Thermos cooking recipes,spam and ramen

you know about a year ago the folks at
Stanley sent me a couple of thermoses after they saw my thermos cooking videos
and I never did anything with these and I’m going to now and I’ve just thought
of this I have some spam Thank You spam some chorizo spam I’m gonna use about
half of this I’m gonna cut it up I’m going to cube it I’m going to crush some
ramen oodles of not crush them but just kind of busted them up with a knife too
big and I’m gonna put the ramen noodles and the cube spam in here and some
boiling water on top of it and let it sit for a few hours and come back and
see if it’s tasty now I got the ramen noodles in there I’ve got this cubed and
let me tell you that tastes so much like it smells like chorizo and it tastes
like chorizo I’m gonna save the rest of that tomorrow morning I’m gonna have
that with my eggs and s crumbled eggs and chorizo spam but let me get this in
there let me see if I can do it this way and soon as that bowls fill up whatever
cavity is left with boiling water and be back in about oh I think just a couple
hours would be enough but don’t take long to soften around the noodles let
that water boil we’ll be back all right it’s been about two hours yeah
get the lid up and dump it in this pan see what we got where’s that flavor packet okay I’m
gonna go ahead and put this flavor packet in and stir it it I’m gonna need
two hands it’ll be right back all right let’s give it a try the noodles are
definitely cooked oh yeah that is some good spam right there
and the noodles are definitely cooked you know you were a hunter or something
you want a hot meal in the field you can do this and carry it within by the time
you’re ready for something meat it’d be done yep real good all right that’s
pretty easy way to do some cooking about two minutes worth of energy I mean no
electricity chorizo spam and Rahma news and thanks
thermos very much oh and spam Thank You spam they sent me
some free spam life is good and now for your listening pleasure I was thinking that my coffee was
tasting particularly good today and then the light came on telling me that I
needed to descale my coffeepot and the way you do that is you dump the water
out of here and you put some white vinegar in it and they run the white
vinegar through several times and that D scales that gets the minerals out of it
well when I dumped this out about three thousand ants in that thing because
we’ve had a bunch of rain here and when it rains really bad out the ants come in
and they got in here so I’ve been drinking
ant a coffee and coffee tastes pretty good you want to hear something that’s
just not fair girls in Connecticut it’s in the 50s and right now it’s in the 30s
here in Louisiana I know right just not right here’s some breakfast eat up need
your spin get through this whole day but on a bright note it is sunny and any day
the sun is shining on your face and you’re above ground is a good day Bon

42 comments on “Thermos cooking recipes,spam and ramen”

  1. mojoe60 says:

    what was that thing i saw on your wrist at the 1 minute mark? are you wearing long shorts too?

  2. AnnBearForFreedom says:

    55 here at the mo', s'posed to get up to 60.  Not quite sure what happened to winter, seems you may have gotten some of ours.  Feel free to send it home if'n you get tired of it.  Stay warm!

  3. cokeman250 says:

    Looks good God bless brother

  4. mojoe60 says:

    it's 57 here. ant coffee if there is an award for most original prep you should definitely get it.

  5. Steve Nicol says:

    Its 19 and icy here in western kentucky Like your vids and going to as the say now revisit Spam, that Spam and cheese looks good, I'm kind of like with cheese as you are with bacon. Love bacon but my missing gall bladder has me struggle with more than one BLT. Keep up the good work.

  6. Recycled Cottage & Garden says:

    That bacon sounded so good I could smell it!

  7. tsx3214 says:

    BC, do you regularly read the ingredients of things you consume? thx

  8. No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

    the 30s would be an improvement here

  9. John Strabismus says:

    That's a prepper meal, for sure. I wonder if ramen noodles would last longer in a vacuumed sealed can. Probably.

  10. walt2t says:

    Got our first snow of the year here in Ohio today, a little under an inch. I opened the door to the bar where my chickens from this spring are, they lined up across the door and did a collective NOPE. Looks good, I love Spam and ramen.

  11. YahSureYouBetcha says:

    How can you avoid not simply eating those cubes of spam before putting them in the thermos?

  12. Bob the metal guy says:

    a good hot meal ready any time any place,,,,,,how can you hate that?

  13. saltyshellback says:

    I love listening to bacon's greatest hits!

  14. John TheFrugalFatGuy says:

    Last time it was roman noodles and vegetable oil–two of the worst things in one pot. I don't care either, but my ole lady makes sure I'm aware of what I'm doing. We just had a mess of rain here in NY instead of snow. "Wet not White" is the way we like it!

  15. Old Pup says:

    Good idea with the SPAM. Watch they'll be coming out with shaved spam before you know it. 🙂 Hmmm ant coffee, I wonder if that infused the coffee with extra protein? 🙂 While growing up, i had Spam and eggs for breakfast so many times I couldn't count. As a matter of fact when I was in the hospital a few years back with a blocked artery requiring 3 stints to open it back up, I told the nurse I was part of the Spam generation. 🙂

  16. Madison C Iowa says:

    Ha! Its about minus 2 here.  That looked like some awesome ramen!  Bacon is music to the ears. lol 🙂  Great video.

  17. Buckrun11 says:

    I am going to go on a search for all these great flavors of Spam. I think it is going to work out for Spam. They did good sending that case to you. Their sales are going to reach an all time high.

  18. Iridium242 says:

    Nice, I thought I was the only one in the world who ate spam with ramen 🙂 Great way to cook it too.

  19. tblbaby says:

    There ya go, ant coffee. Wonder how they invented coffee luack or whatever, the poo brew. I'd never even consider brewin poo … for myself. HEY O_O probably was a practical joke.

  20. bc65925 says:

    By chance are yer bibs in the dryer?

  21. buddymojo says:

    Have you tried feeding your chicken warm oatmeal on a cold day, they'll have your fingers off for it

  22. GrandsonofKong says:

    Sounds like one for the cookbook for me! Perfect for when I'm going to be over in the shop all day for lunch as it will stay hot for quite awhile.
    Question: What's the size of that Thermos/does it have a Model #?? I've got to go find one.

  23. wyattoneable says:

    23 degrees here with snow flurries. Spam is something I haven't had in years.

  24. Pops Quest says:

    Very cool idea, I need to hunt for some of that variety of Spam-o-licious goodnesss

  25. Rusty Glovebox says:

    Some real home cooked Spam Goodness. Bacon sizzling good, ants in the coffee pot ah Bad. A sunny day and chickens cluckin, we will call it good. Take care

  26. Brian C says:

    Nice! How long would those Raman and spam stay good before you added water to cook em? Did the noodles absorb all the water? How long could it stay good if you left it in there say for a working man 4~ hrs before lunch time?

  27. John Solar 283 ™ says:

    Dont worry northeast is back to zero quick

  28. Dish Outdoors says:

    Cool idea !!!

  29. Ak Fred Ward says:

    Here in Alaska at 9:40 pm it is 35 degrees out side and raining. It is only 40 degrees above normal for Jan. noodles and spam in a thermos who would have thought it would work. I will have to give it a try. Have a good day my friend.
    Alaska Fred

  30. HWhit9000 says:

    Ramen noodles are a staple food for inmates that are in "General Population" in prison. (they have an inmate canteen where they can buy all kinds of junk food) They will bring all kinds of food products back to their dorms an small groups will get together and chip in some of their canteen food to make all kinds of concoctions and ramen noodles (inmates call them "Soups") are the main ingredient in what they mix up and call "Goulash"..
    No metal and glass containers are allowed inside the prison, so Spam is not available to them. (they will buy plastic tubes of Slim Jim"s and break them into small bits instead)

  31. buzzsah says:

    Spam and eggs, I haven't had that is years.

  32. Stanley Brand says:

    Glad you came up with a new recipe, BCtruck. And thanks for introducing us to Chorizo SPAM. Gonna have to pick some of that up.

  33. TooMuchT.V. says:

    man, I live off Raman… do love me some spam too. I'll toss a can of chicken in with the chicken flavor Raman to get a bit of protein. not too bad.

  34. Josh Kilen says:

    nice recipe

  35. Mark acres says:

    I'm going to have to try that here in Indiana it 17 and getting colder

  36. Mayhem Country Living says:

    Looks really GOOD BC!!

  37. Futz Whith says:

    Wow! That takes me back, "Spam" and ramen Noodles, I used to cook that when I was Hiking or Camping!
    We had Cam and klick brands instead of "Spam Brand, spam" when I was growing up in Quebec, Canada.
    I think we could get Spam but I don't remember having it very often.

    I also used to cook spam, tomato soup, canned potatos and sometimes I would add canned mixed vegetables.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Bacon! " Drool " :-}

    Later, FW!

  38. Mike Cox says:

    Bake your bacon. Saves the mess.

  39. Gary McCaffrey says:

    You should buy an insulation cooker, it's basically a big wide thermos flask with a crock pot that fits inside it, you put the ingredients in the inner pot and bring it to a boil on the stove, then put the inner pot in the outer flask. Done. No pouring or transferring. Great for stews, soups and chillis.

  40. good guy says:

    instant ramen is no longer instant lol. hope you weren't hungry.

  41. gnostie says:

    Useful info, but 2 hours for ramen noodles sounds like too long. Just to compare, my 470ml Thermos thermos cooks steel cut oats in 1.5 hours, buckwheat in 45-50 mins, Scott's rolled oats in 30 mins.

  42. S4N9V4 says:

    I dont think your supposed to leave noodles in the water for too long, the noodles would taste wierd and get larger

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