THE 1000¥ LUNCH CHALLENGE! Japanese Convenience Store food reactions with Endigo from BatAAr

Oh wow… it’s like soda almost. Cathy: ! ! ! – Bye bye Taiyaki!
– Bye! Bye! (in pain) This is JAPANESE CULTURE! (suffering) I LOVE IT! Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and today we have a special guest! Hey guys I am Endigo from Sweden, vocalist of BatAAr! What is your band known for? We are a Visual K, kind of metal, band from Sweden. Recently we have been doing the soundtrack for the upcoming video game Tekken 7. Coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox one. Big honor for us. You are here for your Tokyo tour? Yes we finished our three week long tour playing in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya did some PR and now it’s just vacation in Tokyo. Because you’re here on vacation, we have a challenge from our director from ASK JAPANESE. He is gonna give each one of us 1000yen. And with that we’re supposed to … oh thank you. With that MUNNY… we shall make the most perfect convini lunch! Drink – Main – Dessert! You pick what you think is best, I will pick what I think is best And in the end you guys are gonna see the perfect convini lunch. So .. let’s go! Let’s head off! We went ever so slightly over 1000 yen but we had a good reason. … cause there is tax in Japan. – That’s how it is.
– We’ll just totally gonna say it’s the tax. Mine was 1094 yen and …. – Yours was….?
– About the same pretty much. Just thousand one hundred. So… where shall we start?? You pick one of your magic things out of your perfect lunch. My lunch is going to be perfect. I guess it’s good to start with the starters in my case this one. Takko wasabi! I know wasabi is some strong green thing. Takko is a kind of fish? Yes very close… – Jelly fish?
– Close! O … O … Octopus! So it’s octopus and wasabi. My starter… I was thinking of a classy restaurant starter… And just have some classy egg. It’s not a normal egg. This one here is “Onsen Tamago”. – Onsen Tamago?
– Yes you know like the hot springs? – Yeah.
– This is a hot spring egg. It’s kind of like poached egg in a certain way. But it comes also with some flavoring. I’ve never had it in this shape. I usually have it straight on food. So that’s gonna be interesting. That’s our starters.
– Fair enough. Okay what did we get for drinks then? Well in fact I got one of those. It might look like coffee but in fact… It’s SAKE! (Japanese Alcohol) In a weird metallic bottle! That was one of the cheaper ones. We were struggling finding a good one. But that shape! I first thought it was coffee! I had coffee that looked like this. I thought it was like Moscow coffee or Russian coffee… You know when you have a shot of vodka in the coffee?! But reading the label it says sake. – That was 170 Yen.
– Yeah 170. That was the cheapest one of all of those I saw there. I thought since you are here we should give you some hospitality … So I thought I bring a nice bottle of wine. Don’t mind if I do. This is actually interesting. In Sweden… if you go to any grocery store you can find bottles that look like this I actually thought it was one of them. But those bottles contain liquid butter for frying food…. – Liquid butter?!
– They look VERY similar to this one. I could have easily picked the wrong one. If I had both So this is liquid butter SHAPE, sparking wine. The best kind of wine. That one was more expensive… it was 250 yen I think. Is there a Swedish way to say cheers? Well you can either say… “SKOL” Skol? I head about that one! Well let’s put our glasses together then. That’s what we do. (*20 is the legal drinking age in Japan!*) Is there a special way of doing this? SKOL and then whop…. – Oh!
– You okay? – Not bad actually!
– That’s actually fruity. Actually very sweet.
– Sweet? I am surprised by that. – Sweet-ish.
– SWEDISH SWEET-ISH?! – What’s this word play?
– Sweet-ish. Sweet-ish! This one is very fruity. Surprisingly fruity though. It’s very fruity. Wanna try? – Yes sure. Grab some of the “sweet-ish” sake.
– The Swedish… Oh wow it’s like… apple soda Cathy: ! ! ! It is… sake. I mean it’s not as sweet as this but… I was like “It’s gonna be sweet….” …. “oh no it’s not”… – Well it’s “sweet-ish”
– It definitely has a sweet note. Sweeter than the sake I tried before. Not as dry. Not a big fan? I think this one is actually okay but… It was the moment of… SAKE!!!! Now I am getting sweet … BUT STILL SAKE! STARTERS Good starters. Let’s start on the starters. I can’t wait to eat my octopus wasabi… thing… Have you tried it? I might have had it somewhere but maybe not at a convenience store. So that’s new. Fair enough… whoop here we go. Takko wasabi! That looks tasty ??? Yeah…so… I am just a little bit hesitant towards eating this because about two weeks ago we went out for sushi and I ordered by accident something called “fugu” Which I had no idea what it was. Just as I was taking my first bite, my friends told me… “You do know, that fugu could be highly poisonous?!” And I got some kind of placebo from it like “!!!” Then I felt bad for a little while. “I am gonna die!” I am not dead, so thanks. But I am like a little “uuurh” That one, you are not gonna die from it. Okay good. It’s not fugu, it’s not poisonous. It’s probably going to be a little bit wasabi spicy. Fish and wasabi? No surprise there. You get that …. OH … That wasabi kick First it’s like… “Oh it’s sweet… oh it’s fishy… oh it’s creamy… UH WASABI!” It’s actually good. You get the whole odd senses at once. It’s nice if you have this with a drink for lunch. Works perfect now with your sake. So that’s the kind of food that you have with alcohol (in Japan). Let’s try if the sake tastes any better… You know what? They actually go really well together. Oh wow there we go. I am gonna see if I like the sake better now. ! Ooooh It MATCHES!!! Actually yeah! – That is CRAZY!
– I would never have guessed. – WA!
– NICE! I am still sitting here with my sad egg. The reason is, we found the egg… And we were like “oh it looks interesting…” But Endigo already had too many items, so I was like “I am gonna get it for you”. But now I really don’t know how to eat this. It’s a lot more liquidy than I thought. How do I eat this? Maybe you… you didn’t get a spoon either? – I didn’t get a spoon.
– I guess you can just drink it. Oh yes ok I have sauce… – This is gonna be SO MESSY
– Yeah. Guys you are gonna love this if you like messy stuff… You put it all in and try to blend it. Shake it … shake it … shake it like a Polaroid picture! Oh this is gonna get messy. You can do it. I believe in you. – Is it good?
– It’s actually really good. I am not sure if I am allowed to give you something this messy… It’s almost raw. But it’s not the kind of bad raw. I haven’t tried raw eggs. I accidentally …. I eat so much food on accident here. I had an egg that I did not know was …. called pouched? – Poached?
– Poached yeah. Yeah on top of some kind of … beef things… like at Matsuya (beef bowl restaurant). And yeah that was weird but… pretty good. That’s pretty much it. It’s like a poached egg. Ah… so WEIRD! You have to kind of drink it more than eat it. Oh well … THAT’s a SENSATION! Yeah I mean it tastes ok. Just weird. What exactly is the weird part of it? The liquidiness. It’s so very like… – Semi-raw?
– Yeah totally. It’s like the slime thingys you buy as a kid. Or at least maybe I did… in Sweden. That was a thing in Sweden. You bought toy slime. Oh toy slime… MAINS So for my main dish I got this! “Tamago ga oishii omuraisu” Which means “delicious Omrice with egg” What do you think is “Omrice”? Omrice… uh.. – I guess it’s rice.
– Where is the OM coming from? – Om rice… Omelette?
– Yes! So omelette with rice. You know it’s gonna be tasty if it’s got tasty in the title. Exactly. EVERYTHING that says tasty is totally tasty… Yeah oh wow. So what did you get? For you I got… NATTO!!! It’s some fermented beans that everyone is talking about. I thought that is the perfect way of hospitality! … to shock you with terrible Japanese culture food. I’ve heard horror stories of Natto so many years before going to Japan. But how bad can it be?! Well, we’ll find out. We just have to find out. Is this sauce thingy as well? ??? So it has nothing to do for onto the eggs. So omrice with…egg. Omrice with “delicious egg”. Delicious egg. Very important. Here we go, maybe…? It actually looks delicious. They were not lying I hope. Alright let’s give it a go… What’s inside? It’s all red and strange. Smells like… smells like ketchup. – Is that ketchup?
– Yes it is! Whoa. That’s so weird. So it’s ketchup rice with vegetables or chicken. On top of that you whack egg. Fluffy creamy egg. And put some sauce over it. So OMRICE. – Is this a popular dish in Japan?
– Yes, it’s more of a family food thing. Something the mum would make for her kids if she doesn’t have much time. There’s rice, you have ketchup in the kitchen you have eggs there. Really easily made. Makes sense. What’s your favorite kind of food? I have no idea. I do like me so sushi. I really do. – Sushi?
– When it’s well made, yeah. I went to Genki Sushi in Tokyo. With the tablet ordering. It was so cool. Genki Sushi is a nice one. It’s also quite exciting. Some of them have the little trains that deliver food. Yeah this one had. I have never seen anything like that as well. That was incredible. I had actually seen that in a Youtube video before I came. I was like “I hope I find that place” and my friend took me to Genki. And I was like “Ah! It’s THAT place!” It was so cool. Quite a lot of places have those trains that take the food to you. Actually I forgot. I actually have one more thing with our main. Alright. It’s not only the natto, it’s also something warm. Open it up there. In Japan for everything there is a way to open for it. Yeah it’s weirdly convenient. What do you think is… THIS?! I have NO IDEA. Chi.. chicken maybe? Yeah close. It’s chicken with cheese. It’s “tsukune”. Never heard the word before. It’s chicken parts that get grounded into paste and then they get made into this shape, mixed with cheese. It’s kind of like hot dogs… in the way how it’s made. It’s probably very similar Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it’s pretty similar. Shall we start with that one and then move toward the NATTOOOO – It’s good?
– Yeah. Reminds me very much… you probably heard of Swedish meatballs?! Very traditional Swedish food. Tastes extremely similar to this. – Kottbullar.
– Schütbullar – med potatismos
– with hortis I don’t know what to say. It’s “meatballs and potatoes” Right well… That one was maybe the best one but THIS one is going to be the most fantastic one. I don’t like how confident you sound saying that. This is a funny mechanism. I always get it wrong. Still… there is a way of doing it right… I got it wrong as well. How does it go again… You free the rice… There is a story… you free the rice… Urgh! It’s already pulling strings …. with it being fermented… How do I get the sea weed… oh! YES! Pull this one away… Roll it onto the sea weed… -Beautiful we did it.
– Well done. Who hoo! Have you had this before? I have had this before… For good or for WORSE… It smells like… – Rotten beans?
– Wet paint! Wet paint?? Or like uhm.. Or like… the kind of glue you use when you glue together… pieces of wood. Let’s go for it. Cheers. Skoll! To good health. Skol! OH WOW… OH WELL… OH MY GOD… WOW— (in pain) This is Japanese culture! (in pain) I LOVE IT! Wait… Did you swallow it… oh yeah right… So… how do you feel about this beautiful cultural food called Natto? Why is this still a thing available at convinis? Why oh why? Who buys this? Well us apparently… – Oh well we did.
– We are the target demographic. – I guess.
– It’s apparently very healthy. Lots of people have this for breakfast. We got that in an interview. One of the people said it’s not a proper day if he hadn’t had his Natto. This is like PURE Japanese culture. I guess if it’s healthy you can learn to like it. Like drinking coffee. I hated it the first time but I got used to it. Possibly… – It’s more like Marmite or…
– Veggiemite? Some people HATE it and others LOVE with a passion. It’s something they NEED to have for breakfast. I think that’s probably the same kind of stuff. Actually can I have that one… By all means… NOW we SURVIVED that! To get back to your question, what’s the weirdest thing I had in Japan. Yes? That time I had Natto by Yoyogi Park with you guys. That was it. Definitely. – We updated that now.
– Yeah. DESSERT For dessert I bought… I don’t know what it is but it is shaped like a fish. I am not sure what it’s gonna taste like. It kind of looks like its… filled with SOMETHING. This one is cream Taiyaki. Taiyaki has always the shape of a fish. And this one has cream filling. It’s very adorable. We got the Family Premium Cookie Shu. This is based on Shu cream. I saw that you liked it so I picked it. So we can both try this. Shoe cream as in cream for shoes? No actually Shu cream is a Japanese “false friend” kind of word. It’s sounds like it’s gonna be. We’ve done a video about this actually. I’ll put that in the top right for you to see. This one has cookies and apparently inside there is some custard cream which banana.
– Mine also has custard cream… – YES!
– I know a little Katakana (Jap alphabet) So I opened it from the tail side but… Awww look at the little fishy! It’s so squishy. I thought it would be like a cookie. You know, hard. – Bye bye Taiyaki.
– Bye Bye! Oh Wow! That’s absolutely fantastic! In Sweden when you bake cakes… You usually have on the ground, floor of the cake it’s pretty much this. And then you usually have a layer I believe of this exact cream. – A cream on each layer.
– The same cream? Also very similar to Swedish cakes, except no whipped cream and berries. And it’s in the shape of fish. Which makes it all so much better. If you go to a store in Japan, they usually bake them there for you. They will be crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside. That’s something I can recommend you if you have time to check those out. Yeah this one was very soggy all the way. What about yours? Is it gonna be as squishy? Shu cream. Time to have some cream for shoes. Yay! Best kind of cream. My favorite cream. The English title is actually “Cream Puff”. Oh that makes more sense. You can see it has cookie bits right on top. I think since this is all new you to you, you should try this first. Also very good! I like it. – Fantastic.
– Have a bite! It’s really crunchy on top with the cookie. It’s like a creamy Rocky Road kind of cupcake. The inside is really nice and gooey. You want to drink this with a straw. – Yeah.
– It’s very rich, like seriously rich. Way more liquidy than the fish. It’s not as squishy, it has more of a pie paste around it. How much do you think you’d have to pay for this if you bought it in Sweden? The thing is… Sweden is very expensive. In general. In Japan, to me seems very cheap. By comparison. So when you go from Swedish standards to Japanese standards it’s insane! This thing, what was it… like 100 yen ish? – Within 200 Yen.
– Let’s say 150-200 Yen. That’s about 10-15 Swedish Crown Something similar to this would be in Sweden probably… first of all this level. You could not get this at a convini. You’d have to go to a bake store or a bakery. And they probably charge you between 30-40 Swedish crowns. Which would be like 500 Yen probably. The big dish I had. The Omrice. Something like that would be easily… if you bought it at a convini… Could be like 60-70 Swedish crown, which is like 8-900 Yen. So food is very cheap. It’s very cheap to eat here if you are used to Swedish prices. That’s what I am thankful for. Japanese food prices. Extra drink! We actually have one extra drink each to be honest. As a bonus to wash it all down. We got a very special drink for you here. Saw that today in the store and thought we need you to try this one with us. Is that so? I looks like liquid. It looks like water… I thought it could be like water-ish. It’s clear water. Funnily enough though, on the top it says Macha. Is that so? What it says here on the package on the back… When you pull the screw… A little tablet will fall down… then you shake it and it will turn in to Macha. Nah, I don’t believe that. Really? I got my normal drink… If that works it’s incredible. I got a normal drink, which one you said your favorite type of Kiwi you said was: SKY TIME KIWI! – Best type of Kiwi
– EVER! – I have to mention I hate Kiwi.
– You do? You said Sky Time Kiwi is the best kind of Kiwi, so maybe this one… is actually gonna be a kiwi that I’ll like. Maybe, maybe. Shall we start with the normal one and then go with the bizarre? That sounds good. Yeah let’s do that! SKY TIME KIWI! Smells really good actually. Not a big fan of Kiwi. It’s very sweet. Fantastico. Best kind of kiwi. Sky time kiwi. Well shall we try… the most bizarre Macha drink I have ever seen. I have never seen this one. – Ok I’ll let you do it.
– Alright. I’ll give you the advice and you can do it. Just open it first. Alright here we go. It’s open. Something fell in. Now close it. Close it and then? Now shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. Hey ya! Yo shake it. Oh it changed color! Oh that’s such a rich green tea flavor. It’s really dark now. If I had not known this, I would have been like “What just happened?!” When it fell down. Alright, let’s do it. That’s one weird… Oh well fair enough. Smells like tea. The kind of tea you get at sushi places. I guess it’s Macha tea. Well that’s tea alright. I am surprised that there is no filter or anything in-between. I don’t know how they make that work. You can see that at the bottom it collects bits of Macha right here. It’s very thick, very green. Looks really really rich. Check out. I don’t know how this works, but somehow in here is the green tea And when you open it the first time it pops down. And when you close it, you seal it again. I can’t see where they hid the … powder. I can’t see where they hid the powder. It’s magic. It’s Japanese style magic. I think it just disappeared into it. They are one now. They are one now. They’re united! Let’s try it! Oh! That’s surprisingly good. It’s legit tea. Actually to be honest. You’re right with the sushi place. You always have tea powder in sushi places Yeah exactly. You mix it with water and that’s the kind of taste you get. I guess they designed it that way so it won’t come out of the bottle neck. I suppose so, yeah. That’s why there is a thicker bottle neck here that you can’t open. There’s a little hatch in here. Like this and then you like, pull it off. Oh wow, this is some pretty good engineering. Fancy green tea. So that was our 1000 Yen SUPER CONVINI LUNCH. We went a little bit over 1000 Yen but not too much. I think it still counts. So what was your favorite out of all the things? My favorite thing out of everything has got to be the fish dessert thingy. TAIYAKI! Just had a very nice taste to it. Kind of reminded me of Swedish cake. Which makes me nostalgic and happy. – Tastes like home.
– Oh my home Both the squishy texture of the fish … I just find it funny. I did not think it would be like I thought it would be like…a cookie. A biscuit so much. I enjoyed it. It was good. What surprised you the most? Definitely the Macha. This thing. The Macha. When you told me it would turn into tea I was like Alright yes I can believe that. But then seeing everything fall down If you had not told me I would be so scared like “Cathy Cat look at that. Are we gonna drink this?!” Really good. Actually turned out to taste really good. It’s like legit tea. I thought it would be some kind of convini hybrid but… It was really legit. What was your favorite thing? What surprised me was having… the wasabi octopus together with the sake and that actually tasted nice. The two things I would usually not pick, in combination are really good together. That surprised me. Anything you’d like to mention? The fun thing is… You actually wrote us, saying you watch Ask Japanese… – I do. I love the channel.
– We were really happy. And we were really happy that we could make this happen. I am really honored to be here. It’s strange to be like “Oh I have seen these guys on Youtube!” – But uh.
– Now we’re here. Also, you’ve seen the face of the director. – You know it now.
– I know all your inside secrets. What’s your next project once you go back to Sweden? I have no idea. I am still working with my band BatAAr. Like I said we’re doing the soundtrack for Tekken 7. Which is incredible. I mean I am a huge gamer myself. And a huge fan of fighting games. So doing music for a game like that, it’s incredible to be part of it. I put all the links down here, and links to the video on the top right of your channel. I put that in the top right of the screen as well. If you are curious, definitely go and check it out. Well it was lovely having you! – Thank you so much.
– Thank you for having me. – It was lots of fun.
– It’s been incredible honor. Fantastic way to end this trip, my first time in Japan. And next time you come to Japan, let us know again. – Absolutely. – Maybe we can have some delicious Natto together again! I’d … LOVE … to …. We’ll treat you to something nicer next time. We’ll find something better. It was still nice. That was good? Fantastic. For the end, do you have a pose you do with your band? In the band we have our kind of catch phrase. – It’s “STAY VICIOUS”.
– Stay vicious. In all caps-lock. And then we do this. We put that finger in… And those in together, and then the thumb like that. Yeah and then just, “STAY VICIOUS”. Want to do it together? 3…2…1 Stay vicious!

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