Hey everybody! Tyler here with Doga.Tv. We’re here to talk about one of the most popular
Japanese foods, Sushi! Sushi has quite a long history in Japan. The original sushi was called “nare-sushi”
or “nare-zushi,” and it was actually made by wrapping kind of fish in fermented rice
for a really, really, really long time…not exactly my idea of a yummy meal, but it’s
changed over the last, you know, 100 years to become what we know as sushi today. So many people have this misconception of
sushi looking like it does in other countries, the little rolled sushi with the rice on the
outside and the nori (seaweed) in the middle. That’s actually a western style sushi called,
“ura-maki” and it doesn’t really exist here in Japan. I’ve actually never seen “ura-maki” in Japan,
I’ve only seen the other types of sushi which we’ll talk about in just a sec. So one of the most popular types of sushi
in Japan is called “nigiri-zushi,” which nigiri means to like, squeeze or press together,
so it’s basically just rice with fish pressed on top. So that’s nigiri sushi…grasping sushi. A perfect example of that – pretty standard
sushi is the samon, which is amazing! I haven’t gotten to the soy sauce yet but
this is basically what most sushi looks like in Japan, it’s nigiri sushi. So the next sushi I’m gonna talk about is
“maki-mono,” which is probably the second most common type of sushi in Japan, and it’s
kind of the opposite of what we see a lot in the States, which is the “ura-maki,” which
is has the nori on the inside. This has the nori on the outside. And it usually is really yummy, so I’m actually
gonna try one. So one of my favorite types of sushi is actually
the “gunkan sushi” or battle ship sushi. It’s kind of like “maki-zushi,” it’s wrapped
in nori, or seaweed, but this one’s a little different. Instead of the ingredient, or “neta,” being
inside of the rice, it’s just laid on top of the rice and then surrounded by nori. And this one’s really good because it’s basically…uh
roe? Samon roe I think? So..samon fish eggs…so if you’re not exactly
an adventurous eater it might be hard for you to try this, but it’s really, really good! Mmm! Salty! The next sushi is really fun if you kind of
like using your hands and getting more of the texture of the food when you’re eating
it, and that is”temaki-sushi.” And this is just literally rice with some
“neta,” or the topping inside of it wrapped in a big thing of sea-uh seaweed. These ones are a little interesting, but probably
the most filling of the sushi you can get. Mmm! So good! So if you’re a really, REALLY big fan of sushi,
I recommend getting, probably one of my favorite things to get at a sushi restaurant, not necessary
a sushi…like a “kaitenzushi” or a rotating sushi place, is the “chirashi-zushi,” which
is literally just a “donburi” or a rice bowl filled with all sorts of different types of
fish on top. It’s absolutely amazing, and it kind of gives
you the best bang for your buck because you just throw all the different fish ingredients
on the rice. It’s super yummy, super, super yummy. So anyways guys this is it for our sushi video,
I just wanted to make a quick video explaining the different types of sushi, and the kind
of differences between western sushi, and the sushi that you see in Japan. If you like this video be sure to check out
some of our other videos. Peace guys! Take it easy!


  1. Xuan Anh Bui says:

    damn that looks so good, congrats at almost 1000 subs

  2. joy12division says:

    Have you ever gone to the sushi places around Tsukiji?

  3. FrameHungry says:

    Let me at that sushi I will devour it!

  4. VK says:

    Do you have a video of Onsen or sento?

  5. Olecranon89 says:

    Is it normal to dip Makizushi in soy sauce? I know that with Nigirizushi, you're supposed to dip the meat side into the sauce to prevent the rice from falling apart but with a roll, there's not really any meat on the outside to dip. Forgive my ignorance but I'm curious about this.

  6. TheSweetestJerk says:

    Pretty sure its spelled SALMON. Damn that made me hungry

  7. Colleen Forrest says:

    I love salmon roe. Hard to find it thougj

  8. olternaut says:

    Do people use chopsticks in Japan? I hear the traditional way is with your hands.

  9. phuocle says:

    No wonder the ikura was salty… that was a lot of soy sauce you got on it!

  10. luther in Vung Tau says:

    Why do you have your wifes glasses on your head?

  11. Kris Weng says:

    Nice video. You're an overlooked youtuber. Your time will come.

  12. 。孤独なキュウリ says:

    How the Word ”sushi” looks like in japanese Hiragana: すし

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