The Gist: King of Tokyo Review

This is the Gist for King of Tokyo It’s a game about being Godzilla King Kong Or whatever this is You are all fighting to be the biggest baddest
monster left in Tokyo On your turn you roll these satisfyingly chunky
dice They let you hurt other monsters, Heal yourself Or give you energy to buy these cool power
ups You can also roll victory point and win that
way. But why would you instead of smashing things
up You can roll any of your dice up to 3 times Giving you some control over your luck The thing is only one of you can be in Tokyo
at a time Making you the target It’s high risk, because you can’t heal but high reward, as every claw you roll damages
EVERYONE else A game that has fun, laughter and tension
with every roll and re-roll It’s something everyone can enjoy. There are even 2 fantastic expansions and
a slightly more complex but equally brilliant sequel. Seriously though, what is this? And that’s the gist of king of tokyo Visit for more.

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