The Shortest and Longest Lifespans of Animals

Time. Tick tock. We live only a tiny fraction
of time that our planet has been around for. Even humanity itself is very young. But life
span is a really relative term: there are creatures on our planet that live much shorter
lives than us humans, and those who outlive all of us by far… while some are close to
immortality. See for yourself. Mayfly — 24 hours or less
Has the shortest lifespan on Earth Drone ant — 3 days
Is the shortest-living among ants Male mosquito — 1 week
Doesn’t drink blood. Good to know. Housefly — 15-25 days
Can lay up to 1,000 eggs in its lifetime Female mosquito — 1 month
DOES drink blood. Dragonfly — 4 months
The largest extinct dragonfly had a wing span of 30 in Bed bug — up to 6 months
They have 7 stages of life Moon jellyfish — up to 18 months
The most popular jellyfish in the world. What, on Instagram? House mouse — 1 year
Can squeeze into a ¼ inch hole Panther chameleon — 1 year
The shortest liver among reptiles Mole — 3 years
Moles have kitchens where they store food Pigeon — 4 years
Homing pigeons are easy to train for mail delivery Guinea pig — 4 years
They have best buds and recognize their owners Honeybee — 5 years
Hive mind gives them a sort of telepathy Dumbo octopus — 5 years
Their “Dumbo ears” are fins at the top Red panda — 7 years
They use their tails to cover from cold Opossum — 8 years
Not to be confused with possum! (more on that later) Chicken — 9 years
The most popular poultry in the world Kangaroo — 10 years
They can use their tail as a lever to box with their hind legs Hummingbird — 12 years
Their hearts make 1,200 beats per minute Cheetah — 12 years
The fastest land animal alive Brushtail possum — 13 years
These ones are related to kangaroos Dog — 13 years
The Great Dane can reach over 7 ft standing on its hind legs Tiger — 15 years
The largest of the cat species Domestic cat — 16 years
Maine Coons reach over 3 ft in body length Platypus — 17 years
The only venomous mammal in the world, other than say, old girlfriends. Just kidding. Cow — 20 years
Knickers the steer is the tallest bovine ever with 6’4” in height Lion — 20 years
Females usually do all the hunting for the lion pride, while males rest Polar bear — 20-30 years
Polar bears are apex predators — they have no natural enemies Queen ant — 20-30 years
Mother to thousands of ants Giraffe — 25 years
The tallest living creature in the world Grizzly bear — 30 years
They can run at 30 mph and climb trees Bald eagle — 32 years
One of the most famous symbols of the USA Giant panda — 35 years
They have a pseudo-thumb they use to hold bamboo Horse — 40 years
The Przewalski’s horse is the only truly wild member of this species Camel — 40 years
There are two types of camels: Dromedary (1 hump) and Bactrian (2 humps) Common goldfish — up to 40 years. Ha. Not
in my house. The oldest goldfish lived for 43 years Orangutan — 45 years
Their arm span is bigger than their height White rhinoceros — 50 years
It’s not actually white, but dark grey Andean condor — 50 years
The largest bird in the world Laysan albatross — 55 years
They’re incredibly clumsy on land Tuatara — 60 years
They have a third eye on top of their heads Longfin eel — 60 years
No one knows where they give birth to their young Macaw — 65 years
Some macaws live more than 100 years Human — 68-73 years on average. Your mileage
may vary. We’re the most numerous mammals on Earth Olm — 69 years
It’s called “human-fish” for its fleshy skin African bush elephant — 70 years
Mother bush elephants bear their cubs for 22 months Great white shark — 70 years
They can’t stop swimming to stay alive Japanese koi fish — over 70 years
Can potentially live for hundreds of years Orca — 75 years
They can even hunt sharks! Gray whale — 77 years
Small creatures cover its skin, making it look patched Kakapo — 80 years
The world’s only flightless parrot European eel — 88 years
In its first stage of life it’s virtually transparent Blue whale — 90 years
The biggest animal that ever lived Nile crocodile — 95 years
They may have lived alongside dinosaurs Pacific ocean perch — 98 years
They wish they could be centenarians 🙁 American lobster — 100 years
There’s such a thing as a rainbow lobster Japanese spider crab — 100 years
Their long legs are exceptionally brittle White sturgeon — 104 years
An important food fish Freshwater pearl mussel — over 110 years
Pearls are, in fact, pieces of debris covered in mucus Aldabra giant tortoise — 120 years
The largest tortoise on the planet Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise — 125
years A popular pet reptile Rougheye rockfish — 140 years
Some fish can live to be more than 200 years old Geoduck — 150 years
Both the largest and longest-living mollusk on Earth Lake sturgeon — 152 years
Member of a family of 27 species Galapagos tortoise — 170 years
The oldest living tortoises Orange roughy — 175 years
Some of the few deepwater fish that go to food Bowhead whale — 200 years
They can leap entirely out of the water Red sea urchin — 210 years
It has feet protruding from its belly Quahog clam — 225 years
The oldest clam (507 years old) was conceived during Chinese Ming dynasty Giant tube worm — 250 years
It consists of numerous tiny creatures that are constantly recycled Greenland shark — over 270 years
The longest-living vertebrate Giant tube sponge — over 2,000 years
Despite the lack of any organs, they can feed and reproduce Coral reef — 4,000 years
Great Barrier Reef is visible from space Turritopsis dohrnii — forever
It’s biologically immortal. Can go back to being polyp and grow up again infinitely Well that’s all I have time for…

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    God: Honey I can explain-



    MayFly: You guys are getting lives?

  2. Kristy Mehrtens says:

    Actually dogs Live up to 16 years not 13 years My dog is 16 years old?

  3. Derek Aul says:

    who else saw that he said the platypuss can live 7 years when it said 17 lol

  4. Gabby G says:

    I'm from New Zealand and his pronunciation of kakapo is just embarrassing

  5. Azan Golam says:

    He said 7 years for playtypus

  6. Ash Ketchum says:

    ursa=grizzly bear

  7. Benjamin Au says:

    On platypus he said 7 instead of 17

  8. Benjamin Au says:

    My grampa’s 84 lol

  9. Yelena Parkhomenko says:

    On platypus he said 7 not 17

  10. #1 fan of TUPAC SHAKUR says:

    3:48 its seventeen years

  11. Romeo Gamers says:

    At 3:46. He says seven years instead of seventeen years

  12. 3A32 黃匯壹WONG WUI YAT says:

    my grandpa lives 86 years ,you Armericans live shorter because of YOUR FAST FOOD

  13. demag khaou gamer says:

    I didn't found rabbit

  14. Ei Epic says:

    Greenland sharks can also live for 400 years. don't believe me search on google

  15. Anshul Nayak says:

    3:47 Did u hear him say 7?

  16. Mr. Pug Master says:

    White rhino not being white because it’s just a name

  17. Lu Ho says:

    The accuracies of some of these lifespans and facts are questionable. A panther chameleon can live 3-5 years. Mice live 1-2 years. Guinea pigs live between 5-7 years. I believe mice are the most numerous mammal on Earth. The Galapagos tortoise is the largest land tortoise.

  18. Mr. Pug Master says:

    Me think that whales live longer then mussel real life mussel lives longer the blue whame

  19. Kilnkin Fox says:

    No one actually knows how long whales live!

  20. Mark John Makki Ocasion says:

    Human? 68 to 73?
    Lol I'm Already 98 years old.

    Kidding.I'm just 24.

  21. Texan Online says:

    UNSUB had enough of the bad facts and poor pronunciations…..geo duct? goooeyduct

  22. Ronnie Haque 2 says:

    Turrutopsis dohrnii

  23. Qiblify says:

    Platypus – 7 years
    Are u ok?

  24. Mr Retarded says:

    Human lifespan 68-73

    97 y/o elder people: am i a joke to you

  25. DeViL BoY AjAy says:

    Me:Finally finished Bright side's video.
    Shortest living Mayfly: Hey 😡 don't you care about my wife who died while you was watching about us

  26. Bros says:

    He said platpus is 7 while it is actually 17

  27. Varija Sharma says:

    Life Is SHORT


    JELLYFISH:- I don't get it?


  28. VTOL Warship says:

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  29. Don Hacker says:

    3:48 platypus. 7 years😂

  30. better games says:

    Man it is 17 not 7 . You are saying 17 as 7

  31. Khryptexx says:

    Turritopsis dohrnii:Forever living

    My grandma lives:99999999999999years old beat that

  32. Malachai Wilkinson says:

    Isn't 18 months longer than 1 year

  33. Joy Trinidad says:

    oohhh so those are the sounds they make.. =DD

  34. JoshuaPlays LeagueOfLegends says:

    also plastic is immortal..

  35. Ethxn No says:

    Anti vaxxxxxx kids why they live 4-6 years

  36. Sir3n says:

    platypus 17 years

    Guy: SevEN YeaRS…

  37. Speedmaster07 says:

    Humans : *extinct*
    Turritopsis dohrnii : NOW WE RULE THE WORLD!!!

  38. Vasilije Zivaljevic says:

    He said 65 years and It wrote 69

  39. Samar Asim says:

    Female lions do all the hunting for the pride while male lions rest. Reminds me of another animal….

  40. zsxd28 says:

    6:36 look at the map is that africa?
    Or it was South American 😁 😁 😁 😁

  41. dimple Llamoso says:

    Jelly fish join the chat

  42. dimple Llamoso says:

    Green land shark!

  43. HAND GAMING says:

    Platypus 7 yers fail

  44. b jayaprasad says:

    🐔 9

  45. Eleazar Mortera says:

    we talk about animals■■■■■■■■

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    You forgot about the rabbit🐰🐇

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    Human are not animal

  48. •Misha The Pancake• says:

    5:46 wait aren’t ostriches the biggest birds? I searched it up to find out!

  49. Joshua Jay Lingat says:

    Our Dog live right now 15 yrs old & Healthy but you mention in video 13 yrs can die haha 😅✌😂

  50. Barek Omaba says:

    We were dying the moment we were born

  51. Maw Maw says:

    Olm 65 years the screen 69 lol

  52. Fabio Rodriguez says:

    "Largest bird in the world"

    No its not

    Kori and Great Bustards are bigger

    And the biggest birds are the Greater Rhea (65 Ibs), the Emperor Penguin (75 Ibs)
    The Emu (75 Ibs) The Cassowary (150 Ibs) and The Ostrich (325 Ibs)

  53. Fabio Rodriguez says:

    So many sea creatures are outliving us

  54. Fun and sexy says:

    Title : Shortest and longest lifespans of Animals
    Video : humans 68_73 years

  55. mishly mammen says:

    Humans can live to 103 (only one person)

  56. Khoa Bảo Phạm says:

    I feel like my life is like an hour, cause spend half of my time eating and falling downstair

  57. RuinDarkk says:

    What about the tardigrade or water bear?

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    Daniel: 8:28
    Cooler Daniel: 8:37
    Extra stuffed Daniel: 9:08

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  60. Ramil Ramirez says:

    Sorry for thet

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    My dog is already 17 yrs old 😏

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    10:41 7 years?

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    My grandmother is 95….

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  65. gamer nev rocks says:

    Humans- world wide
    Me- what about the south POLE? They may LIVE there, but only sinitists and other reaserches. And we don't live in water.

  66. Johnalvid Mariano says:

    Why my dog is 17years old

  67. Sam Chouhan says:

    3:47 plateaus live 17 year but you said seven years 😅

  68. Dhruv Sinha says:

    Humans:68-73 years
    Coronavirus:let's turn the years to days

  69. Mark Dave Orfano says:

    i love guinea pigs!

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    U forgot tardigrade

  71. Deathwish says:

    Get your facts straight many of the locations marked were wrong

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    Saitama: Am I a joke to you?

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    You have pointed South America in bg and shown African Bush Elephant as habitant of Africa. Dude re-check the video before posting.

  81. Carl DDM says:


  82. Amuge Hellen Grace says:

    I can't imagine taking in a Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise as pet and u die at 75 yet it continues to live for twice your age ! In yo own house. Life is indeed a mystery. 8:38

  83. Rio Lai says:

    at 6:28, it is 69 years not 65!!!

  84. AlienzCZ says:

    that’s not an Africa it’s a South America 6:39

  85. Enyu's Fun toys says:

    3:48 bright side:7 years (actually 17 years).

  86. Nabhonil Gupta says:

    Babumoshai, Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nhi…. ( Life Should Be Big, Not Long )….. 20 Yrs Of Happy Life Is Much Better Than 70 Yrs Of Sad Life….

  87. Hassan says:

    TITLE'' (The Shortest and Longest Lifespans of Animals) SHOWS HUMAN

  88. Бакича bg proto says:

    Hey my grandpa is 81 years old! Human can live 100years and it is possible. Is everyone shure with me?

  89. Бакича bg proto says:

    And one last fact. Japanese hoi fish can live 200YEARS. This fish is one of the longest living animals in the world

  90. alfie GakamO says:

    Isn’t the largest bird an Ostrich??? Minute 5:46

  91. Justin Mawi says:

    I've always been curious about this

  92. Justin Mawi says:

    I've always wanted to know which animal has the longest lifespan

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    you said platypus 7 years but it is 17years

  96. Dogs Master says:

    Dogs and cats live 15 – 17 years. There are even 20 years sometimes. And my gold fishes where living 5 months.😂 AND WE HUMANS, CAN LIVE TO 113 YEARS, NOT 73. ALL THIS IS LIE.

  97. Pharween J5 says:


    dinosaurs : am i a joke to you?

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    Goldfish Not In My House I Felt That 🐠

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    Woah 😮 awesome vid

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