The Pizza Underground (w/ Macaulay Culkin) Sings About Lactose Intolerance

(German accent) What did the Buddha say to the Pizza guy? (Audience) What? The Buddha said, “Make me one with everything.” (audience kind of laughs) Yeah, thanks! Macaulay: Haha! It’s German humor. Phoebe: Yeah, you think about it later and then you laugh. Now I would like to reach out to all the members of the audience who are lactose intolerant (audience cheers) It is not fun for you, isn’t it? This guy… Yeah, but this is for everybody, we are not only for people who can only eat Chinese. We’re all about tolerance here. Lactose Intolerance. Yeah. See what I did there? Yeah, we’re going to sing this. For all you lactose intolerant people You…and you…and you… ♫ Who loves Pizza? ♫ Who cares that it’s delicious? ♫ Who cares how it tastes? ♫ Since it makes me fart! ♫ Za za za za, who loves Pizza? ♫ Za za za za, who loves Pizza? ♫ Za za za za, everyone!! ♫ Za za za za, who loves Pizza?

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