The Best Little Ramen In Texas: Ramen Tatsu-Ya (Chef’s Night Out)

nandhu uh getting Skelos like a shout out before from the Tatsuya what you guys do at the very beginning we shall – do you like the intro hey mom my name is Jana koa director of operations at ramen Tatsuya Robin Tatsuya is a quick service ramen shop where the first brick-and-mortar ramen shop in Austin Texas and we like to keep it simple guys keep it quick and very tasty we serve southern style tonkotsu broth Robin we do counter service you basically care to people who are pretty much no-frills you got marinated bamboo here chashu algae Tama is our soft boil to marinate a deck we got roasted seaweed Mayu the black garlic oil and there goes underneath the core team is my brother he’s a chef owner he’s pretty much responsible for everything that we do here well I’m an immigrant I don’t have you know Pisa and green card whatnot so I started out the washing dishes worked my way up with it much I was staying with my mom’s and I would try to perfect his broth I had it in my head and I drove my mom crazy the house smell like pork all day I mean my brother Tatsu and taco they were building the shop a lot of people were always like wiser than ramen in Texas you know there needs to happen I thought it was a great idea excited about the way to go few years ago when I was living here we didn’t have much accessibility to specialized foods but now that the city’s growing there’s been demands for something you know more specialized more focused when I decided you were on a shop I decide to do food that everybody can enjoy but that’s still coming from my country you know we started service in September of 2012 when we started up we did everything in terms of prep every day of the week we were preparing the broth we have to peel seven eight cases of eggs which is like 600 or so we assumed that every day would be about a hundred bowls of ramen syrup we never imagined that we could go through almost 600 bowls of robbing per day what we got here is our me so hot so it’s me so our spicy sauce our base with their pork broth operating a restaurant with the light out the door you always have to take into consideration the wait time for a customer if your food isn’t up to par then there’s no reason why people would be waiting so basically our value is to have the best quality tonkotsu broth we make ramen and that’s all we do we need a half shot taco the vagina shot Matsumoto I don’t drink like y’all man I’m not an alcoholic Cheers just runneth up to the Austin Texas oh we had a Jameson shot out of sake glasses right before we started our adventure do you want me to do another one how’s the best full ramen I have ever had beginning of the end here yeah I rode me Priscus and sucia taco we are headed to continue oh I get some snacks and some toddies back in toddy should be doing relapse oh that’s my dad’s favorite shot you know why well you know why my dad likes it so much because they have pictures on the menu there’s a hearty little surgeon oh thanks guys all right let’s get on the party bus Contego is a contemporary ranch style Hill Country sort of cuisine have rabbit livers venison done really smartly in a more accessible format Patrick Jones joined us one of our front-of-house guys and she I’m on samoto this is my little our social media something director cashier Andrew is a good friend of of taco and they went to culinary school together go to the same bars pretty much right we started out with a whole bunch of hot toddies when you have hot alcoholic beverages you don’t realize how strong they are what is it it’s just cocaine you want me to store it but yeah dude dude on camera we had a chicharonnes with kimchi regular Crisco wishbone waste Oh in Lhasa I’ll get some deeding contigo every day is the best pork liver pate is my favorite thing over there the eggplant they drizzle it over Texas honey it’s a perfect mixture of sweet savory rabbit dumplings would say is like this is an intro dish for contigo chili onions and that’s what makes Eponine is an example of redstone they do a damn fine job mr. bitter we’re going back to the shop and we’re gonna make drunken food and feed everybody so you guys and we would like to have you guys come back to the shop then we headed off the barley swine so barley swine it’s a really good place it’s actually a pretty damn affordable 12-course meal yeah it’s been yeah I guess do you have money you know some other favorite places skill to do change their menus um once every month or so barley swine is a modern take on local cuisine they’re a bunch of kooks that love food they get their produce from local organic farmers they even go out on Mondays on their days off to pick wild onions in the green Bell last one I just got super buzz Griffin’s diver scallops pontoon commissioned him back like oysters it was terribly Joyce’s the best dish that I had last night was sunchoke panna cotta hedgehog mushrooms trout roe and pea shoots in it as well on the bottom they had a pine caramel it’s the strangest combination all the items didn’t really make sense if you just ate them individually but you put it all together it just tasted like blah for some reason I think that was their intention that’s one of their strong points to have different components and bring it all together to make something taste really really awesome oh it’s good chocolate got a bridge all together with it so this is going to be cobia it’s cooked in our shoe Romanesco and seaweed and dodging the Romanesco right it does it’s about that earthiness to it you know I think we just eat the out of it we had for dessert blackout chocolate cake brown butter ice cream and aerated chocolates I can’t get enough of the aerated chocolates actually if I were working on barley swine I would probably like three other pounds skiing those every chocolates all the flavors are like to go together very well everything was great all the flavor Gaeta then we headed off to shangri-la shangri-la is a place that we usually hit up at Tina and I it is it’s a lot of like industry people a lot of your friends that you were there working different restaurants you might have worked for in the past or always there so you have c6 we’re like the hipsters and a lot of like the industry people go there’s a lot more divert your bars and then they have the emergence of West Sixth reason I got friends are like now I don’t want to go there it’s too pretentious I don’t like but there’s really cute girls there yeah see but you like those Western Street girls with the titties hanging out I can all all bad well okay as opposed to you know the ecig street girls armpit hair yes lots of tattoo yes it like yes they take showers in as well yes there’s many bars like it all up along the strip of East 6th Street but we decided to go shangela because it’s the most hospitable to a lot of the industry folks that we come across what I am drunkest I’m just getting no stress huh you didn’t hear anything brunette shot is something Chris and I made up it’s half a shot of Fernet and half a shot of bullet rivals like water hey James what’s a potato all right sorry I mean how many potatoes does it take three peas oh my god how many potatoes does it take to feed three people yeah yeah I think everybody was drunk at that moment there one two three oh three just happens like this oh you ran out of storage and then we will walked over to here 3 1 3 so Detroit style pizza place one of the best pizza crusts that I’ve never had any day I’ll go the week Sunday I try to you but the lines way too long so it’s like you go during the weeks I will wait out there for an hour either you get that we did not pay her to say that we headed back to Rome and Tatia to have our munchies meal hey Patrick what’s up here’s a joke how many potatoes does it take to feed three people how many potatoes three potatoes do not eat the pizza yet do not eat to be so yet I didn’t realize that was gonna be a big party of that sort oh I just invited a few friends and you know how it goes those using James didn’t cook the Choshu down nose for the sliders I believe so I want to make a sauce well crab slider I got some soft-shell crab over here marinating and I’ll some sambal lime juice yuzu and love Kemper your love right when I’ve been drinking I really like greasy greasy food someone looks good we prepared a brisket style skimming now would be a Texas barbecue the phone what’s gonna happen it’s gonna make this skit men brought steeper that noodles up and three five seven work get down Oh got it you got it skimmin is our concentrated broth the broth is made for the noodles to be dipped in we heavily sauce it with a soy base crash we got brought about five boxes of via three monthly pizza and made a dipping sauce out of our concentrated broth so unseasoned skimming broth and I was it with butter yes multiplied with Parmesan yes white wine vinegar oh yes originally played parsley oh yeah and there’s truffles in here runner-runner let’s go this is a dipping sauce for the pizza ladies and gentlemen we like to introduce you to the dipping pizza me boy and like Papa John’s extreme you

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  79. irob rf says:

    Haha I went to Texas culinary academy in Austin by the Domain I love your freaking ramen I’ve posted probably hundreds of videos of me eating there . I go to the 183 location this is so dope to watch I totally wish I could make that dipping broth it’s decadent AF! What would you say is your personal favorite?

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