The 180-Day Dry-Aged Steak That Was Made By Accident — The Meat Show

I’m here in Grand Central Station, one of the most iconic
buildings in all of New York, and I’m here because
a restaurant opened up about a year ago called Agern, which is run by Claus Meyer, who is one of the gods of Nordic cuisine. They happen to have a steak that is aged twice as long as they
expected it to be aged for. What happened was there was
a flood in the restaurant. At that point in time,
they had some steaks that were dry-aging on the shelf. By the time they reopened
three months later, those steaks happened
to be 180 days dry-aged. So I’m going to go inside Agern. I’m going to find out
what this tastes like. We got in quite a lot of Tomahawk steaks and they were about 90 days old when the whole place
flooded quite dramatically. You could not have found a single spot that was dry in the restaurant. Well of course this is
a very old building. This is Grand Central Station. It’s an ancient building. The infrastructure is
still pretty rickety. It’s three months,
basically, you were down for. And the steak just got older and older. We cut them out and
they came out amazingly. Really, really packed with flavors. So we just kept it as was,
and now we are open again, and we’re cooking a very old cow. For me, I’ve never aged a beef that long. It was obviously a lot of excitement to start cooking it and tasting it. (upbeat music) Okay, I don’t see any reason to beat around the bush any further. Let’s get this stuck right in there. Of course I’m going for
the… look at that. The spinalis dorsi. Everyone’s sick of hearing
me talk about this, but it is the best thing on the animal. So 180 days is a long time. Mmm. The first bite is just a
really clean, beefy flavor. But then that dark, funky,
really nice flavor of beef just sort of coating the whole
palate, coating the mouth. And I think this nodule
right here is going to be pure concentration of all of the intensity of that dry-aging right in this bite. So right. In a regular 28-day, or a 35, or even a 40-day dry-aged steak, there is that reddle of dry-aged flavor
on the outside of the cut. But in steaks of this age,
that flavor worked its way all the way through into the center. So you’re getting those
really intense notes, right in the middle of the eye. I will say this: it’s really tender, but it doesn’t fall apart
the way a regular steak does. It’s still really supple, but it’s got a bit more bite to it,
which is kind of nice. What I really like about the
way they cook the steak is they cooked that on the flat top, or the plancha, as it’s
called in the kitchen. And there’s something
about the right contact that you get from a flat top, it’s why flat top hamburgers are so good. You just get that intense crust. You can see it on here,
it’s truly impressive. To get that kind of contact,
that Maillard effect, covering the entire… you really want to bronze the entire side. A flat top is the best way because it’s direct heat right on it. I know that it’s a terrible
accident that they had here, and it sucks because
you’re in Grand Central and you have a flood and your restaurant that you just opened is
closed for three months. But there is a silver lining,
and it comes in the form of a steak that is just
supremely flavorful. That profundity of flavor, that intensity. This is really amazing beef. So I encourage you to visit Agern, and we’ll see you on the next
episode of The Meat Show.

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  1. Aza says:

    The Spinalis Dorsi a Memoir by Nick Solares

  2. David Avalos says:

    Thought it said 180 years

  3. DEADASS B says:

    u do realize that u are eating a moldy steak, right?

  4. Nassim Perez says:

    Pals recent Does anyone identify worse this result%? "

  5. CrampedStyle says:

    Given that Nick's already done a video tasting steaks that have been aged more than 400 days, I'm not sure why this was so impressive.

  6. A S says:

    Hi Eater i watch the meat show from italy and i really enjoy it. The only thing i can't get is the price of the dishes presented. Would it be right to mention it at laest in the description section?

  7. andyhartley says:

    I dunno how it took me so long to realise this, but Nick uses the same vocab for every place he goes to.

    The restaurant are pretty much interchangeable if he keeps describing them with the same description.

  8. TheDesGamer says:

    At first I thought it was 180 years in the title

  9. nelsonliang says:

    Everyone's talking about meat and I am eyeing that glass of wine. I have issues.

  10. Mo Money says:

    Nick 'Funky' Solares at it again

  11. Guilhon says:

    That 180 day dry aged wasnt suppost to be the continue episode of ep 1?

  12. A. N says:

    BTW, who is that handsome guy at 0:27..

  13. ferdie tan says:

    what was the ambient temp in celsius as it was aging? i'm from a tropical country the average temp outside is 26degrees celsius.

  14. 김푸름 says:

    I never eaten aged steak before but what is funky flavor?

  15. Quallum says:

    Beef nerd

  16. Bob says:

    We are definitely sick of hearing you rant and rave about dry aged meat and the spinalis. Pretentious

  17. Ariel Odiz says:

    Such profound funkiness

  18. Fernando ! says:

    what kind of shirts does he wear?

  19. Alex Qiu says:

    Next episode: Fresh meat in Mcdonald that was made by accident.

  20. Sarcomere says:

    I prefer the old way that Nick use to speak.

  21. Yousha Elahe says:

    this guy talks too much

  22. CaptianSkeletor says:

    Should have called it… "Wet-Aging"…..

    end me

  23. Saki630 says:

    i dont think he liked it

  24. Superbustr says:

    Dry age a 3 month steak. Then serve it raw in the middle. Eww.

  25. coooolibri says:

    dude its moldy

  26. Chillx says:

    Watch him get food poisoning

  27. XD says:

    *Leaves steak in the fridge for 180 years
    "wait. we could eat this"

  28. Puncake Mang says:

    i just found out about this channel,time to binge watch 7 seasons

  29. SaintRS says:

    animals are so tasty i feel bad for vegens

  30. isodoublet says:

    There's a sucker born every minute.

  31. Igor Kim says:

    so how does a dry aged steak taste like? anyone can describe?

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    mmmmhh yummmy nice moldy steak

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    Somehow you managed to make an aged steak so boring.

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    i REALLY love his accent idk why

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    And it tastes like beef? Surprise.

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    F U N K Y

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  40. Bernie Sanders says:


  41. Eric Andal says:

    Nick haters are the best. They still have to begrudgingly make the effort to click on the video, just to leave a comment. All the while, the view count still goes up. So awesome lol.

  42. orndorf says:

    You eat these aged steaks too rare to appreciate the full flavor of the meat and your feedback is of little value to those who eat their steaks medium which is 98% of the population.

  43. LittleWraith says:


  44. Larduk_ 1UK says:

    Have you tried 180 day dry aged kale? Vegans apparently won't shut up about it

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    Next time dry aged meat left in a time capsule

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    F U N K Y F L A V O R.

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    I have my doubts that 180 day aged beef is truly better – because if it was better, it would be a thing…it would absolutely be a thing.

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    The person who ate the first steak was not brave or courageous, just really hungry, lol

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    Grand central station is the post office, you are standing in grand central terminal. Common misconception by those who don’t truly know/appreciate where they are.

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    I have a theory … since food channel viewers cannot actually taste and rate the food they see, they subconsciously get a bit frustrated and savagely critique the host instead. But, if the host could magically give the viewers a bite of each dish through the camera, viewers would absolutely adore him/her.

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    This bloke is nothing but a parrot with a limited and personally, poorly understood vocabulary.
    Btw, can anyone shed light on a rumour I’d heard about his shows being cancelled due to his alleged white supremacist past?

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    So I left some nice beef in the fridge and forgot about it. Some fruit made some slight punctures in the package and this was right after I had cleaned out my fridge. After looking at a bit I found that the air was being dragged over the box of baking soda deodorizing and drying it then into the steak. I found it around 3-4 months after it had gone in (90-120days) and it was super funky but great. That was my accidental dry aged steak, I'm still amazed it didn't go bad without salt or proper protection. Props to the local butcher at my super market for keeping an extremely sanitary butchery, thanks to my girlfriend for making me clean my fridge, and thanks to my mom for recommending I keep a box of baking soda in there. I think without the combination of all three of those things I it would not have come out the way it did. I trimmed it up added a bit of seasonings and decided to give it a try since I had actually been wanting to try dry aged beef my self but thought I had to get all kinds of things, get high quality meat and treat it perfectly to keep it from going bad.

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