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Hi guys! This is Far From Home Adventures
and today, we’re blessed with a beautiful weather here in London!
We’ll be having a stroll in Holland Park. But first, let’s get breakfast! [Music] For breakfast, we’ve decided to get some French pastries at Paul. Paul is a chain of
bakeries specializing in French products including breads, cakes, pastries, quiche and sandwiches. We’ve ordered a Chocolate Croissant, which is actually with almonds. It’s a love child between a Pain au Chocolat and an Almond Croissant. The fact that there is chocolate, almond and it is a Danish pastry, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good. It is pretty nice. You can see here, all the chocolate oozing out. Love it! So I’m having a Croissant with Bacon and
Egg. That’ll be amazing! The egg is not over cooked actually. It is a little bit
runny. It’s delicious! [Music] The egg is a little bit runny. As expected, the croissant is flaky, buttery and the bacon is smoky. Together, it makes a very great combination. [Music] Yeah. I’d definitely recommend this. [Music] This is a Cannelé. So it is a French pastry that comes from Bordeaux. It is rhum and vanilla flavored with a soft center, very tender, and a caramelised crust. Let me take a bite and show you how it is inside. You can see it is all soft. And you can actually feel the
vanilla and rum flavor in it. So it is a mix of chewiness and crispiness of the outside. Very enjoyable. I ate tons of those when I was back in Bordeaux. It’s a really nice snack that you can have at the end of the meal. I’d recommend as well. For desssert, I ordered a French Macaron made
with egg whites and lots of sugar. They have it in 4 different flavors. They
have chocolate, strawberry, pistachio and this one is flavored with vanilla. The cream
looks fantastic! Let’s have a bite! It’s amazing! It’s quite moist on the inside, very soft.
You can feel the almonds. And the vanilla as well. Typically, macarons are this big but this is a super-sized version of it. Yeah, you should have it. After this awesome breakfast, let’s head to the park! Holland Park is located within walking distance from the famous district of Notting Hill.
It spreads across 54 acres and is divided into several areas.
These include among others, sport areas, a concert venue, a rose garden, a formal
garden and 2 Japanese gardens. The park has a large woodland section which is home
to squirrels and birds, including magnificent roaming peacocks. I want to play with a dog. I wanna have a dog. Love dogs! Oh, it’s going to be definitely a Shiba Inu. They are so cute and fluffy. They are so soft. So cuddly!
Like a teddy bear but alive! Yeah, one that poops. Yeah fair enough. They are so cute though. So now we’re looking
for Kyoto Gardens. I think it’s straight down and on the right. We used to come
here every single week-end a few years ago. 2016 wasn’t it? 2016 yeah. It
was back then where, there was this frenzy about Pokemon Go. [Music] Kyoto Garden is an oasis of Zen in the heart of Holland Park. It was donated by
the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991. The centerpiece is a beautiful man-made
waterfall, surrounded by Japanese trees. [Music] * Wild chicken appears * Holland Park is a sure place to unwind for
fitness addicts, music enthusiasts or nature lovers. [Music] After a nice walk in the
park, it is time to get some food! [Music] Eat Tokyo is a small chain of authentic
Japanese restaurants, with 16 outlets over the world. They offer a wide
selection of Japanese dishes at an exceptional value. [Music] Since the weather is hot out there, I felt like ordering something refreshing. Something that has some ice in it. So I looked at the Summer Special Menu and they have some Plum juice. [Music] Tastes good! It is not too sweet so I quite like the
refreshing taste and the ice in it. As Lily said, it’s quite sunny today and quite summery and I’m quite
simple so… Cheers! [Music] Oh yeah! I love my beer. The extensive menu covers the ever-popular sushi, sashimi and chicken
katsu, but also uncommon Japanese delicacies. We’ve decided to order a couple
of Bento in order to have a few flavors to sample. [Music] Itadakimasu! Yeah! I wanna try the Yakitori. Let’s try to eat it without being too messy. As you can see, Yakitori is
actually like chicken skewers. You can see all the sauce like dripping on.
I’m pretty sure it is very tasty. Let’s try it. [Music] Love the sauce on top of it. [Music] The chicken is juicy and with the sauce
on top, it adds so much flavor. It’s pretty good. It’s like some kind of soy sauce on top. I think they’ve just like painted all over it when they were cooking it. So all the chicken absorbed the sauce.
That’s why, each like mouthful of it, is full of flavor. You should try it. [Music] It’s amazing! It’s sweet, a little bit caramelized on the
outside And the chicken itself is so juicy. Finger licking good! You get some Miso soup that goes
with the Bento selection. There is like some tofu and miso paste in there.
So it is a pretty rich Miso soup. The Salmon Teriyaki here looks pretty nice. You can see all that golden crust there. Look at all that skin there. It’s glistening [Music] It’s very good. The teriyaki sauce is like caramelized on top of the
salmon. It’s like very sweet but salty at the same time. And as you can see like
the sauce is kind of gooey. It gives a nice texture to the fish and the dish by itself. It’s very good. Next up, I’m gonna get some Agedashi Tofu, which is some
deep fried tofu with a sauce made from dashi, mirin and soy sauce with a little
bit of ginger and green onion on top. Ooh! Look at this. Oh yeah! [Music] Since I was a kid, I always loved tofu. I’m
a sucker for tofu. And the tofu sucks all the sauce, all the taste, all the flavors
that you put right next to it. Tofu itself is quite bland but once you know how to
season it, you’ve got a winner here. Let’s try next some sashimi. We have some salmon in here. We have some tuna as well. You have some cucumbers as decoration, pretty cute! You have some lemon here. It adds a bit of
zestiness to it. Some wasabi if you like spicy! So let’s try the tuna. Ooh, that’s a big fatty piece of tuna. Ooh, look at that! Pretty sure it is going to melt in my mouth. [Music] It’s quite nice. You can feel that the fish is fresh. Although I think I prefer the salmon sashimi. [Music] Pretty good. Let’s try to add something to it. Some wasabi on top. Let’s try it like this. You can feel the wasabi up
your nose. But it’s okay. They also have like some radish that are sliced really thinly. It goes quite well with the fish
because it has like a taste that kind of cuts through the rawness of the fish. That’s why they actually put them as decoration. [Music] I also got some Chicken Katsu. Let me
get a little bit of lemon on top of it. See that beautiful chicken? Well I’m gonna have it! It looks so crispy. The coating on the fried chicken is not
the regular batter you would see in a British fried chicken place. This is actually coated in
panko, which is special Japanese breadcrumbs [Music] The outside is very crispy.
And the chickens is so juicy as well. That’s some beautiful chicken! Then we get some sauce. Let’s try the sauce. Let’s pour us some sauce. [Music] It looks like it is so thick. [Music] Let’s get one of them piece of
chicken, dip in the sauce. [Music] It’s sweet and vinegary at the same time. Lovely! They even gave me a tiny sushi! They also have like some salad next to it.
It changes a little bit of flavors. We have very salty here, the rawness of
the fish, the Tempura with the battered crust, and then the salad with the Japanese
dressing. I don’t know how they do it, but it is like the best salad dressing in
the world. And it is just fantastic! Let me try it. [Music] As good as ever! Let me get some salad. [Music] Yep, definitely the best
vinaigrette in the world. The next one I’m gonna try is
gonna be the Tempura. So you have some shrimp. You have some some courgettes. And I think we have some carrots here, some sweet potatoes as well. So I’m gonna start with the shrimp. That’s a nice piece of shrimp here. You have the sauce here as well. I’m going to put the Tempura in it. You can see like the sauce on top and all the batter down there. Looks pretty good. It’s crunchy. It tastes very good. And with the sauce on top,
it is amazing. They also gave a bowl of rice that goes
with the Bento. So that’s it for today’s adventure guys! We hope you enjoyed it and we
definitely enjoyed the food here in Eat Tokyo. And we totally recommend that
you eat at one of their branches. It is agreat value restaurant. We actually only
paid 35 pounds for 2 Bento, 2 drinks and one side dish. We are full and happily stuffed! Peace! Look at this piece of chicken
It looks like a little chick. I’m pretty sure this one was
in the park earlier today, swimming… with his mom. * Distressed chicken noise *

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