The Best Ramen you should try in Fort Lee :: Menya Sandaime :: #ติยาพาชิม l Tiya

Hiiii! Today is Sunday. I’m waiting for my friend Kay and her boyfriend. They’re coming to pick me up and go to Fort Lee for lunch. Which is 30 minutes away from home. We all going to there to eat Ramen for lunch and then will be back. We are here!! Now we are in Fort Lee to try the best Ramen that my friend told me so delicious. So I would like to try how good is it. Kay : We’re still waiting for the table because so many customers here. Yes because here so busy if have to wait a little bit i think it’s delicious. or they’re making too slow. lol so let’s see. We all done. with Ramen restaurant. What was that? Menya Sandaime Sandaime Sandaime something like this. (sorry if we pronounce in the wrong way) So this Ramen restaurant I’ve heard this is the famous one in Fort Lee that you should try. Is that close to New York City? Kay : Yes, you just cross Washington bridge and then Manhattan. Ahh ok so not too far then. If anyone traveling in NYC you can come to Fort Lee,New Jersey and try this Ramen. Kay : Gyoza so good! Yeah Gyoza just sooooo GOOD! And this restaurant recommend from newspaper The Record. “The Best dish I ate” from 2015 or 2014 I forgot? Kay : 2015 So you guys should try it. And now We are at another cafe, there are coffee, bubble tea and sweet. Thank you for watching and see you next video. Bye byeeee.

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