The Japanese army pretends to be Chinese soldiers robbing food!Arrow soldier 31

Good folks, how are you? We are the squad of the Eighth Route Army collecting food. Instructed to come to your village to collect food Excuse me, where is your village head? coming coming Chief, I am the village head of tujia village. What are you doing here? uncle, We are the squad of the Eighth Route Army collecting food. Instructed to come to your village to collect food, please Cooperate with us collecting foods? but, we don’t recieve the notice from County magistrate You are talking about the county magistrate of the wangwei government. he is useless have you heard the thing happen in jinshan city? We are the anti-Japanese team From now on, you don’t have to be bullied by the Japanese. we will protect you sir i don’t understand what you are saying Our food has been taken away by the village of zhaojia. we only left little food We can still eat There are not many left in the village now. uncle Our Eighth Route Army is a poor team Is to fight the world for the poor We love those who support us. But for those who are not determined The reactionaries, we are going to take repression Repression? i order you to give out the foods or we will do something else sir we don’t have much foods you can search we will you are the head what is the head Is a subordinate of the reactionary face enemy We will not be kind come on Tied him up when submit the food when leave him yes sir Sir, I am awkward. we are truly have no foods sir sir sir, i folks submit the foods yis to support our Eighth Route Arm we all alive or this Subordinates of this reactionary Is your role model how to do give you one min time’s up still no foods? a group of untouchables then let you see i don’t believe you won’t submit the foods no one? sir we do that’s it ok i am waiting here folks, hurry to take the foods find the uncle of huangzhankui yes sir move The bandits are coming, run fast this town have three big familys They have a close relationship with the village of zhaojia Always do bad things, bully people now they are not prepared Divided into three roads, surrounded them must get something just this? is not enough boss, we just left these call me comrade comrade we submit the seed also, just these you are not honest comrade search every family find it yes sir what are you doing wake up wake up The Eighth Route Army is killing people The Eighth Route Army is killing people what are you doing go come on, go why why? go sir this is the uncle of huangzhankui tied him up dad Is huangzhankui your nephew? The relationship is far away, we don’t contact yes nonsense Someone saw it in the last two days, he went to your house to drink. Do you know what it is to sin the bandits and hurt the people? sir zhankui came here for several times But zhankui has not done anything to hurt the people. it is true,if you don’t believe they all can prove it yes, we can it is useless The Eighth Route Army and the bandits cannot exist at the same time The bandits killed many of us. I want revenge You are the family of the bandits it is too bad for you I represent the people, represent the party sir, wait i beg you, don’t kill my dad my dad is a good man we have food yes, we have,In the basement we will submit it sir i beg you don’t kill my dad you are his daughter? yes Are you also a relative of the bandits? no, no, no The bandits did a lot of bad things. today I want to avenge those victims. Come, drag her down no, sir loose no daughter mom mom, dad no Child’s mother dad, mom dad sir, i beg you Put them can you? sir i beg you you can only blame huangzhankui you see it This is revenge you tell huangzhankui If he is still against the Eighth Route Army His four uncles are your example Our Eight Road Army Always polite first, then fight You don’t appreciate I teach you today. Not so polite in the future i will come few days later You need to prepare 200 pounds of food. No less comrade back to Jinshan City go head folks, Fire fighting

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