The CrossFit Kitchen: Breakfast Pizza

Yo yo, what’s up guys? Are you ready for a victorious start to your day? If so, then stick around for my bacon-crusted breakfast pizza with brocco-lay. Go ahead and gather these ingredients: three heads broccoli, one dozen eggs, 12 slices bacon, Veggie Victory spice blend, olive oil, black pepper. One of my favorite ways to eat broccoli or cauliflower is by roasting it on high heat in the oven. We’re going to do that now, and we’re going to season this broccoli with some Veggie Victory. I like to use the whole kind of the stalk part. I don’t cut that off and get rid of it. Go in, pull these florets down the stalk, about like that. Now we’re going to add to that olive oil, healthy squirt, something like that, and then our Veggie Victory. Awesome. We’ll toss that. Then we’ll dump that onto a foil-line sheet pan. High heat. If you have a convection oven, crank that baby up. We’re going to go 400 F convection. I’m going to give it one more drizzle of oil. Just like that. And we’re looking for some blackening almost, dark brown. Dry this stuff out and concentrate the flavor, and that’s when broccoli becomes like candy, so stick around. I’ll show you what that looks like. If you guys thought I was excited about that broccoli, check this out. We’ve got a preheated, 14-inch nonstick skillet. This works best because it has the curved side to it. We’ll be able to slide our pizza out very easily. So I’m just going to take 12 slices of bacon. If we know that bacon is three slices per block it’s going to give us four blocks of protein. On the bacon, there’s some extra fat in there, but we’re going to render that off and remove it from the pan. I’ll show you that step in a minute. You know, not your lowest-fat breakfast option, but it’s going to taste good. Alright, when you put 12 slices of bacon in the pan, it’s going to kind of overcrowd and overlap, and that’s what’s happened here. Now, as it cooks down, we’ll start to separate it and turn it over. Cooked-side up, let’s say. Cooked-side up. So we’ll flip all these over. I’m using medal tongs here guys. Be careful, if you’re doing that, not to scratch your pan. Okay, so now I essentially have a crust layer of bacony goodness crisping up. I’m going to tilt the pan, and then use a spoon to remove as much grease, bacon fat, as possible. You can also pour this out, but when you pour, a lot of times the grease will rap around and get on the bottom and then when you go back to the burner, it cakes the fat to your pan. It’s hard to clean. I’ve had this pan for 20 years, and you see how clean it is? Okay, we’re good there. Fat’s removed. Spread my bacon back out, and we’re going to roll right into cracking our eggs. Now as a culinary ninja, you’ll be able to crack all of them without breaking the yolk and I’ll show you what that looks like, hopefully. And here we are guys. Last one. Boom! They’re all in there. And this is where our black pepper comes in. So I’ll take– sprinkle black pepper on top. Alright, now I’m going to turn up the heat just a little bit. From this point we’re just regulating the heat. We want a crispy crust, and we want all of our white to be set. You know, we’re looking for something like an under-medium, where we’re halfway cooked through the yolk from the bottom. So I’ve cut the pizza into eight slices. 1, 2, 3, 4 cuts. What that gives us is two protein blocks per slice. I’ve plated two slices so we’ve got four blocks of protein. There’s plenty of fat in there. This is probably one-ish blocks of broccoli, so just eat a piece of fruit and that’ll be a balanced breakfast. Alright guys, my kettlebell’s calling my name, so I’ve gotta get going, Get in the kitchen. Give this one a go. It doesn’t get much easier. Until next time, happy cooking.

31 comments on “The CrossFit Kitchen: Breakfast Pizza”

  1. Jana Williamson says:

    Can you buy Veggie Blend?

  2. alien predator says:

    very nice i from brazil

  3. Zackariah Adam says:

    This if so stupid… Literally the only thing that's nutritious in here is the broccoli, but he covers it in oil so it's terrible for health. Bacon and eggs are high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Crossfiters are fit despite their terrible diets not because of them. Just imagine what they could do if they kept their arteries cleaner.

  4. rycohen22 says:

    What kind of spices are in the Veggie Victory?

  5. Hunter Christian says:

    hahaaha i like my veggies on high heat…. said nobody who eats well

  6. JoseChung21 says:

    bacon burned fool

  7. TopShelf says:

    It's funny, because if this video was labeled bacon, eggs, and broccoli breakfast no one would click on it, but you throw the word pizza in it and get clicks galore. The food looked delicious, though.

  8. Bobby Pritchard says:

    This looks epic…

  9. Roger Wanner says:

    So Nick when is the Veggie Victory spice blend going to be available on website?

  10. Jason Boivin says:

    @3:00 wink!!

  11. niva zero says:

    Yay, ketosis

  12. Michael H. says:

    eier mit speck und broccoli WTF

  13. ronald farrow says:

    can you substitute the regular bacon with turkey bacon?

  14. CrossFit Muse says:

    Can't wait to delve into this recipe! Easy lovin'!

  15. Ben says:

    0 carbs in the morning? Have fun slamming down your coffee so you don't flop over from lack of energy

  16. TangyAftertaste says:

    How much is "a block" of protein?

  17. Pedro Leonardo Benavides Gómez says:

    It's a shame to CrossFit® only thinks in non-vegan athletes.

  18. Mike Arroyo says:

    WTF !? Okey Okey Thank u 😅 !! I CAN I CAN Just do it Baby !!
    From Viva México !!!

  19. Anna Lorraine Yu - Heppenstall says:

    This is GENIUS!!

  20. Natthapawn Poonthawee says:


  21. Clownish-Gambino says:

    so is he broiling the broc

  22. chef1110a says:

    That looks like that would be high in sodium.

  23. Capone Dickson says:

    fried egg n fried bacon…

  24. MrMichaelEsser says:

    15 years ago i called it egg and bacon

  25. MrJan9k says:

    I dont know why, but i think he looks like the love child of Scott panchik and Dan baily

  26. Bob johnson says:

    if I ate that I'd have a heart attack

  27. Érika Pelhon says:

    parece delicioso!

  28. Zieliński Marek says:

    brocoli ok but not the rest !

  29. King EQ says:

    Anyone else just scrolling through the playlist for these phat ass rhymes??

  30. JUAN RONCERO says:

    HOooorrrrooorrr…My God.

  31. L F says:

    can you substitute everything with chick fil a?

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