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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel ASMR Brandan Today we’re eating raw tiger shrimps! I got these from Makro in Thailand. And also fresh tuna sashimi! There is also kaiware sprouts, seafood sauce and wasabi soyu Lets get it! This is really fresh and big sized. I got it at around 450baht per kilo […]

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Chocolate Ramen for Sweet Valentine’s Day

What’s going on everyone? It’s your boy Brian, it’s Ramen Adventures time!! We’re in Kasuga, right next to Tokyo Dome This is Mensho Tokyo I’ve been here a bunch But the reason we’re gonna check it out today is it’s Valentine’s Day And they have a limited edition Chocolate Ramen going on here So what […]

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Golden Retriever Puppies Love Seafood | Kritter Klub

Cuteness overload They’re two months old They’re this big at two months? Yes, because they eat so well Family portrait They may look cute and innocent But I’m scared of them these days *wreak havoc* *tug of war* leaves a trail in its tracks what now next target : octopus I hear dinner Dog meets […]

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