The BEST Tsukemen Noodle つけ麺 Ramen Shops in Tokyo! (Menya Itto, Fuunji, Miyamoto)

Whats up everybody! We are here in Tokyo and we’re about to go on an amazing ramen tour I got a bunch of amazing ramen places
ready to show you guys so please stay tuned and let’s go on for an amazing
ride! All Right? Let’s do it! We are on the first stop of our ramen
tour here in Shin-Koiwa Tokyo. … pretty far from the city.
First of all, we’re going to visit the top rated number one on tabelog
Menya Ittou and they open at 11:00. We’re here about half an hour early so we got a little a little bit of a wait.. The line’s a little bit long but it should be too bad and I’m excited to try this out. This is apparently the top-rated tsukemen in Tokyo.. so I’m as excited as you are. let’s check it out let’s have some. So if you guys don’t know what Tsukemen is.. it’s actually a dipping noodle where the
broth is heavily concentrated and the noodles are usually thicker and chewier
so the combination makes for an amazing blend of flavors and umami. The dipping broth is made with a special blend of seafood stock, pork and a special chicken
stock topped with scallions and menma. It’s got a very complex flavor but it is
also deceptively heavy and salty it’s quite thick that’s fishy flavor it’s got very strong case of chicken the
noodles are made with a blend of five different flours and it gives them a
very unique flavor profile I really love the thick slices of sous-vide chicken
and pork chow shoe that comes with the noodles when you’re eating ramen noodles
it’s customary to slurp and make lots of noise this is supposed to enhance your
sense of taste and make a ramen taste even better right here homes original architecture
since to rise a quilter property we actually ordered the large-size
noodle which comes with extra dipping broth the large size is about half a
kilo noodle so don’t order it unless you are
extremely hungry we’re here in komiteh and we are going to try out the famous
Miyamoto who wishes to demand so this place actually uses the same
insane noodles as men yet ito except they use a most she’s starting based
broth and it’s very similar we’re gonna give it a try so let’s have it let’s go
check it out the super pungent sardine roll my blade
took me by surprise I didn’t quite know what to expect but I will admit I was a
little bit intimidated by the brats consistency and aroma
I’m really excited because the noodles here are the same that amazing it all
served at mini Utah and the porch ah Xiu looks incredibly delicious this pork is super delicious I’m not
sure how they prepared it but it’s smoky and super savory and tender after you finish all your noodles don’t
forget to pour some dashi soup into enough – ridiculous
and enjoy a pretty solid wall of Superman
I definitely come back here again comparable to many each other cept a
quarter of the weight pretty much 90% of all
actually the chef here used to work at Veneto so that particular person I was
giving a lot of shit to many except for using microwaves to heat up the bowl
heat up the raw and it turns out it must be a miniature thing because this place
is the exact same thing not to our next stop it’s Fuji
what about the try the super well-known Fuji ramen here in Shinjuku Tokyo this
is one of my personal favorites and I come here every time I visit it’s
usually pretty busy because it’s close to the train station but the ramen here
is absolutely delicious so you really can’t miss it so one of the first things you’ll notice
is that the chef rinses the noodles with cold water this creates a nice
temperature contrast between the noodles and the broth and it Hans’s all the
different flavors in the broth the dipping broth here is one of my absolute
favorites it’s got so many different layers of flavors it’s really hard to
describe unless you try it on the first bite you might taste the fish but then
the next bite you’ll get deep notes of chicken it’s made with the combination
of rich burning to stock and reduced chicken stock top with this flavorful
fish powder I feel like those bowls and endless
treasure chests as I kept on eating I got excited every time I found it then
this chunk of pork bamboo or the egg in the dough wuntch finish our noodles don’t forget
to add some dashi soup into the rest three dipping pop it’s really like a
whole new dish and the final lack of a tasty superman meal it’s also known the
reason why I really enjoy super grand rather than the regular soup overall I gotta say Fuji is still on my
favorite ramen shops here in Tokyo given its community location and delicious
food it’s really a can’t-miss if you plan to visit Tokyo in the future

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  1. aozcan says:

    I love your channel already, looking forward to new content as I travel frequently to Tokyo in my work.

  2. Nama Japan says:

    Just watched your video and really liked it. I also just released my video about Menya Itto. Maybe check it out if you have some time, I would love to get your feedback!

  3. Glorious Gluttony says:

    What's your favorite ramen or tsukemen shop in Tokyo?

  4. Jermajesty says:

    Why judge based off of the use of a microwave? If it tastes good it tastes good. Not tryna be mean but it sounds a bit elitist when you say that.

  5. nyquilnu says:

    Thoughts on Gottsu, Tomita or Michi?

  6. Wayne says:

    Good quality of the video and I can see ur love on tsukemen.

  7. User Name says:

    How long were the waits at Menya Itto and Fuunji, and what times did you go?

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