The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

– Wow. – Whoa. – Whoa. (burps) – Oh, I can’t stop burping. (upbeat music) – Hi, we’re the Try Guys. – I’m Ned. – And Eugene. – We’re in New York City. – And I’m Keith. – And I’m Zach. – And we’re here in sunny Los Angeles. – New York is know for having
the best pizza in the world. – And we’re going to try and find the best slice in the city. – And L.A. is known for having the worst New York style pizza. – So we’re going to try
and find the very worst. – In – It’s the Try Guys coast to
coast pizza party challenge. – Part one of one. – Whoo! – High five. (video game music) – Let’s go. – Well, my family’s New York
Italian and my grandfather would always take me to pizza places. – These are the factors we’re going to be judging the pizza on. – Cheese. – Cheese that doesn’t stretch. – Something that can withstand a hit. – Crust. – Crust. – Crust that is just like chewy
but you don’t wanna chew it. – Sauce. – Terrible sauce. – Just like right out of the jar. Just garbage. – And New York factor. – What’s the New York factor? – The wow factor, what’s especially bad. – It’s the forget about it. – So is it good if I forget about it? – So, zero forget about its, is good. – Will you remember forever
and tell your friends? – [Voiceover] We asked
the New York office, where can you find the best slice of pizza and got over 100 responses. But some top picks emerged. – We are at our first stop. – Lombardi’s, widely
considered, the original New York pizzeria. – And we have a special guest joining us. – Who is it? (screams) It’s my wife! – Third wheel, yay! I’m a third wheel. Alright, let’s go inside. Whoa! Look how thin the crust is. – This cheese, plus one for stringyness. – That sauce is delicious. – It’s like tangy. – The crust has a really good, like– – Woody crunch. – It has a woody crunch to it. Forget about factor zero. – I’mma remember bout this. – I wonder what Keith and
Zack are doing right now. (dreamy harp) – Wow, boys that looks delish. – Mmm – We’re outside of Greco’s. – Two and a half stars
out of 129 reviews, damn. – Stale and distasteful. That’s like attitude, not even flavor. – Hollywood pizza, let’s do this. This is where the magic happens. ♫ This looks bad ♫ Well, this crust is hard. – Hard. – I feel like I’m eating raw dough. – I don’t taste any cheese or sauce. – It’s almost just a whisper of sauce. – Does it taste like anything? – It tastes like a mistake. – It’s amazing how little
favor a food could have. That’s the wow for me. – Time to check back with
Eugene and Ned in New York but first a quick – Fried chicken break. (hip hop music) – Back to you in New York, Ned and Eugene. – I don’t get any service in
the subway, what’s with that? – Cause we’re underground. Right now, we’re at
John’s on Bleecker Street. – It’s got graffiti all on the walls. It’s a sit-down place
that’s a little more casual. – Yeah, kinda like a pizza diner. – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – So let’s check it out. – Pizza diner, oh, I
thought you were going back. – Yeah, cause my hair is melting
because the humidity here is so high. – Oh, it’s so hot. – Alright, let’s go
inside and get some pizza. – Cheers. – Oh, that’s hot. – They get a bonus plus one for grease. Cheese, super pulley. Puddle of cheese. – Sauce, a really strong
tomato flavor on the sauce. – Yeah. – This crust is delicious though. It’s got a nice crisp. Wanna hear that crisp? – Zero forget about its,
I would remember it. – 20 million remember bouts its. (laughs) – This a confusing rule. Can you do your best New York accent? – Forget about it! – Wow, what a time you seem to be having. – Well, we walked down the street to another pizza place, Combo’s. – Worst pizza ever! – Horrific pizza. – We can’t do this alone. – So we brought our friend, Chris. – Yay, he knows mediocre food best. Chris, what do you know
abut Combo’s pizza? – Absolutely, nothing. – Great, let’s do this! – It’s actually nicer than the last place. – Yeah, it’s pretty. – Thank you so much. – Have a nice day. – Take care. – Ah, oh! – It’s looks greasy. – Alright, what’d you call this, Chris? – A grease pool. – Gnarly grease pool. – This makes me feel bad. Tastes like school pizza. – This is as doughy if not
doughier than the first one. – This is dough city. – Let’s take a bite of the crust. – It’s just burnt bread. – The wow of this is that
it gets worse as it goes. – This is more memorably
awful than the first one. I’m feeling queasy now. – You guys check in Eugene and Ned who are having a way better time than us. – I bet they’re doing something crazy. – You guys, I just got sick. (bluesy music) – Our next stop, we’re
outside of Joe’s pizza. This place was opened in
1975 and Joe, apparently, still works and runs this
place and there’s one location. – New York really has a good hold on family and tradition, huh? – Huh? – Forget about it. – No, remember bout it. – Two pizzas and some chicken
in, and I’m feeling gross. – I feel really quite like garbage. – Everything looks so good,
everything’s like really greasy. – Like what imagine in my head
New York pizza to look like. – Cheers. – New York. – I feel like I might already
need to poop from that pizza. – Cheese, exceptionally stringy. – Real strong pull factor. – Sauce actually, not quite there. – You guys look like
you’re having a great time. – So much fun. – Ow. – What about that crust? – Like, a little bit
burnt but not too burnt. Lightly burnt toast. – How many forget about its do we give it? Zero forget about its. – I tried to poop but I couldn’t
but I feel like I have to. – If you looked up
pizza in the dictionary. This would be a photo of it. I’ll remember this forever. – Imagine what a $2.50
in L.A. would taste like. (burps) – Oh, I can’t stop burping. – Stop burping. – We’re going through The
Grove to the Farmer’s Market at The Grove. That’s where we were told
the (bleep) pizza is. – Ok, here we are. – Aw, this doesn’t look terrible. The crust looks pretty good. – Yeah, and there’s like a
nice distribution of pepps. – The cheese becomes liquid immediately, but the flavor isn’t bad. – I’m not gonna lie,
I’m pretty disappointed. This is pretty good. – The cheese was stretchy. The sauce was tasty. The crust was good. The wow factor is, it’s not bad. – Yeah. – It’s supposed to be bad. – The wow is wow, I could eat this. – Back to you in New York. – It’s time to Facetime Zach and Keith. – Ok, I don’t have service. – Zach and Keith. – Hi. – So, what’s the moral of the story? – Do you guys think you
find a more worse place, than we found the best place. – I don’t know, did we? – Well, I’d say the second
place was easily the worst pizza I’ve had in my life. It was really abysmal. – All the pizzas we had were excellent. Including this Two Brothers. It’s just two dollars. – Ned, I know, I’m from New York. Find a truly atrocious and
horrible slice of pizza inner Los Angeles, harder than
we thought it was gonna be. – But still, we tried and
we’re the Try Guys so, – What will we try next? – I miss our friends, I
hope they come back soon. – I’m gonna jump into L.A. (hip hop music) – Pizza (chanting) – Pie!

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    This is obviously a knock on LA. There’s great pizza here. But, there’s so much variety here, that pizza is overlooked. Masa in echo park is amazing. If you’re not from LA or not and you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about.

  3. Eli colton says:

    Zach should of went to New York cause he’s from New York

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    They must have purposely missed, and it is related to the New York store, Joe's Pizza about two blocks from Greco's on Hollywood Blvd. I worked there for 7 months, and I never got sick of the pizza. And New York tourists would rave about how authentic it is. Joe from New York started Joe's in L.A. and can be found at the West Hollywood store. The Hollywood Blvd. store, the downtown L.A. Joe's, and more recently, the Sherman Oaks Joe's are owned and run by a different guy, but all fall under Joe in L.A. who can be found at his West Hollywood store, but he travels around to keep the employees honest. If you find yourself in L.A., and crave pretty much the most authentic NY pizza in L.A., don't go to Greco's; walk two blocks west on the same side of the street to Joe's or find the ones in downtown or the Valley.

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    I have heard high praises of Lombardi's and Joe's but… not great. Lombardi's is so bland and im not sorry about saying it. Joe's is a classic NY slice consistent which I think makes it so liked. Honestly not as amazing as everyone made it seem but a decent slice.

    Joey pepperoni is the best dollar slice in the city.

    Thin crust brick oven is 🔥🔥 but, Grimaldis and Patsy's are the best for that. Grimaldi's very light sauce with delicious fresh mozerella and toppings, roasted red peppe and sausage is my fave. Patsy's is classic brick oven thin crust pizza with a perfectly balanced sauce.

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