The Best Ramen Restaurant in Toronto | Eat-Up Meet-Up

I love to eat since I was a kid and I love to travel Travel and eat -That’s my two favourite things (laughing) [laid-back music] Ryoji is more fancy as a ramen shop and also so fun to visit The owner’s concept is everyone’s happy -Does anyone know the proper way to eat ramen? We will find out today An expert is going to teach us -Okinawan food is very healthy I mix modern French cuisine and Kaiseki which is really cool and very original So what I do is more like fine-dining stuff but people don’t realize that (laughing) So this is Ebi Chili Shrimp Cocktail Szechuan-Japanese and American shrimp mixed together This is very different from regular tofu This one is made with starch We mix it, beat it with sweat, lots of sweat (laughing) Extra flavour, maybe? (laughing) So I made deep-fried chicken in sweet and sour soy The chicken is brined overnight and marinated in buttermilk for 3-4 hours It’s cooked at a really low temperature in a sous-vide and then deep-fried So it’s really crunchy and very juicy and tender French technique with Japanese southern style
deep-fried chicken -Oh my God! (ooh-ing) (laughing) So this is Rafute It’s braised pork It’s also a really classic Okinawan-style food Take porky aroma out and marinate in a sous-vide overnight and braise with a sweet miso soy -He’s putting more! That’s a lot! (coughing) (laughing) So this is Okinawa So-ki Soba Like ramen but actually not ramen “Soba” means Japanese noodles So first, enjoy the aroma And then try the soup Sip the soup a little bit And then you can slurp Really strong (slurping) This is the polite way Respect for the chef for a ramen chef So please make noise (slurping) (laughing) 1… 2… 3! (loud slurping) More aroma comes up, right? This is Spicy Miso with Tonkotsu ramen Tonkotsu is thick pork broth It’s really thick with back fat So be careful for your belly (laughing) This is Andrew’s favourite Garlic Oil Very good chemistry with the Tonkotsu broth So please enjoy it -I hope you love it It’s my favourite And I’m so glad we got to share this moment I’m just going to keep talking while I digest food and then I’ll eventually have room to eat some more (loud slurping and moaning) -So this is Sata Andagi It’s a classic Okinawan fresh doughnut Thank you so much, did you have fun? Thank you! Cheers! Kampai!

50 comments on “The Best Ramen Restaurant in Toronto | Eat-Up Meet-Up”

  1. Jon Y. says:

    Maybe you should take the word "ramen" and replace it with a recorder

  2. Cobalt360Degrees says:

    You been watching Tampopo, Andrew??

  3. Sam Hart says:

    i'd have hard cut to a screen at the end that reads "or just f-wording put it in your mouth and eat it"

  4. Acacia Hui says:

    dang now I'm craving ramen

  5. Aiironic says:

    the cOLORING ON THIS VIDEO. EXCEPTIONAL. oh my god this is beautiful. Also I want to try this place it looks SO SO GOOD.

  6. Yaynie Guar says:

    hell yeah! I was already excited to go try this new ramen place here in houston tomorrow but this has just made me even more excited. Damn I'm hungry!

  7. funkyfrash says:

    Love this style of video! I hope you keep doing it! Also adding this to list of places I need to try!

    Enjoyed this! Thanks!!

  8. Jessika Benham says:

    I need to work on my slurping skills. I just end up with a face full of broth as the noodles squiggle-squaggle on the way up. I need better noodle control before I attempt to slurp in a public place.

  9. cindyreddeer says:

    Now I'm even more jealous of grahamcrackers8. He got to have dinner with you, and eat all that amazing looking food. The only "ramen" I've ever eaten is the fake cheap stuff that's just noodles and powder flavouring. As always this was shot and edited beautifully. Wow

  10. Steven Paulino says:

    Love the concept of a meet/eat up. People and food always make the best memories. Hopefully I can share in one in the coming future.

  11. Elizabeth E says:

    This video was so professional feeling! Quality wise, I mean. It was jusy so nice to watch and easy on the eyes. Also on a scale of 1 – Out of this world, was that chicken as delicious as it sounded and looked?

  12. Aunt Jemima says:


  13. sabi_zee says:

    I like to travel and eat too… on a budget. Next time you come to SF please have an eat and meet!

  14. Taylor VanGilder says:

    Not only did the food in this look incredible but the editing was immaculate. I also need to work on my ramen eating skills.

  15. Amanda Sherrer says:

    I want to eat all of this food immediately. 😩

  16. JC says:

    OMG all those dishes looked good.

  17. Albert L. says:

    you're too good for youtube. you need your own travel/food travel-based show

  18. soundlyawake says:

    If you read this comment and you're not subscribed yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

  19. Kukadoodles says:

    This was such a great video! And the chef seems really nice, a real sweetheart!

  20. AdamUPNow says:

    Food looks good and I like how the video came out.

  21. cartmelon says:

    now i just want to eat ramen. loved this 😛

  22. andrineslife says:

    I might have to run to the store to buy pork belly even though I have chicken at home, all the food looked so good.

  23. kujmous says:

    Everything looks delicious. Do you have a favorite curry near you?

  24. Anita Jarchow says:

    Gah! Always such quality content!!

  25. Ted Meow says:

    Ohhhhh my goodness that all looks so amazing! I wish there were more fusion style Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

  26. Kat Burns says:

    One of my fav restaurants in the city. SO DELISH. Where was my invite?! I literally live two blocks away 😉

  27. juststeveschannel says:

    Life with Gunnarolla sometimes feels as close to a life with William Somerset Maugham as one is likely to find in 2017, and I am glad for these shared moments.

  28. Matt Good says:

    I've always found the slurping politeness thing intriguing in eastern cultures – if you do that over here people give you the dirtiest looks!

  29. MagicCatJenny says:

    This video made me so hungry!! 🍜

  30. Lily is says:

    hnnnnngggggg I love ramen so much

  31. Faiz Rahmat says:

    thanks for making me hungry yall i hope it won't turn into hangry soon

  32. WaistHighView says:

    I ate JUST before watching this, I am full, and yet I'm almost salivating on my keyboard; I want to consume all of this!

  33. Philippe Lacroix says:

    So @gunnarolla ?? Do I slurp enough? Still feel like an amateur.

  34. marinashutup says:

    I'm drooling.

  35. itsmikey says:

    Thanks again for having us 😀 – please have more of these!

  36. Mike Begg says:

    This is my sort of content!

  37. OneikaTraveller says:

    Japanese food and Gunnarolla… Two of my favouritest things!!!! Get it, hunty! Love this.

  38. Jess Wagstrom says:

    I wish I lived closer to Toronto because the eat up meet up thing is fucking brilliant!!!

  39. Joseph Halpern says:

    You should definitely try out Kinton Ramen next.  Then go watch Tampopo.  After watching that movie I became obsessed with Japanese and French cooking and picked up the books Japanese Soul Cooking and Mastering The Art Of French Cooking from the Toronto library.  Both recommended reads.  Japanese Soul Cooking has one of the best ramen recipes I've ever seen and the best Japanese curries I've ever seen.  They're taken from the Japanese navy and are highly creative.  I'm done now.

  40. Susheela says:

    It all looks so good! 😍

  41. Kaell Steers says:

    Omg. I need to go here. Wish I was still living in Toronto. cries

  42. escapeforaminute says:

    Oh my gahhh! That fried chicken looks incredible!

  43. OneWingedChris says:

    This joint is way to classy for me damn

  44. Mary Akemon says:

    omg I love him. I want to go there.

  45. justaddtommy says:


  46. Nick Walker says:

    Have you seen either Midnight Diner: Tokyo or Samurai Gourmet on Netflix? The way this was shot and put together reminded me a lot of those

  47. ParachuteRoses says:

    This was super helpful!! I’m traveling to Toronto wih some friends so needed some food places to try out!

  48. Phuk Dat says:

    ramen is good but pho is way better

  49. debatingaftershock says:

    I just arrived in Toronto from Osaka, and saw this video, so i searched for this place. Google maps lists it as permanently closed….
    If so… it is so sad.
    I hope it just moving…

    Any store owned by a person/family is so sad when closes because it is someone’s hard work and someone’s dreams.

    I see so many places in Toronto closing because of unrealistic cost of living.

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