only the freshest and highest quality would be used in all their dishes. 2.) the service would be fast and courteous. 3.) the […]

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