The Original Ramen in Japan – Chuka Soba

M: We’re here in Suidobashi Tokyo, Japan. S:And we’re gonna take you for some “OG” style ramen Chuka Soba, at katsumoto. Come let’s go, you’re gonna love thisss. M: Okay let’s talk chuka soba. I am positive that a lot of you guys have never even heard of this phrase before. S: Mmm mm, you always think of tonkotsu ramen, right you think of miso ramen, you think of shoyu ramen which is like a soya sauce, and you think of shio ramen, which is salt ramen but a lot of people don’t really think about chuka soba, M: exactly, which is such a shame. Cause it is as we mentioned before, the “OG”, the vintage, some of the most original ramen that exist in Japan. S: Now don’t get confused with the word soba, when you’re thinking soba you’re of that probably thinking of that nihatsu soba from that video we did a while ago M: Oh yeah from that buckwheat noodles. S: So chuka soba just means like chinese noodle It’s an old way of saying it Now they pretty much call it ramen but still like if you want that kind of like vintage-y feel people call it chuka soba. M: Now although this is kind of like chinese style ramen, it shouldn’t be mistaken as being chinese ramen. S: And I know you might be thinking, “Oh if I’m in Japan and I only wanna eat Japanese food but kind of think about it, remember when we did a video about jajangmyeon and korea. Jajangmyeon is a staple of korean food now Even though it’s inspired by chinese food, if you avoid jajangmyeon, you’re missing out a huge part of korean food culture. If you skip out on chuka soba, you’re not a ramen hardcore fan. You’re not a ramen otaku, you’re a poser. You need to eat chuka soba in order to get the real ramen experience. Hi, I’m Kenoji Matsumura. And *err*, I’m a chief here at Katsumoto. The soya sauce ramen is considered like the origin of ramen in Japan. So, it’s very light yet it’s very flavourful. We put a lot of *ahh* ingredients so, fish, chicken, pork, also kelps. Each one has like a slight flavour so you can enjoy the mixture of many flavours. *Haha* M: Now there are a lot of options to choose from at this amazing restaurant. S:I’m getting the toku sei ramen, which is pretty much the deluxe version and it has extra toppings of everything because I’m big and I’m hungry and I’ve been smelling this ramen as they’ve been cooking it and I really wanna eat as much of it as I can. Things that I want people to know about ramen, M: Go for it. S: Erm it’s delicious M: Yes. S: I wanna eat it everyday. M: Yes. S: And I don’t wanna get fat from eating it everyday. M: That’s not gonna happen. OMG, I just got an extra whiff of like some kind of porky chicken magic happening Salivation My, my chest is tingling *wot simon??* Our ramen senses are “What’s that??” M: “There’s ramen nearby” S: oooooh M: OMG it’s coming S: Okay *breathing heavily* M: Hai M: Arigato gozaimasu S: Look at that boi M: *sighs* S: It’s always really hard to shoot a ramen video because noodles expand if you wait for too long M: Yeah S: so you just gotta go right in. M: The top layer of the broth has like a thin shin of oil on top of it. *Simon’s just groaning in the back* But it’s not so thick like a tonkatsu ramen M: Ah the colours are dense. S: There we go. I like you to drink the soup first cause the soup is the part of the ramen that most of the thought and the time goes into S: Oh boi M: Oh my god M: That is fantastic when you have a tonkatsu ramen, sometimes it’s so thick and oily, that you can’t really finish it. S: Mhmm M: But this one has that lightness of like a shoyu, like of a soya sauce ramen S: Cause I don’t usually like shoyu ramens because I just find them a bit too bland I think the oilness of this really gives me that tonkatsu flavour that I really like. M: Yeah M: Well its got, you know, pork in it as well as chicken, as well as fish. So it’s like everything coming together. *Slurping all that goodness* Eat the ramen by slurping it while eating ramen, it is like the the best way to get the proper balance between *er* soup and the noodle and *er* also it’s considered like the traditional way to eat it. S: Also these are thinner noodles, M: Mhmm S: than usual M: Mmmmm S: This is exactly how I like my noodles. M: Mhmm S: I don’t want my noodles to be too soft M: This is how I like my noodles too though M: Oh this is fantastic S:Mmm S: I think this is the first time I thoroughly enjoy the shoyu base It’s like a really dark consume M: Mmm S: so you have the oiliness on your lips M: Mhmm S: But you feel the taste on the side of tongue more M: You have this kind of like salty but then kind of like a sweet flavour in the background. S: I’ve had ramen with fish broth in it, and the fish can be very overwhelming at times M: Mhmm mhmm S: But this right here, the fish isn’t in the foreground it’s like a background. All I wanna say is DEEP M: You’re not gonna say depthy? S: Everything is mad deep son, no M: Okay so the basic ramen comes with senju onion which is like a green onion that is from the contour region. S: Yeah M: Bamboo shoots, menma, It comes with 2 different kinds of pork in it So you got the shoulder roast char siew and also the pork back rib char siew. S: I can’t believe how soft this meat is you don’t even need teeth you can just mush this against the roof of your mouth with your tongue like cotton candy. M: And it also comes naruto which I know people out there are being like “you mean the anime guy?” with the little squiggle on his forehead And it also comes with a soft boiled egg. *insert food porn music* M: Ohhhh yeah ooooooo S: Now the key to your eggs is supposed to cut it in half vertically not horizontally, so you have 2 equal halves, M: Mmm S: and then you gotta leave it in the broth so the inside yoke can warm up. Cause now, its nice and gooey, warm If you just bite your egg right away it’s gonna be a little bit cold but this is perfect now. M: Oh man fantastic S: You know I thought this was gonna be an informative video in which we talk about chuka soba but like I really like this M: You are wronnggg S: I really like this, this is me fangirling over really good ramen. We are located in a business district so during rush hour or lunch time we get *er* mostly business men on weekends, we get like ramen manor those who read ramen magazines and they come here to enjoy and taste our ramen. M: I’m like a huge advocate of people trying out different types of ramen. To think that you’ve tried one and you like understand ramen which you absolutely don’t. S: Nooo, yup M: Every place has its own little special way to make things, its own way to make noodles. If you’re in Tokyo, Tokyo has a Tokyo style of ramen, right? And when we went to Fukuoka, Fukuoka has its own style So don’t just go to one place and say you know, “Oh I’ve tried it and its all the same” Absolutely not, you need to make like a bucket list and be like “I’m gonna come try chuka soba when I come to Tokyo” “I’m gonna have this amazing ramen with its awesome broth with all of its super – Oh wow you just when ahead and finished it all before me. S: Told you I came here hungry girl. M: *pouts* S: I had to take off my jacket cause I’m getting a little sweaty no matter how happy I am. M: Oh boi S: But the thing I like about this is that this is salary men’s style ramen. This isn’t some fancy hoidy twidy?? ramen with boiles and like weird trendy music happening This is an nostalgia, the grandma’s grandma’s home cooked comfort food ramen. I wish my grandma made ramen like this. Wish I had a grandma. M: Aww, kinda just got sad. M: The thing that I also liked about this ramen is that like chuka soba has that feeling of like homemade M: Did you just S: Yeah M: steal my ramen? S: Yeah M: in the middle of an important conversation that I was having? S: I just wanna make sure if we had the same style of ramen I think because I had more meat in mine, it has a more meaty flavour. M: I see S: That is my observation, wait I had more seaweed in mine let me test the seaweed in that M: Well, I’m freaking stuffed. S: I’m warm, can I take off my shirt as well? How about my pants? M: I don’t think you can, too sexy S: Salary men should be allowed to take off their pants at a ramen restaurant, you need to feel the comfort of home. M: So guys I’m just gonna say, if you come here to Tokyo, or if you live here already you cannot say that you love ramen without having chuka soba The “OG” of ramen, of the ramen world if you will. S: That being like saying you like ice cream, and never having vanilla ice cream You have to try vanilla ice cream M: I guess that makes sense. S: Right? M: Yeah S: So if you want directions on how to come to katsumoto and have the chuka soba, we left them below, in the link in our info box so make sure you click on that M: We’re gonna have to eat more here, I think we need to take all the different options in the menu and we should just do it for science Let’s pop outside and go to the vending machine and get more tickets. S: You go and I’m gonna finish up your broth cause you haven’t M: Okay, I’m gonna go get some more tickets, okay? 2 more? Mmm yeah S: Damn, holy *baaaahh* That’s really *bahhhh* good. Really *bahhh* good Wow Hoho, you thought this video will end without a SEXY FOOD PORN VOICE OVER, WELL YOU ARE MISTAKEN GET THOSE HEADPHONES IN CAUSE IMMA EMBARRASS YOU BY LETTING EVERYONE KNOW YOU’RE WATCHING RAMEN, THAT’S RIGHT YOU’RE WATCHING RAMEN AND YOU’RE NOT ASHAMED OF IT LOOK AT THE WAY IT LIFTS OUT OF THAT BROTH OOOOOOOO I CAN JUST WATCH THAT ALL DAY AND PUT THAT EGG IN MY MOUTH

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