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Tempura is the haute couture of deep fried dishes. The crust must be light and crispy like lace. The making of tempura is technical. Great care must be taken in the preparation of the ingredients and the temperature of the frying. The order of preparation is important. Start by preparing the Tempura dipping sauce. Put in a small pan: 10 cl of water, The dashi stock, The mirin, The soy sauce. Bring to a boil. When the sauce starts to boil, stir and let it simmer for 1 minute. Cut the fire and let it cool. Peel the shrimp by keeping their tail. Cut along the back to devein them. To avoid the shrimp bending during the frying, make some small cuts on the shrimp underside. Turn them over, and press them. Make slightly diagonal cuts on the back. Cut the sweet potato into slices half a centimeter thick. Cut the eggplant in half lengthwise. Cut sections and in each section make 5 slices keeping them linked on one side. Press with a knife to give a nice shape Put each piece of vegetables and the shrimp in the flour. Previously dry the shrimp with paper towels. Order the ingredients from the longest to the shortest cooking time. For the frying, use a thick pot to keep the oil temperature constant. Put half of new oil and half of oil already used. This mixture will give flavor and nice color to the tempura. Heat on high fire. Now we prepare the batter. Take 30cl of iced sparkling water. Put it in a mixing bowl, Add a pinch of salt. 1 egg Stir energetically. Add 150g of wheat flour. Mix gently.
I want this batter to keep little lumps. To test the temperature, put a few drops of batter in the oil, when they immediately come up to the surface, it means that the temperature is good, For more crunchiness, pour some batter into the oil to make small pieces of chips. Get them immediately in a skimmer. Dip a slice of sweet potato in the batter, Against the edge of the fryer, put it on the chips. Then put it gently in the oil. Let fry about 2 minutes per side. Remove them let them drain on the rack Regularly remove the chips from the frying oil For the shrimp, hold it by the tail, put it gently against the edge of the fryer, the small chips stick to it. As soon as the crust becomes crispy, remove it. The shrimp will be tender and juicy inside. Put the tempera on writing paper Sprinkle them with a little Japanese green tea powder Enjoy them immediately when they are crispy Bon Appetit! The tempura is light and crispy. We can smell the flavor of each ingredient. The taste of smoked fish dashi in the dipping sauce raises the curiosity and appetite of each guest. Thank you for watching and sharing my video! See you at the next homemade dish.

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