Thick and Rich Ramen from the Sea feat. SUSURU TV.

What is up, everyone!
It’s Brian, Ramen Adventures! Here’s another Tokyo ramen report. And today, I’m gonna meet another guy. I’m gonna meet another ramen nerd. This guy is pretty big on the scene here. But here we go!
Without further ado! It’s… Susuru! Hi, it’s Susuru! He’s eating ramen everyday and
and uploading on YouTube Eveyday Ramen Life! Yeah, that’s my channel. Alright, so today we are here at… Where are we today? Shinasoba Tanaka. Shinasoba Tanaka. -Have you ever tried this shop before?
-This is my first time. Oh, really? It’s his first time. I think I’ve been here for 3 times. Oh, that many? So, yeah, let’s check it out! Here we go! Itadakimasu! Alright let’s eat! Aji nibo soba at Shinasoba Tanaka is thick. So actually you might be thinking
you are eating some kind of Chinese food thicken with cornstarch but no, this thickness comes from Konbu(kelp). He boils down a lot of really nice kelp. And that’s gonna give
this really thick thick aspect to this ramen. Of course, Aji and Nibo, that’s mackerels and sardines. So you are getting really fishy oceany flavors in this. Now one thing, because it’s really thick.
Be careful, this bowl is hot. You will easily burn your mouth if you just go ahead
and slurp right after So take your time a little bit.
Enjoy it. Because of the heat in the soup,
the chasyu just melts away. By the time, you finally get to it,
it just falls apart. Gochisosama! Gochisosama! Super good! Really interesting really thick like
one of the thickest most interesting soups of all. I’m here with Susuru and
I’m here with Mr. Tanaka, the owner. Gochisousama. Thank you for the amazing bowl. What’s the special point of your ramen? Well, first of all I should mention
this is the original shop. I live near the ocean in Chiba prefecture. It takes 2 hours from there to the shop in Ikebukuro. Everyday? Yes, everyday! I originally grew up in Tokyo
but now I live near the ocean. I like surfing so I live there. I want to make a ramen which uses
seafood from the ocean in Chiba. Do you surf everyday? Not everyday. Maybe once a week. Wow, nice. It’s like seriously like surfing ramen. Beauty of ocean and bowl here. Awesome! And you know, umami comes in many forms but ocean umami is insane. So check them out!
Otsuka station, man! I’m outta here.
And be sure to check out Susuru TV! He is awesome. Everyday! Everyday, right? Yes, everyday! Alright, we are outta here.

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  1. Itto 44 says:

    directly subscribe his channel
    peace man

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  3. Joseph is Awesome says:

    nice video!

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  5. tonydeltablues says:

    wow – was i the kelp that made the broth so thick?

  6. SUSURU TV. says:

    Thank you Brian!!
    It was a lot of fun,and the ramen is great.
    Let's go and eat Ramen together again!

  7. ultraryman says:


  8. Boy Aditya says:

    nice! next do with chris abroadinjapan and Simon EatYOurSushi (^__^) … they are not expert but they love to eat ramen LOL

  9. Khan Guru says:

    wow! Insane video quality! I am very curious what camera do you use ?

  10. jaguardo says:

    Video quality is through the roof on this one! Did you get a gimbal?? Anyways keep doing what you are doing, love your videos!

  11. れぶん says:


  12. model channel says:

    What kind Ramen ?

  13. Yanagimoto 90 says:

    Hi Brian, you're doing really great job, just gave your channel sub!
    Probably you've explained it in one of your past videos, but… how the hell did you learn japanese that good? I'm not an expert of course, but it seems you pronounce very well and, you know… you have that flow of this particular language.
    Cheers, keep it up with eating ramen and showing it to the world 🙂

  14. Meh Apl says:

    the weather is so nice sunny.

  15. ふっちー。 says:


  16. Jalanvaloss says:

    Yo Brian, amazing stuff again. I was having a rough time today, but watching this makes my day. Please don't keep us waiting for the next video. … and crushed it?

  17. Vince Lensing says:

    Great video! Making me hungry just watching this! I love your videos and you always bring up the urge to go back to Japan again in me, thanks for that!! Hope to eat a bowl of ramen with you someday!

  18. フェアリーライフ says:


  19. nanobii says:

    Great as usual. The video quality seemed even better in this one 😃 I've been to many of the ramen shops you've featured. Kikanbo is my favorite so far. Thank you for doing this!

  20. 小倉信太郎 says:


  21. RaveSault says:

    DUUUUUDE~ I just watched Susuru's channel and here you are doing a collaboration with him!
    2 of my fave ramen channel 😀

  22. ネルギガンテ says:

    good video!

  23. Scott Lee says:

    yet another awesome bowl of ramen ! always loved your vids, brian.

  24. subscriber account says:

    Haha you guys are cute together! Lol loved seeing you two in one video 🙂 nice!

  25. YamaBeast says:

    looks dank

  26. なかで says:


  27. Sanji Smutje says:

    I want to move to japan any advice ?

  28. RVZER says:

    THICC! no, but in all seriousness, i'm somehow so glad that there is someone out there, who is just as crazy about ramen as i am. and even dedicating a whole youtube channel to one single dish. but it is so understandable since the variety is practically endless and it is the best food (concept) there is (atleast for me). love the vid, love the channel. and props on learning japanese that well. how long did that took you? greetings from germany, my friend.

  29. dmnkkrs says:

    hey brian, i really wonder if the shop owners actually understand you while talking english because everytime you speak to the viewers they look like they don't know what you're talking about. isn't it a thing to learn english there like in school? thanks in advance and keep up your lovely videos 🙂

  30. Ren says:

    T H I C C R A M E N

  31. joy12division says:

    The more I watch the more I look forward to my trip this summer. I'm interested in something odd, ramen without noodles. Tell me something awesome you have experienced that is ramen without noodles.

  32. Kenn says:

    owners hair makes him look like anime

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  35. Frank Medgyesy says:

    nice video brian

  36. Iam Fooski says:

    Gimbal made your video 20x better.

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  39. Savi You says:

    I notice your smooth camera footage, what are you filming with now

  40. CeilingCat says:

    Please Brian, take me with you to your ramen utopia. Your image is so stable and well lit, especially for a street shot.

  41. Philippe P says:

    You over Slurp! ストレンジャー

  42. vnphan1 says:

    After watching several videos, I would say the most unsettling thing is the way he eats ramen…

  43. Boyi Bolomi says:

    Ramen is very greasy. One must be careful not to eat ramen everyday.

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  45. contingent exe says:

    I ate some ramen with oysters and mix veggies it was amazing. Then I saw your channel. Now I want another bowl XD

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