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You came here to forget your life of shame But the path you must tread to new life will not be easy English Our purpose here is simple to strengthen what is weak Make heart but is soft This will take time Oh, why must be most of the body Strong mind can separate the body from its suffering Good concentration English. Sorry, sir, hype hype hype hype You are not young But with age comes wisdom Where money is must of the body you will be warrior once more Master what is my destiny? I’m in touch with a higher power Mi7 once you’re on the first flight back to London Master am I ready? No Window seat

100 comments on “Tibet Training | Funny Clip | Johnny English Reborn | Mr Bean Official”

  1. Tenzig Neymar says:

    From tibet????????

  2. Kailash says:

    training under stomach is real in tibet?

  3. Cold ! says:

    One thing we know is he won’t have kids..

  4. Ross Piyan says:

    Vadivelu would have done this joke much better 🤔😀🏋️‍♂️🧔

  5. TheRobotsTV says:

    88 minutes, 33 seconds

  6. roshan anon says:


  7. Afriel m says:


  8. crismar libay says:

    Anyone notice that rowan looklike JESUS? No? Oow sorry🙄

  9. Yavitsono Nakhro says:

    He'll always be my favourite😅🙏

  10. Zihan Rahman says:

    His face is always funny😂😂😂

  11. Fesal Manna says:

    الفيلم كامل فين

  12. 7 КМ says:


  13. انتصار الزبيدي says:

    هههههههههه 😂😂😂😂

  14. Sexy C Ops says:


  15. the FlawlessBeauty says:

    He is my always favourite, that's why I put my Facebook dp his face.🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  16. J H says:

    that pulling stone scene is epic

  17. Larry Wong says:

    Look at what the Chinese government is doing to Tibetans (and Mr Bean)! No human rights! No democracy! Shame on Xi!

  18. Roberto Porchat says:

    Nothing compare to MR.BEAN..! BUT THE HUMOR- ACTOR IS VERY GOOD…!

  19. Laugh Like US says:

    what does this has to do with Mr.Bean??

  20. Laugh Like US says:

    what does this has to do with Mr.Bean??

  21. Laugh Like US says:

    what does this has to do with Mr.Bean??

  22. culture INDONESIA east java says:

    Pak bean (mr.bean) iam from indonesia…iam fans you…

  23. Buraian says:

    Our purpose here is simple to strengthen what is weak. The monk strengthen his head that means his brain is the weakness and also his D.

  24. RAJ KUMAR says:

    Very Bad

  25. Alisha Rehman says:

    Doctor strange?🙈mR.bean!

  26. Splatoon is the worst game of all time. says:

    Johnny English is basically Mr Bean after he got rescued in Moscow by MI5 and joined MI5 in the process.

  27. Vkr Reddy says:

    All are fake spiritual real can get 1%

  28. AFRIN AKTAR says:

    Nice 😀😀😀😀👏👏👏👏💖💖💖👍🇧🇩

  29. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    Someone will find this comment one day.

  30. Monty Karllo says:

    Beautiful information

  31. * _* says:

    sauce plss

  32. Stefan Alexandru says:

    Why is it had to be like this? Everyone becomes more famous and loved after death. Love and apreciate them while they are still alive not after death. Cancerous world!

  33. Ilir United says:

    Master, am I ready?
    – NO.

    had me dying 😂what a legend🤣🤣🤣

  34. Yo says:

    "Make hard, what is soft… "

    X D

    😝 👌 😚

  35. SKS Corporation says:

    Mr. Bean always fun

  36. Thala Thalapathy says:

    Bean your beard look like indian cricket captain virat kohli 😂😂😂

  37. Rudy Cooper says:

    Johnny English meets Dr. Strange 😀

  38. Cena Empire says:

    I am so confused by thumbnail it look likes 50 yrs old virat kohli😂

  39. Ali Huseein says:

    منو عربي ينطيني اسم الفلم🤣

  40. Con Kyros says:

    Mr Bean as we know him is worth all the money!

  41. jaja says:

    When did Tibet munks start training like Shaolin monks?

  42. Elisha Jay says:

    Who gets kicked in the ball suck and hes like oh i liked it

  43. deepak dasgupta says:


  44. Z.F Zikode says:

    Where can I find Reborn full movie? Anyone can help please 💁‍♂️

  45. UJJWAL NAYAK says:

    India needs to take tibbet back

  46. محمد حسینی says:


  47. Sachin Mukhedkar says:

    Rowen(Bean) is a Legend of our times!

  48. Neko says:

    西藏? 少林? 功夫?

  49. Đèmóņ Slayer says:


  50. S Rennie says:

    Does anyone else think the old monk looks like the Tibetan Tom Hanks?

  51. Thủy Nguyễn says:

    1:57 ahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Porno XXX Video sex Xvideos xnxx videos says:

    Our legend in comedy is getting old now,can we get anyone to replace him
    This is really sad to the upcoming children they would miss Mr.Bean

  53. MOBILE GAMER says:

    Tern around your teacher is watching you 😂

  54. PRESIDENTIAL says:

    Doctor Bean > Doctor Strange

  55. Nepalaya Shiromani says:

    The balls part is amazing 🤘

  56. IFTEY KHAIRUL says:

    One of the greatest actor of the world…

  57. Rudra Arvind says:


  58. Shadow Playzzz says:

    I saw that yesterday on tv

  59. Veera Medida says:

    English is smart

  60. Mohamed Aliali says:

    1.00 لا قلبي صغير لا يتحمل هههههه

  61. brianuuuSonic Reborn says:

    who did the subtitles, it's horrible

  62. Parmenion Dimacu says:

    He looks like kyrie irving in thumbnail

  63. Ghost Gutarist says:

    that Stone !!!

  64. 1 million subs and I stop commenting says:

    Anyone else have nights of Mr Bean and Wishbone growing up?

  65. flame phoenix says:

    so funny lol

  66. Shubhank Vashishth says:


  67. Muti ur says:

    Did someone noticed that Buddhist train to fight to get mediation. Is not that strange. Similar are Hindus, Sikhs, Japanese, Chinese, and the idol worshippers around. They train to fight in thier temples. And only God knows who they want to fight.

  68. Emperor D 87 says:

    Rowan atkinson the man with the balls of steel and a golden sense of humor….

  69. star 008 says:

    Now you have become stupid bean because this is not what Tibetan monks do.

  70. MΔŞŦΣR 2003 says:

    Ur alredy dead 🙂

  71. Alain Brice says:


  72. Arthur Banks says:

    0:18Shao Lin martial in tibet. 0:32Western castle in Chinese land tibet. At least I don't think that is laughing if it doesn't look like.

  73. Big Boy says:

    Pulling the rock by a threat attached to your balls LOL

  74. Khalander Khalander says:

    Comedi ka bap been

  75. Red Ox says:

    Thats not mr bean that's anathor movie. Mind the title.

  76. Blessena Gona says:

    Ur vedios are my stress relief

  77. Dean Winchester says:

    nothing beats rowan atkinson..

  78. مهدي صالح خضر says:

    ذكرو الله

  79. SOS says:

    🤣🤣🤣 M I ready 😊 Nop🙄

  80. Shahrooz Shadbakht says:

    This looks like shaolin. Is shaolin related to Tibetans in anyway?

  81. Maksim Konoshenok says:

    Cruel English humor.

  82. Dipjay Sagar says:

    2:20 when you asked your father about your GF

  83. Pat Afa says:

    Funny asf

  84. Blend Kurdi says:


  85. Cristobal Bandera says:

    😇😇😇😇😇love mr been

  86. SuperWeasleypotter says:

    Beannedick cucumber

  87. Sameer -ahmed says:

    Movie nam ?

  88. Jabolzy Fun Gaming says:

    doctor stephen bean.

  89. Milan Peric says:


  90. Mr. Doggo says:

    2:56 3:10 the expressions 🤣

  91. Don Vr says:

    hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Intredasting Videos says:

    kung pow anyone?

  93. ngawang sherab says:

    Lol Tibetan monks never practiced Kung Fu or fighting stuff but it's funny

  94. FeelsWeirdMan says:

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  95. HUB GOBLIN says:

    Mr. Bean look like kyrie Irving

  96. Zina Hazm says:


  97. MissGoddess UniverseYan says:

    Hahaa please do more tibetan mr bean!

  98. MsBear1122 says:

    Funny thing is
    They are TIBETAN monks
    learning CHINESE shaolin monk Kung Fu

  99. VIDEO BIZ says:

    SALAM aleykum ✋😎

  100. VIDEO BIZ says:

    SALAM aleykum ✋😎

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