Thai Green Curry with Seafood / Easy Thai Food Resipes

Green curry with coconut milk and mix together add seafood Close the pot simmer it for 5 min than add lime leaves and Thai Eggplants Cook for another 3 minutes Then add palm sugar and fish sauce Taste End of cooking add chili and fresh basil leaves for another minute or two recommended. Serve with jasmine rice with a BIG smile 🙂 Good olive oil sliced garlic Shiitake mushrooms carrots and peas Some water , oyster sauce , soy sauce Delicious

5 comments on “Thai Green Curry with Seafood / Easy Thai Food Resipes”

  1. Iska Matkovski says:

    СУПЕР ! НЯМ – НЯМ…. Круто!

  2. Alicia Ooi says:

    Hello from Alicia, Malaysia! I watched Thai green curry at 1 a.m.!!!

  3. Bezalel Matkovsky says:

    looks so good thank you very much :)))

  4. Hector 92 says:

    классное блюдо получилось Ну вот горох не люблю я😂

  5. Marc Overfelt says:

    Looks good!! I will try it. Thanks for your beautiful smile it makes me smile. 🙂

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