The ‘ritas 5lbs Burrito Challenge

I eat like this all the time. hey
what’s up everybody I’m chef Jason the assistant executive chef here at
Harrah’s resort Southern California today we’re coming from ‘ritas Cantina
and we’re gonna be taking on a little secret called the five pound burrito
challenge it is literally a five pound burrito and you have 20 minutes to keep
the entire thing if you don’t finish in 20 minutes you have to pay full price but
if you do and succeed your burrito is free and if you take this monster down
you will live in infamy on the wall of fame many people have tried but only a
few have succeeded so we’re back here in the Rita’s Cantina kitchen we’re going
to show you everything that goes into making this giant burrito we’ve got
three giant flour tortillas we’re gonna split it up when we do the pollo asada
on one side and the carne asada on the other side keeping it nice and tight in
the middle I want to make sure it’s not gonna blow out on us we’re ready to use
this thing almost a half a pound of extra toppings
on top of all of the other things now to our scratch-made full pound of Spanish
rice and another full pound of our refried beans and then we’re gonna
attempt to roll this thing up I think you made it too big so some people use water or other drinks
to help kind of get everything down think it’s just filler I want to really
focus on getting the burrito and not mess around with in the end that other
stuff the record time so far for the burrito challenge has been seven minutes
I don’t know how that’s possible but somebody did it if you think you have
what it takes you know where to find us come on down to ‘ritas Cantina and
Funner, California and take the challenge hey could I get a to-go box

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