The King of Handmade Mozzarella is in the Bronx — Dining on a Dime

Hey everybody, we are on
187th Street and Arthur Avenue in the heart of the Belmont neighborhood in the Bronx. Now this is traditionally the center of Little Italy in the Bronx and we are going to a place right now called Casa Della Mozzarella, and what they’re famous for is producing some of the creamiest,
juicy, sensual, delicious home-made mozzarella. It’s
owned by a man named Orazio who runs it with his son Carlo. They’ve become sort of
legendary in this part of town. We’re going to go in right now and we’re going to check it out. (lively music) And so you learn this process
from the previous boss? Yes. [Carlo] – He comes every single day. He comes here every day? Yeah, it’s like a father-son relationship. Because he loves me. Does he give you a hard time? Sometimes. Once in a while possibly. Alright, this is mozzarella curd. We’ll cut them up in small
pieces. We go like this. Put your hands in the bottom. Ah, so you can, so you can. [Orazio] – Then it goes back again. [Lucas] – Alright,
let me try that. There. (Lucas groans) Pick it up again. That’s
okay, don’t worry about it. Just push again. [Lucas] – Alright. And so Orazio, you came here from Sicily? I came from Sicily, 1986.
My wife, she’s from here. Came here for love. My wife, she came to Italy on vacation. Yes, I was with somebody else. (Interviewer laughs) This is a true story. This is a different show! Sicilian way. This is a whole other show. We don’t want to talk about it, we’ll talk about mozzarella. Making the cheese, we’ve got the king, we’ve got the prince. I’m
more like the court jester of Mozzarella, I think, in this scenario. We’ve got the Juventus. Oh, you know Juventus are my team! This is the part you don’t trust me. Oh, because it spills. Too hot, okay. It spills! I understand. How do you
say danger in Italian? Danger? Pericoloso. Pericoloso. Now at this point, me, I know already, I have to put more water.
As soon as that do this, I know I have to put more water. Wow, look at that. This is why- a lot of people say, why you don’t make mozzarella with gloves? Because mozzarella can’t
be made with gloves because everything is feeling. Make mozzarella with gloves?
It’s not mozzarella, man. That looks beautiful. You see that here? Wait when you taste. I will. I’m very excited. What was it like when you moved here? At the beginning it was tough. [Interviewer] – How did you feel? Very bad. I want to go back to Italy. Go to the beaches, especially
Sicily – beautiful! Eat, go home, Mama make the food for me. Call it the American
success story, honestly Leaves, no money, no english, nothing, next thing you know,
he’s in Oprah’s magazine, Chuck’s Eat the Street,
Bobby Flay, Joe Torry, Robert DeNiro, all have come to the store. This is what I enjoy now,
this, I love what I do. Oh, beautiful. Look at this, you see? [Interviewer] – How much of
this do you make every day? About 3000 pound a week. Wow. I practice with my wife’s head. You do her hair? One two three. Wow. You did a good job. You squeeze them out, goes
like this, go like that. See? He make it. You- I didn’t do anything! I just- That’s it! Put it there. It goes in there? Yes. Wait, wait – I put it back in here. Yeah, mine had a little-
mine wasn’t that good. It’s normal, you say to me,
you think to make mozzarella in two minutes? Ooh, that’s hot water. No touching! Told you. [Lucas] – So just- [Orazio] – Just go like this. [Lucas] – Like this? [Orazio] – Push them up, little bit. From the bottom. Okay, okay. He’s like, no. You have to push down. Oh, you have to pull that down. Very good! Show to the
camera. See how he did it. It’s my first one. You first mozzarella? You did a good job. Give me five. I didn’t know mozzarella
could taste this good. Make sure you get that
milk going down his arm. Oh yeah. He’s got like a long- (laughter) [Carlo] – Sun dried peppers,
I’m going to make it nice and thick. Now I’m going to cut the mozzarella, cold balsamic vinaigrette dressing, my little secret is I
cut it from here first so I don’t ruin everything. [Lucas] – That is
a genius sandwich hack. [Carlo] – That’s why I
have a master’s degree. [Lucas] – (laughs) That’s
why I have a master’s degree The secret to this great
sandwich is, it’s those peppers. I told you! That’s the
specialty of it all. When you think about mozzarella cheese, most of us think about pizza,
at least in the United States. But with this fresh
high-moisture mozzarella, the milk is just running down
my arm as I bite into it, really delicious, all
the right combination of milky and creamy cow’s milk cheese. Traditionally actually made
with water buffalo milk, called mozzarella di buffalo, and the sandwich is very simple. These really nice sun-dried
peppers add a nice spiciness, just a little bit of sweetness
to the entire sandwich, and you could see when he
was making the sandwich how generous he was being
with that mozzarella but it doesn’t overwhelm. You can tell it’s so fresh. It just kind of dissipates in your mouth and goes really nicely with
that salty sharp prosciutto. Arthur Avenue is still such a
cultural and culinary engine. It’s no longer dominated by that Italian and American presence as it once was, but it still is a very important gathering
place, meeting place, for people to come back and
to really get in touch with their history, their roots,
their past, their families, and also to enjoy some
of this fantastic food, which is still here. Oh, and that f****** sandwich trick? Why did I never think of that? Cut the top half of the bread first! Then you’re not squeezing
s*** all over the place! That may be the most
valuable thing I’ve learned in 11 seasons of Dining on a Dime. Casa. Casa. Della. Della. Mozzarella. I really hope you enjoyed this episode of Dining on a Dime from
Casa Della Mozzarella. Bravo! On 187th street in the Bronx. Salteñas, which, they’re
sort of empanada-like, sandwiches called chollas,
traditional flavors, and drinks and menu items.

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