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[lauren] what’s up it’s hot for food. i’m lauren. [john] i’m john. [lauren] and we’re back with this month’s challenge
[john] the challenge! [john] challenge. [john] the challenge. [lauren] the challange, this month’s challenge, whatever. [lauren] anyways, you guys voted on our last hot dog challenge, [lauren] that was fun. [john] but who won? [lauren] you. [john] yea, yea. [lauren] okay, everyone knows you won. [lauren] you only won by 4 or 6 votes or something like that. [lauren] so way to go, people out there. [lauren] uh, you decide what our next challenge is [lauren] at least for this one [lauren] and a lot of people said pizza. [john] mm. [lauren] so [lauren] pizza’pie ya, everybody? [john] and there’s only one dough here because [john] we’re going to split it right down the centre. [lauren] we’re gonna make two separate halves, [lauren] with different toppings [lauren] and you will decide who made the best pizza toppings [lauren] or group of pizza toppings together. [john] let’s do this. [lauren] yea, this one’s all like [lauren] “i’m cool now because i actually have a plan this time” [john] i did plan, [lauren] i just came up with my idea at the grocery store, so [lauren] which was like 20 minutes ago. [john] 3 2 1 go. [lauren] remember, since john won, he’ll have to give me [lauren] a wild ingredient that i have to incorporate into my pizza. [john] oh yes. [john] it’s a lot more fun when you plan it, i could say that. [john] what are you making? [john] i’m gonna guess what you’re doing
[lauren] okay. [john] i see chik’un, [john] and i see barbecue sauce [john] and i’m thinking barbecue chik’un pizza. [lauren] perhaps. [john] so, secret ingredient. [lauren] so you haven’t even mentioned that pizza’s like [lauren] your favourite food group. [john] yea, of course. cos i’m not a crazy person. [john] anybody who’s normal likes pizza. [lauren] i am gonna make some type of barbecue or buffalo [lauren] slash chik’un pizza with ranch drizzle. [lauren] i don’t even know if i’m gonna use pizza sauce on my half [lauren] i haven’t really decided. [lauren] or i’m gonna make a white sauce, i don’t really know [lauren] i’m adding red onion, and um [lauren] arugula [lauren] i mean, it’s not like a crazy different pizza, [lauren] i’m just making a pizza [lauren] that everyone’s already had before. [lauren] and it’s gonna taste better than anyone you’ve had before. [lauren] the hell is that? [john] shelled [john] pistachio pieces. [lauren] fine, give it to me. i can do that. [john] okay. secret ingredient, wild card ingredient, [john] pistachios. [lauren] weird.
[john] go nuts. [john] i look forward to these challenges.
[lauren] there’s a hair in your nuts. [lauren] i’m going to um, [lauren] crush these up and do a pistachio crust. [lauren] so i crushed up my pistachio nuts in a coffee grinder [lauren] to make a pistachio dust. [lauren] and i mixed it with sea salt. [lauren] and i’m gonna add garlic powder. [lauren] i like to call this “the crust duster” [lauren] then we’re gonna sprinkle onto my crust. [lauren] not just the outside, but also the whole flat part [lauren] and get it on all the sides here, [lauren] so that it’s on the crust, [lauren] so did you wanna taste how delicious your [lauren] wild ingredient actually is? [lauren] on the crust? [john] shit. [john] that tastes like crack. [lauren] crack pizza! [john] what i would imagine crack tasting
[lauren] really? [lauren] i don’t think crack tastes good. [lauren] and what exactly are you doing there, john? [john] i’m gonna try to make [john] a margarita pizza. [lauren] with margarita lime on it? [john] with margarita lime and salt on it. [john] no, like a traditional italian like, [lauren] margarita
[john] margarita [john] like, just pizza sauce, [john] the circle, lil circle chunks of mozarella, [john] and basil. [lauren] if your cheese works, it could be good. [lauren] but [lauren] making vegan cheese is awfully difficult. [john] true that. [lauren] it’s hard to get the taste down. [lauren] so what is in there? [john] onion powder, garlic powder, [john] little bit of nutritional yeast, [john] i know it’s yellow, but i figured it would still hold [john] white pepper. [john] and uh, tapioca to thicken it. [lauren] so are you gonna cook it? [john] i’m gonna have to cook it to activate the tapioca [john] so there she is. [john] the cheese sauce. i think it actually worked out but [john] i’ll post the recipe in the description below. [lauren] i mean, i’ve seen this done before [lauren] so you think when it bakes, it’s gonna solidify on top [lauren] of the pizza. it should
[john] yea. [lauren] so i broke the chik’un up, [lauren] even further from the way it was in the package, [lauren] and then i just cooked it in a little bit of oil, [lauren] barbecue sauce and hot sauce. [lauren] i’m just gonna eyeball my ranch sauce [lauren] but if you guys wanna make our ranch sauce [lauren] from hot for food, then i’ll just link to that in the description below [lauren] and you can just make that ranch sauce. [lauren] okay, so let’s assemble our sides. [john] let’s do it! [lauren] so show everyone this little trick you did. [john] piping bag. [john] just a ziplock bag, [john] you put your cheese sauce, or your icing or whatever you wanna put into it. [john] then cut off a little corner. [john] and that way i can get like those, [john] when you see like a traditional, margarita-like pizza [john] it’s, it like melts into the pizza sauce [john] and it almost becomes this cheesy, saucy, [john] pool.
[lauren] so you’re hoping those will stay their shape [lauren] because of the tapioca? [john] yea, i would be okay if they would spread out a little bit more [lauren] are they gonna puff up? [john] maybe, little bit. [lauren] so you’re not adding your basil till the end? [john] i don’t- if you’re cooking with greens, [john] like fresh greens on pizza and you’re probably gonna do the same thing [john] you gotta be very particular about when you put it on, [john] cos if i put it on now and it’s a super hot oven, [john] it’s gonna come out like brown
[lauren] yea. [john] not very, [john] pretty.
[lauren] and i’m just gonna do my arugula like [lauren] a minute or two in the oven just to [lauren] slightly wilt it. [john] wait. can i put olive oil on my crust? [lauren] yep. [lauren] so you’re brushing your crust with oil, [lauren] olive oil is a good idea. [john] mhm. [lauren] let’s go into a hot [lauren] oven, [john] let’s do it
[lauren] and watch these babies bake [lauren] are they ready yet? [lauren] geez. [lauren] let’s see this thing.
[john] oh shit. [lauren] wooooo. [john] let’s slice this baby. [lauren] it’s freaking hot in this kitchen. [lauren] well, okay, i think i won [lauren] because mine looks amazing. [john] look how weird it looks, half a pizza [lauren] i’m just gonna eat this myself, like this [john] calzone, folded in half [lauren] pistachio crust duster-barbecue chicken-ranch pizza [john] say that eleven times fast. [lauren] ohh snap. [john] oh crap, i don’t know which one to eat. [lauren] and, how’s the cheese? [lauren] worked? [john] it’s gooey on the inside, [lauren] wow, gimme gimme gimme. [john] okay. [lauren] mmmm, [lauren] it passes as mozzarella, vegan mozzarella. [john] i love pizza. [lauren] honestly, this is gonna be hard i think. [lauren] for you to vote. [lauren] i suggest doing exactly what we did [lauren] make a pizza, half and half. [lauren] do a taste test and then make an educated vote, people. [john] yea, share you creations, actually. [lauren] mhm.
[john] and tag us on instagram [john] and let us know what you created and what you like better [john] cos this, [john] visually they both look amazing [john] they both taste amazing [john] you decide. [lauren] anyway, watch the hot dog challenge [lauren] there’s also the vegan burger challenge, [lauren] and this is our third challenge, the pizza challenge [lauren] vote by leaving a comment below for who made the better pizza, [lauren] lauren’s pizza, [lauren] with barbecue chik’un, ranch sauce, arugula, red onion. [lauren] pistachio crust duster, [john] or john’s cashew buffalo mozzarella, [john] margarita [lauren] voting’s open from today till next wednesday [lauren] when we post next week’s video because we post every wednesday. [lauren] subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already [lauren] it’s lots of fun, it’s real tasty. [lauren] you can also follow us on snapchat [lauren] look for @hotforfood [lauren] we post what we eat everyday, [lauren] and things we’re doing in the kitchen and testing, [lauren] and now we’re gonna have a pizza party [lauren] stop! you’re ruining it. [john] bye. [lauren] cha cha! [john] pizza! [john] tata? [john] pizza.

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