– Hello everyone! It’s Barry here. Welcome
to My Virgin Kitchen. Hope you’re well. Joey and Petry and Davey de Grande have sent me
some treats from Belgium and we are gonna taste test our way through them, folks. This
is not the first taste test video I’ve done. I’ve done hundreds in different countries
all ’round the world. There’s playlist link up here, and down below, if you wanna check
it out after this video. I’m really looking forward to this Belgian taste experience,
experience? This is very, very exciting food indeed, some real nice stuff. Now I’ve actually
got boxes of this food upstairs. I’m gonna start with one that is actually out of date.
This one is by Lotus, who also make Speculoos Spread, and the biscuits which we’re gonna
come to later. So, so good. But this one went out of date a month ago but I’m feeling cheeky.
We’re gonna try it. Frangipane I believe is kinda like an almond-y pastry but also isn’t
it an alcohol? I don’t know, I think it is. And imagine that it should normally be a little
bit lighter than this. Ohh yes. It is almond-y, it smells a bit like a cherry bakewell. Loving
the splodge, like a little fried egg just dumped on top of it. It’s very, very sweet,
but I think it’s a teeny bit more doughy than it should be because it’s expired six weeks
ago. I would actually really like to try that but with a fresh one. So not a bad start.
All right. I’m not a huge fan of pâté but this is liver pâté by Zwan, which is basically
the word swan with a zed on it, kinda like a superhero swan, which is now a vision that
I can’t get out of my head. Liver paste- which is kinda like a lover pâté. Pâté du foie.
And that’s basically it. It’s just– is it in date? It’s in date, August 18, that’s good,
but there’s no other signs on it. There’s no list of ingredients. In England you normally
need to list the ingredients on every single thing. This is just like a little foil lid.
Please don’t smell like dog food. It does smell like dog food. See? It summoned him.
And her. Oh, it’s got like a little skin on it, and it’s all Oh, it’s all slimy as well.
No, no-no-no-no. Okay. Whew. These people have been very kind to send you food, Barry.
Enjoy it. Oh, the texture. Oh. Ew, it’s like eating a muddy field, or like– Ooh! My dog’s
scratching in excitement! That is her. She’s not tap dancing or anything. Although it detracted
me from the taste a little bit. Ugh! How do I know this isn’t dog food? Because you just
wouldn’t give that to a dog anyway. I do like pâtés, but sometimes liver… Maybe on bread
and butter like you’re supposed to have it. I just wanted to take to take it straight
up, one on one. Taste like a field. A muddy field. I need something sweet for my palate,
so this is a Nestle La Laitiere, and it’s in date, and it’s mousse. That’s basically
it. Something about an official, authentic Belgian chocolate mousse gets me, mmm baby!
Oh yeah. You didn’t have to open it like that but– kinda wanted to. Oh my gosh, there’s
a crater in it. Look at that. Wow. It’s like customs have taken half of it out just to
make sure– yes, we can send this. Oh, smells really nice and rich. I’m gonna go right in
there. Cor, it’s very thick and clumpy when I dug in there. It’s almost like mud again
in terms of texture, but I hope it tastes much better. Here we go. Ooh. You cheeky Belgian
thing. That is sensual, my friends. I feel like I’m turning into an actual cocoa bean
on a night club dance floor, spinning, doing the moonwalk, all that stuff. ♫ Shamone!
Oh. Mmm. Rich, delicious, gorgeous. Exactly what I’m wanting because that’s just wiped
away the taste of the pâté. Nice! Okay, so after enjoying the Zwan pâté that much,
we’re now back with Zwan again. But this is TV Natuur Nature, which I think– I don’t
know, is going to be tinned sausages. Ingredients: worstjes. What’s a worstjes? Dunno what that
is. I think they’re sausages. Oh! Yes, they are. Oh, yeah, they smell quite frankfurter-y.
Can I show you that? Oh yes. Brilliant. Poured sausage water all over my counter. Can you
see that there? Yeah. Anyhow. Mmm! Oh wow, it just disintegrates in your mouth. Kinda
bite into it, you’re getting the flavour of it, but then it just– falling apart, turning
all mushy. It’s all right, it’s just very, very salty. It kinda tastes like sea water,
so they’re like sea sausages. All right. These are very nice biscuits apparently, by Jules
Destrooper, who sounds like a very well known person. Jules Destrooper. Could be a DJ. DJ
Jules Destrooper in da house, making up my biscuit remix. Waka waka waka waka, one two.
No. This is a small variety of the biscuits by a famous producer Jules Destrooper– waka
waka waka. This is a fracture of a small village– the most famous ones are the boter wafels–
uh, butter waffles. I know my Belgian. They’re ones with the big diamond shapes, so let’s
just try those. I love how it’s sort of integrating with my sausage water on the countertop. Mmm,
very pungent. Wow. Ah-ha! Nice. Oh wow! Ohwhat? Um, diamond. That’s not a diamond. That’s
a rectangle. Are these the diamond ones? No that’s just snapped. Oh no! I think this is
the closest to the diamond one, it’s just been snapped off in the transportation. Oh
wow it smells so good. Oh, it smells so good, baby. Oh. Mmm. To be fair, Jules, you’ve done
well there my friend, my favourite Belgian DJ. Nice bit of crunch on there, the buttery
taste in there, absolutely loving it. It’s kinda like a waffle-y, buttery biscuit. And
it’s the name butter waffles, or boter wafels. Really really good. Just realised the diamond
shape is actually imprinted on the friggin’ biscuit, isn’t it? There we go. Diamonds like
that. It’s kinda like a pimped up ice-cream wafer, but also you could double up– if you
do like that design, you could plaster your walls. You could actually tile your house
in these biscuits. They’re that kind of butch. Don’t do that. Just gotta get rid of the sausage
water, sorry. That sounds wrong. Next up– and it looks very similar to the sort of box
that a shower cap comes in when you stay in a hotel room is Pralines Leonidas? Very nice
gold shiny box with a security seal on there, where it says Leonidas on it. Oh wow. And
I think these are some kind of chocolates. Praline, 100% pur beurre de cacao. It’s chocolate
made out of bears, okay? And we’re gonna take this one. We’ve got a white one as well, but
we’ll go for this. Ohh, you’re so rich. Mmm! Ohh! What is that? Is that mayonnaise? No,
it’s not mayonnaise. It is kinda like a white chocolate filling in there. That is absolutely
gorgeous. I was not expecting that. I was thinking it was gonna be quite solid or like,
truffle like. But it’s kinda like oozing out, look. Oh yeah, mmm that, mmm! Let’s be good
and not eat the whole of that one. I’ll do that off camera later. Let’s try the white
one, and see if the middle is like dark chocolate or something. So stuffed! That was like eating
a pillow! Oh, that’s praline in there. Absolutely love that, mmm. Mmm Next up: you cannot go
wrong without a jar of Speculoos. So I was sent the biscuits as well, but I do like those,
I think I’ve tried them on camera before. Speculoos biscuit like that, you see, or we
have got the jar. In 2017, the makers of the Speculoos Apparently there’s a discussion
point with Speculoos. Some people say Speculoos, and other people say Speculaas. So are you
team Speculoos? Or Speculaas? All right, it’s like a turf battle between spreads and biscuits.
Oh my God. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m sorry, I’m just kinda like– feeling a bit like,
aw yeah. Life is good. Nutmeg, cinnamon, clovey vibe going there. Bit spicy. It’s like eating
a kinda like spreadable cookie dough. Stonkin’. We can actually get that in the U.K. but it’s
bloody gorgeous. I’m not gonna turn that down. We’re getting into a sort of soapy vibe with
the next two. We’ve got Speculoos Tundras by Boni. Wasn’t that a name of a band? Boni
M? Boni M. – [Phone Voice] According to Wikipedia, Boney
M is a Euro-Caribbean vocal group created by German record producer Frank Farian. – Yes they are, and they did that song: ♫ By
the rivers of– Yeah, so to me they just look like big brown bars of soap. It says Speculoos
on there so hopefully they’ll get a nice spicy succulent delicious but firm– firm but fair
taste. It’s very light weight in fact, and it’s a bit crusty on top. It reminds me…
Hello? A little bit of a rusk, which is baby food here in the U.K. which a lot of adults
secretly like pecking on. Spicy. I’m feeling it might be quite doughy? A little bit, yeah?
Is it– wasn’t gonna snap, you know, like one of our boter waffles. Sorry, just inhaled
a crumb. Keep that there for later. Ooh, dry. It’s very dry. Very sugary. My mouth is lubricating
it and hydrating it and all that stuff, and sort of bring those spices out of it but it’s
all clinging to my roof of my mouth and I’m finding it– I’m not finding it pleasurable.
I’m not– I’m not enjoying this moment. I should– I should be enjoying you more, and
it just feels like a dry chore. A little bit more spicy than the other stuff as well, I’m
kinda eating it and I mean it’s making me feel like I’m eating Christmas. Yeah, that
was dry. Okay, so– Cote S’Or, is it? That’s like something you you go to the doctors with.
Hi, I’ve got a cote sore? Can you please, uh, sort it out? Very sort of papery packaging.
Chocolate. It’s what I’ve got here at the note. Of course being a Belgian, I could have
not completed this package without some Belgian chocolate. So it’s Côte d’Or, Fondant-Puur.
Meow! It feels weighty though, it feels butch, firm… Oh, disappointment, look. I thought
as well– I thought it was two bars. Whoa, two become one. Spice Girls, baby. No, one
become two. Two become one. Okay, so they are actually rows of bullet belt style chocolate,
so not too bad looking, but you would be so disappointed if you bought a bar that was
that thick and you were not from that country, like me and thought yeah, I’m gonna buy myself
a real good bar of chocolate, and it sort of separated before you even got to it. But–
oh, it smells rich. Smells like cooking chocolate. Mmm. Ooh! Ooh, firm. Oh, that’s’ so rich.
Oh wow. The only way I can describe it, it is insanely chocolatey. Remember the cocoa
bean reference earlier, that cocoa bean, I’ve flipped it down, now I’m using it as a surfboard.
I’m in cocoa world on the cocoa sea surfing a friggin’ cocoa bean. It is that chocolatey
and intense. I’m loving it though. Very, very naughty. Very hard, firm Delicious. Delicious
in Belgian. – [Phone Voice] Délicieux. – Délicieux. Just like French, basically.
All right, here’s the second to last one, and I generally am uncertain. This is probably
not dog food, but it just does look like dog food. Saucisse Kermesse, which when I first
looked at it a minute ago I was like, they’ve made Kermit the Frog sausages in Belgium?
How dare you. Look at it though. It’s the sort of sight that a plumber comes across
every once in a while. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. It’s spicy though! It’s got
more spice than the Old Spice adverts, and I’m just wondering, there is a skin on it,
do I need to pick that off? It does look quite papery. It’s come off quite easy. Not sure
you’re supposed to eat that. Paperless sausage. Very fibrous. Oh! It’s like eating meaty cardboard.
I wonder if I’m supposed to boil these first. It’s very, very strong indeed, I’m not sure–
I didn’t actually get any notes on this one. This is from the other package. It kinda feels
like I’m just chewing on beef stock cubes, it’s that spicy and strong, but the texture
is so fibrous. It does look just like flaky budget cardboard that’s just been rammed full
of spices. Ugh, blimey. It feels so weird though. It feels like I’d rather wanna smoke
it than actually eat it. It’s just– Can’t get that taste out of my mouth. I think I
did that so wrong, whatever was… Do let me know how I was supposed to have that. Anyhow,
Lotus Dinosaurus, which sounds like some sort of scientific name for your bottom. Rather
than the gluteus maximus you can call it a Lotus Dinosaurus. Very nice indeed. Milk chocolate,
four by three individually packed I presume, looks like dinosaur biscuits. ♫ Ooooh There
we go. And– Oh, looks like a dinosaur’s footprint, possibly. And there is a dinosaur on the back,
imprinted in it. So, yes. They are dinosaurs. Be a bit pointless if they weren’t, if they
were just feet, or something like that, wouldn’t it? Is that a dinosaur? Looks kinda like–
more like a pug, actually. Anyhow, let’s give it a taste. ♫ My mind’s telling me no ♫ But
my body ♫ My body’s telling me yeah Dinosaurus, yes he did saw us coming. That is flavour
packed. Absolutely gorgeous. Simplicity though. It is not the depth of the Speculoos, the
spice and that are there. Just a very simple biscuit, imprinted to look like a dinosaur
for your viewing pleasure and marketing game, laced in delicious yet not too overpowering
chocolate. We’ve had some overpowering chocolate, we’ve had some spicy biscuit. This just draws
it back to the norm, and I’m– ♫ My body to me, yeah ♫ Heyyy So there we go then,
folks. That taste test is all done. I quite liked it because for a change it was relatively
normal with the odd quirky thing in there. If you would like to send me treats from wherever
you are in the world don’t forget to get in touch. Go to MyVirginKitchen.com — dot com
contact form, we’ll have a little chat, and then you can perhaps send me a box to try.
Don’t forget to subscribe for regular recipes and I’m sorry, I just have to make the ultimate
Belgian snack here. We’re going butter waffle, we’re going Speculoos spread, we’re shoving
a dinosaur in it, that on top. Ohhh. Cheeky.

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