Tips for Preparing Seafood : Tips for Deep Frying Shrimp

Now we’re going to demonstrate a frying technique
and I’ve got some shrimp here that have been breaded in a 3 part breading station and I’ve
got a counter top fryer which is actually referred to a deep fryer. And I got it set
to 360, 355 degrees about so I’m going to place these shrimp into the basket first we’re
getting nice sizzle sound from that oil, which means it’s nice and hot and we’re ready to
go, we want to use a really quick cooking process for these. So I’m just going to lower
the basket down into the oil and shut the lid on these guys and they’ll probably be
done here about a 1 1/2, so we’re just going to show you the finish fry product. You can
see the nice pretty golden brown color that we achieved and that’s a simple whole basic
frying procedure.

One comment on “Tips for Preparing Seafood : Tips for Deep Frying Shrimp”

  1. Sainter says:

    Ive never seen something so stupid in my life,,, "heres tips for deep frying, put the prawns in the fryer, wait,, take them out, and oh wow look at that !"

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