Taiwanese Wagyu Beef & Seafood Hotpot — Travel, Eat, Repeat

– [Iz] It’s brunch time and
we’re here at Din Tai Fung. This is the restaurant
that put Taiwanese food on the map and there’s good reason why. They’re known specifically
for their soup dumplings but honestly anything
you get here is gonna be out of this world. This place is like a food factory. The efficiency is unreal. Everything is served so fresh and the attention to
detail is exceptional. Wow! They still are the best soup dumplings I’ve ever had in my life. The outer is just like paper thin. The meat is so tender and the broth inside are just packed with flavor. And having fresh vegetable
dishes to go alongside, it enhances the experience. You can have something super savory and then something slightly sweet. And these cucumbers with chile oil, I might name my first kid after them. I already had one but I might rename him. – I’m doing kid chopsticks. – [Johnny] Okay, show me how you do it. – We’re going to head out and do a hike in the national park here. Oh no, dumpling down! Then we’re going to take on hot pot. Taiwan has a specific way of doing it, and I’m really excited to
see what that’s all about. There’s a dish that unites
almost all of East Asia. It’s more of a method or even a ritual. Put a pot of boiling broth
in the middle of the table, gather a bunch of ingredients, and create your own adventure. Here in Taiwan, they have
their own riff on the format. Pulling nearly equally from both Chinese and Japanese influences, hot pot in Taipei is a unique blend of tradition and innovation, and it’s one I am
excited and eager to try. – [Johnny] Run to the car. Run, run, run. – We’ve got snacks. We’ve got hikes. We are all ready to go. This is out of this world, I’ve never seen anything like it. There is volcanic geothermal
energy everywhere, so it’s just super steamy
and foggy and magical. It’s wild. So green, so lush. Let’s explore. This is stunning. It is so beautifully kept. It was completely stroller accessible. The texture of the trees is very different than anything I’ve seen, the mistiness, and it’s just such a
nice escape for the kids to be able to run around. I can’t recommend this enough. And it’s just 45 minutes
outside of the city. What? We’re now like in the middle of a cloud. The traditional way to end a hike here is the foot hot springs. So we’re going to go do that and it’s going to be amazing. – [Johnny] Not too fast! – [Iz] Everyone’s just here
at the end of their day, at the end of their hikes
to just soak, relax, rest. I don’t think the kids
interrupted it too much. They kind of did. (laughs) But it’s fine, it still was really great. It’s time for hot pot. We’re here at the Addiction
Aquatic Development and we ditched the kids and
we’re going to have a date. This place is wild. You walk in and it’s like a full market. They’re making sushi,
there’s wine, there’s beer, there’s cheese, there’s a flower shop. Upstairs is where the hot pot is. We’re going to order the seafood deluxe, which I’m really excited
about because that’s what Taiwanese hot pot is all about. And then we’re going to
throw in some wagyu beef because that’s very
specific to shabu-shabu which is the more
Japanese-influenced hot pot. I’m very excited, I’ve never
done hot pot, let’s do it! Everything’s coming. We’re gonna start with these vegetables, the ones that take a bit longer to cook. Look, I’m a pro already! Then the corn. Look at that. Taiwanese hot pot has a
strong Japanese influence and is actually called shabu-shabu. What sets it apart is
this thinly cut beef. Shabu-shabu is literally translated to the “swish-swish” that you
get when you dip the broth briefly and just go back
and forth a few times and that’s what we’re going to do. That’s very good. It’s so thin, it’s really tender. And this peanut sauce goes
perfectly alongside it. Really good. – Very marbled, it’s just
incredibly melt-in-your-mouth even after just like
10 seconds in the pot. Crazy. – They just gave me the cooking
times for each of these. We have clams, prawns, no idea, crab, lobster I think, no idea, fish. The fish is almost done and
that means that this lobster was three minutes, so he
can probably come out. A big part of hot pot is this sauce. They have here like a citrus-y soy sauce. We’re going to try it with
a little bit of the crab. That is really good. The crab itself is incredibly sweet and cooked perfectly
if I do say so myself. Big ol’ piece of lobster. I have to say that one of the
things that’s really standing out to me is all of the
seafood I’ve had before and all of them taste much different than when I’ve had them previously. I think the cooking method,
the broth, the sauce, obviously all add but I really think it’s more about the method. Addiction Aquatic Center
gets a 10 out of 10, the national park gets a 10 out of 10, and the shabu-shabu was such
a special experience to have here in Taipei. I loved it. I loved it! Be sure not to miss the
next and final episode where we dive into the
art of handmade noodles.

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