The Italian Pizza Wagon – 06 – Melanzane alla parmigiana (eng subs)

Go! Reaching the last episode, we feel so badass (and most of all so lazy) we’re going to dub the whole
episode without preparing Damn. It ended! Fuck, we were without any… any… Eggplants! Let’s cut the eggplants’ cap. So cool. Then we cut very very thin slices. And straight. Especially straight. Not like I did. Maybe if you have
a better knife than that crap… We later put the slices on
blotting paper… We didn’t have any so we used
toilet paper. Though… yeah, you should use
proper blotting paper, not the toilet one. A bit more higienic. Oh, and then we sprinkle fine salt. On the slices. Did you say ‘go’? Yeah! Ah no. Okay. Sorry. So! Another important thing to say is that uhm… After sprinkling salt on the eggplants,
they’ll release a lot of water, so in order to avoid it’ll splurt all over
after being dropped in boiling oil, we’d better dry them up.
Let’s take a towel… …Mystery… And we lay it on the eggplants. Let’s give it a good squash… And that’s it. Now we prepare to… ah!
Let’s fry in oil… What’s the name, peanut oil. Let’s not deep fry them, since we’re
going to cook them again later. Toilet paper… We then lay the slices on blotted paper,
after they’re gilded, drain the oil… I only remember that you spoke in the
previous segment, no clue on what happens next Of course, just imagine how much bullshit
we’re gonna say, and how many times we’ll cut… We’re back on the pizza here – Let’s spread our tomato sauce
– Oh no, I had to accelerate this… Oh well, who cares. So yeah, we spread the sauce.
We’ve got more time to blab. So nice. I put too much tomato sauce this uhm… – this time, so if you do it, be wary.
– Parmesan! Don’t be a fool. I think you speak here.
You say your usual things on parmesan. Oh yeah. Parmesan is good,
is pretty, use as much as you want. Now we get our fried eggplants…
but maybe I already say this? I don’t… Nah, nah, maybe you don’t here. Then, let’s spread our fried eggplants
all over on top, like this So nice! Then we get some more tomato sauce
and drop it on top again. Because it’s good, it’s nice. Now again, parmesan
like there’s no tomorrow. Ciao dear, enjoy your stay
in the oven. I think you speak here, too. You sang before, and now you speak. Okay, now we get our mozzarella… Who knows how it’ll come out, with
four voices at the same time… An abominable crap… No, we can’t cut it anyway. Meh, okay. We’re so fucking lazy! Oh, smell the perfume!
Smell it smell it! Aww, you people can’t smell it! – The ending is a bit brutal…
– Yeah, yeah ‘s all good. A bit… yeah. – Whatever
– We’ll add something… That’s all! Do I have to talk?
Okay then… Then I don’t know the rest. Is that all!? It’s a bit tiresome on my neck. If you had to shorten in… in 10 words, this goodbye? You talk too much. It was nice while it lasted,
now it’s over… Ciao. Go! What? Try to do it in rhymes! It was nice while it lasted… My dog’s agitated, Ciao!

4 comments on “The Italian Pizza Wagon – 06 – Melanzane alla parmigiana (eng subs)”

  1. Lockdownit says:

    piango 🙁

  2. polanskyf says:

    ma come l'ultima puntata? 🙁

  3. polanskyf says:

    ma scusate la carta camomilla al posto della carta assorbente? lololol

  4. Gianna Bartoli says:

    My God! Siete davvero dei porcelli: la carta igienica alla camomilla è profumata.

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