The Rules of Eating Ramen

Hi my name is Ivan Orkin and this is my shop. We’re going to talk about the best ways
to eat a bowl of ramen. The most important thing is to eat the ramen
while its hot. Any good ramen shop will serve you a bowl
of ramen that’s smoking hot and you need to eat it right away because the noodles are
overcooking. Its a lot like pizza. If you’re a real New Yorker you know that
you don’t wait for the pizza to cool down, you eat it while its hot and you risk burning
your mouth. Ramen is absolutely the same. You need to slurp. What it does is cool down the noodles. Don’t fight the noodles. Take a little less than you think you wanna
eat. You want to pull them out from the pile cause
otherwise you’ll never be able to slurp. easy on the toppings if you’re a first timer. So when you order your first bowl of ramen
ever, just get it simple. Taste it, see if you really like ramen. And then you can start dumping on the toppings
and going for the shop’s special of the day. Don’t forget to hydrate. I’ve been to ramen shops in Tokyo where
afterwards my whole face is swollen with salt. Its just the nature of the beast, so drink
up. Ramen comes with a terrible spoon. Its called a Renge, Chinese in origin. Its a great way to be able to dip it into
the bowl. But in Japan its totally cool to just pick
up the bowl and drink from it. And remember, there are no real rules at the
end of the day. You’re letting your hair down, you want
to have fun. Get splashy, get noisy, get messy, but most
importantly enjoy yourself.

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