45 comments on “TIBETAN CHINESE Street Food Tour in REMOTE China! YAK SASHIMI, TEMPLE FOOD, + UNKNOWN Street Foods”

  1. The Food Ranger says:

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  2. Aloy Mago says:

    Trevor James is my new crush 😘😍

  3. d ttth says:


  4. Himanshi Diwan says:

    His knowledge of both languages😍😍

  5. jeeevan gurung says:

    Mongolian traditional foods in china good.

  6. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Check it out

  7. Madara Shonen says:

    That butter tea is never satisfying.
    Hope ours and tibetan butter tea tastes same😍

  8. Vicky Thakur says:

    Yak is useful animal for tibten but they eat this so sad

  9. jatin chauhan says:

    Free tibet!!!!

  10. Vimal Kumar Goel says:

    I never knew Tibetan eat so much meat

  11. Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang says:


  12. whisky1991q says:

    I think you show us a real Tibet.
    but BBC CNN:fake video!!!

  13. mohammed ghouse says:

    Nice p

  14. 100% right Acharya says:

    Very bad and untastasty contain

  15. Utsang Buchung says:

    Hey! There is no yak butter exist, even yak would not give milk, so how cloud be yak’s butter. Yak is one of the male.

  16. Saikat Kundu says:

    First time i know that buddhist are non vegeterian.

  17. amsu dharapureddy says:

    Hi I am an Indian plz give subtitles what r u saying in front of camera

  18. Bayarsaikhan Ariunjargal says:

    Chinese and Mongolian from

  19. Sonam Topden says:

    i cant wait to go to my home country tibet and eat lots of food. love your videos

  20. JWSTelescope Tranquility says:

    He don’t care about the Tibetans. He just wants to make his videos and listen to what his Chinese wife says. Lol.

  21. Sudipto Chakma says:

    How Tibetian can eat meat if they are Buddhist?
    Can anyone tell me?

  22. sanjay choudhary says:

    It's Tibet..not china

  23. 7993372471dbhupal Bhupald says:

    Aur action

  24. 7993372471dbhupal Bhupald says:


  25. Tenzin dolma Dawayoudon says:

    HAHA even as Tibetan frOM amdo or kham to go to lhasa need especially permission

  26. javedakhtar javed says:

    Ni ha o Maa kung foo teachers

  27. purple rain says:

    Great video about food… I love to watch your video…. 👍👍👍👍

  28. Nima Bhutia says:

    Sir.wow! Great digestive system

  29. Tenzin Gompo says:

    I think this video is China sponsor to show the situation of Tibet. Most of time westerner media's are not allowed to visit Tibetan areas freely.

  30. hituzinosanpo says:

    “Yak heaven”… Lovely.

  31. Uncle Jun says:

    was awfully presumptious of that lady to assume you didnt like raw meat.

  32. Baskaran Lakhsmi says:

    Tibet lovely place. 👌👌👌

  33. Pals says:

    Tibet is not a part of China. Free Tibet Free Tibet Free Tibet

  34. asian lazer says:

    It is just tibet not china

  35. Penny Cheng says:

    OMG, Kangding my home!

  36. Minor Lira says:

    That monastery is incredible!! I really amazing experience.

  37. 고려 막대기Clown says:

    Tibet is one of the most beautiful areas in China

  38. Novya Army says:

    Trevor james….kapan ke indonesia lagi.🤗🤗

  39. du Chen says:

    Yummy…… 跑马溜溜的山上

  40. 李存勖 says:

    Thank you for revealing true Tibet by food. Much appreciated.

  41. Sehej Modgill says:

    These seems planted ones by Communist china

  42. Mahasweta Chakraborti says:

    I died a bit when you served yourself rice and gravies on top of the crispy pancake

  43. Game Player says:

    How do you fluent speaking Chinese

  44. Rex Rafael Collado says:

    As Monkeetime says: Keep Tibet in China. Look at them, no castes, only culture.

  45. umair pangarkar says:

    Sir plz go to Yemen and mascut country food

  46. umair pangarkar says:

    I want to see plus

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