12 comments on “Tasmania Road Trip : Airbnb Room Tour, Wineglass Bay, Seafood Platter | Kaya Vlogs”

  1. Ray tsune says:

    호주의 아침 하늘이 예쁘네요☀️

  2. YahyaFdidine says:

    i wish one day had a traveller team and travel all the world, i love vlogging, and i love so muhc travelling

  3. romeunleashed2 says:

    Wish you would visit Adalaide just so i could meet you and take a picture with.

  4. Arthur H says:

    Everything in Australia is backwards, opposite. In the USA we have proper seasons and we drive on the correct side of the road!!!

  5. Whitzwolf says:

    Beautiful, I've always wanted to visit Tasmania! Not sure about living there though 😅

  6. Sasquatch says:

    are you in Australia again now? 😍

  7. Melrose Vlog말괄량이 멜로즈 says:

    같이 여행하는 느낌~

  8. Arthur H says:

    Kaya I wanna duct tape a camera to your head so you can livestream your life.

  9. 갸아오 says:

    요즘 많이 춥지않나요 ㅎㅎ 잘 보고있습니다 👍👍

  10. Andrew Celticdog says:

    my Island!

  11. Wheresmyeyebrow says:

    Very beautiful

  12. Explore Australia says:

    Really nice video

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