Taiwanese 95oz Steak Challenge in Taipei w/ Spaghetti Noodles!!

100 comments on “Taiwanese 95oz Steak Challenge in Taipei w/ Spaghetti Noodles!!”

  1. Randy Santel says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! This was a HUGE steak!! This event was supposed to also feature Zermatt Neo and Raina Huang taking the challenge too, but there was a miscommunication and the restaurant thought all 3 of us wanted to share the same challenge meal (lol). Thanks to Raina and Zermatt for letting me take the challenge that was available!! Here is Raina's video from when she took the challenge a few days later, after I had left to go home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP9abqZ8RLY

  2. Joy DevNath says:

    Insprational 😀

  3. Todd P says:

    You’ve eatin over 12 lbs of food in your last 2 videos…

  4. Sudharrshan Muthu says:

    Why does such a person like Randy don’t get a million subs! Come guys let’s make it 2M by 2021😍😍😘

  5. Emosi Tuiketei says:

    Randy doesn’t know how to use a knife and fork still the man like your work 👍🏼

  6. yodatwinkie says:

    I’ve always wondered why you do the chest cross with your fingers then turn your hat backwards and THEN start talking again 😂😂 Also great win idk anyone who could do all that in 25 mins💪💪

  7. Kiran Prakash says:

    You and Joel Hansen are my favourite man v food eaters, because you eat normally without crushing food. All the best Randy. Take care of your health.

  8. Lil Saddam says:

    Boys praying for his high blood pressure.

  9. Yvonne Pross says:

    Amazing….Good Job…👍from Germany

  10. 梁力中 says:

    I am from Taiwan, happy to see you enjoyed our food!

  11. charlie johnstone says:

    Have u been to glasgow yet

  12. Paul James says:

    Your awesome Randy!!!

  13. Tom says:

    Randy please go on a diet after your next tour. I would hate to see you in bad health over this sorta thing. As legendary as you are.

  14. Beanita Lewis says:


  15. Beanita Lewis says:

    Looks like someone wants to meet you back in Mil-Town.. Me.. Lol. Come please. Would love to see you and Raina, Brandon, or Magic Mike destroy this.. ❤.

  16. Charles Yee says:

    Taiwan is a great place with delicious food, welcome!!

  17. Justin Lin says:

    Omg Randy I’m in Taiwan too!! Can I take you to some food challenge places in Taipei??

  18. Artha Negara says:

    I hope you collab with matt stonie

  19. Joelle The Furry says:

    Oh my that steaks 🤤🤤🤤… stomach growls 🥺🥺🥺… Hungryyy!!!

  20. Mark Dunn says:

    The first time I seen him without his earbuds in listening to music haha lol

  21. rob Oldgoth says:

    Steak challenge looks amazing,, say hi to us here in Scotland randy,,,,

  22. suraj amom says:


  23. Toolmybass says:

    damn…that must have been a big cat, or a small dog to get 95oz

  24. RIGSBY-I-AM says:

    Sadly we can't ask Elvis how his last dump went after eating this…..

  25. Dane Lorenz says:

    I didnt follow Randy for half a year and now he has manboobs and everything…

    RANDY, take care of your health man… You're eating your way to death. Where is the "Athlete" from 2018…

    Your face is very red because of your high blood pressure. Your cardiac disease risks are going crazy high man

  26. TCD4321 says:

    "Tonight I'm going for number two in Taiwan" Well, maybe add a 'win' there next time Randy 😉

  27. Haley Faragalli says:

    That plate is MASSIVE

  28. Michael Bertoni says:

    Those asians are so pissed. Thats the entire kitchens staff wages for the week probably. 😀

  29. Dave The Hillside Gardener says:

    Dude love all of your videos! When are you going to do another spicy challenge?

  30. Malphas 666 says:

    95oz of steak for 65$
    , you go to a steak house and pay 65$ for a 8oz sirloin steak in Canada lol

  31. Jim Tam says:

    You are so inspirational

  32. Brian Ladouceur says:

    You suck

    Leah kills all your challenges, pure and simple!!😂

  33. Elliott Blair says:

    Jesus dude. Last time I watched your vids you were not this huge 😂😂😂. Best of luck in your health m8

  34. Pogrman Rlchman says:

    Not shure, but its kinda stupid….

  35. ESTABLISHED IN 1982 says:

    Man you have a gift because I can barely take down a 6 ounce..

  36. YouTube YouTube says:

    Cow feet or organs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. J Mac says:

    Legend has it that steak is still working it’s way to the end of the tunnel

  38. mathman80 says:

    Laziest flex ever at the completion of that challenge, but at least the wallet gift allows you to retire with dignity 🙂

  39. Sue Am says:

    I think you and Raina would make a cute couple, I know your just friends but it would be a cute couple challenge since you both do these.

  40. SJ Taylor says:

    Most I ate was 40 oz and was still hungry. I found rarer, the easier to eat. How did you have yrs cooked?

  41. acmecomments says:

    he went gray

  42. Joshua Xiong says:

    out of all the food challange eaters, randy eats the cleanest. lol

  43. Jacqueline Stuart says:

    What do your turds look like????😳😳😳

  44. Chara Nii Chan says:

    well thats new his knees are hurting anyone else think his habit caught up with him

  45. yens fleerackers says:

    I am here for supporting you to get 1000wins. That would be awesome

  46. frankwhen says:

    new bee 牛逼

  47. moojuice369 says:

    I think the special gift is a roll of ultra soft/heavy duty butt wipe for later on….

  48. Sherrie Duncan says:

    You are an absolute beast 💪💪 🙌🙌 love Raina

  49. Carlos Espinoza says:

    That steak with a1 looks so good

  50. Mika Manninen says:


  51. Haley Holt says:

    That steak looks amazing!!

  52. S G says:

    Wallet from the cow you ate.

  53. Shawn Linville says:

    Umm sup blondie

  54. Kevin Hofferth says:

    Steak veggies and bread, screw it lets throw in some random pasta🍜

  55. James Lynch says:

    You are a beast my friend 💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊👊🇺🇸🇺🇸

  56. Tim Mathews says:

    If this guy worked out he would be huge

  57. JimmyLee says:

    Welcome to Taiwan, l hope you have a nice trip in my hometown👍

  58. Brian Bassett says:

    You deserve everything you are going to get.

  59. Bob Gibson says:

    Come on now this guy's got to take some Wicked s** you must be able to drive a Mack truck up his a hole Rayna probably knows that

  60. Vincent Fun says:

    Beast mode straight up 😉💯👌👍

  61. Michael Rice says:

    Rumor has it this man hasn't bought a shirt for himself in about 8 years…. and more restaurants should do wallets or card holders, I mean almost all restaurants have Gift Cards, so why not have branded Gift Card Holders to hold em in 🙂

  62. nigel mahabir says:

    Easy peasy. He got cheap china made wallet

  63. ace kicker says:

    Wonder if and when Randy will stop doing all these meat challenges with him as a RD knowing humans aren’t designed to eat meat and has an increasing risk of cancer? 🤔

  64. ken artus says:

    No more lift Randy?

  65. Dawud Townsville says:

    Big Red is Back!!! I thought u died 😭

  66. 看看看看洨啊 says:


  67. Notice Me Senpai says:

    Bro he use to be jacked….

  68. Rebecca Isbell says:

    That's a lot of Steak. Wow. Good job.

  69. VictorMorenoM says:

    I miss you the words:
    "Hola a toros!!!" With Mandel and Joe BurguerChallenge

  70. Rapheal Francis says:


  71. David Sewell says:

    Taiwan is the bomb!

  72. Mark Green says:

    Fun fact the wallet was made from the cow you just ate lol

  73. Rhey Merrimen says:

    dude give me some. 😁

  74. ArnettLinn says:

    Not trying to get too far ahead but 1,000 completed challenges is on the horizon. Keep it up buddy!

  75. RT says:

    Great challenge!!!! For a second there it looked rough but good job!!! Keep up the good work and keep them challenges coming!!!

  76. Kason Miah says:

    U keep saying healthy vegetable why dont u just go to the Gym mate

  77. Swift 5933 says:

    Come to Tokyo Olympic huge Sukiyaki challenge!!!!!!!

  78. A G says:

    Lol, who taught you how to clap bro….

  79. Corey Banks says:

    Ppl complain about mcdonalds being cheap so it must be nasty lol no they make it affordable so everyone can buy. This is 95 oz of steak and side dishes for $60 lol same thing

  80. R M says:

    Another great challenge

  81. Fontressa Foxx says:

    Dang thats a lot of steak and chewing for that matter great job.

  82. The Velvet Voice says:

    You look like you lost a lot of weight recently. Does your weight go up and down during the season? Great video

  83. raaz gauchan says:

    1h30 time limit: in this limit Randal will shove off this meal, shit n re-eat the same amount.lol.😂😂

  84. David Craig says:

    I wish steak that delicious looking was that cheap in America. Great now I want steak. There goes my wallet.

  85. сергей владимирович says:

    Клоун, и голос противный как из канализации

  86. American Liberty and Freedom says:

    I thumbs up because you dont have political ads

  87. xxxpensive says:

    Imagine his poop!

  88. AK M says:

    Wow, you're super out of shape and pretty much obese and your man boobs show it. You should really sort your health and weight out my man, you're sitting down and your knees were hurting…that's a huge problem. Yeah super impressive challenge but at what cost. Stay safe.

  89. risma187 says:

    I haven’t seen u in a minute were u been brotherrrrrrrrr

  90. risma187 says:

    31sec ago

  91. Jin Kazama says:

    the gifts were made from the leather from cow he just ate. jk

  92. Daron M. says:

    Yo Randy…my man….great vid as usual…but how do you do this lol? I eat a 12-16 oz steak and I’m miserable

  93. Hey, Yo! That Dog's Name Is Bingo! says:

    That was a very generous gift you got for completing the challenge, Randy. Those spaghetti noodles seemed to be the worst part of the challenge.

  94. Johnathon Anderson says:

    looks great

  95. Andre Wardana says:

    Colab with " tanboy kun " <<–Faster Eat From Indonesia

  96. Kenny Bowers says:

    Bet his turds look like a baby arm!

  97. swayang pattanaik says:

    Pissed off with same variants, try some other food

  98. We Are God says:

    A lot of healthy in there! 🙂

  99. xZed Youtube says:

    I still remember Randy When he was still buffed

  100. madvirus13 says:

    wow! you really gain some weight.. the last time i saw your videos is last 2018..

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