Today’s Lunch: Cheese Crackers

R: Swishy tail. Hakuuu! Ooh hi. R: Hey buddy. *giggles* J: Nagi’s around there.
R: Your butt- R: Your butt is right to the camera. J: No no no. I JUST CLEANED IT- ahh god R: You’re the one who wanted him up here. R: Why’d you want him up here, then? J: HERE, not here. J: It’s okay, I’ll just…
R: You can’t- you can’t tell the cat that. J: … sanitise again.
R: He doesn’t know that. There’s no like, wall- hi babyyy. (*mutter* he’s hungry.) J: Anyway, WELCOME TO MY VLOG CHANNEL. *chuckles* J: (*mutter* we’re gonna have to wash our hands again.) J: Uh for our lunch, we decided to make crackers. J: We normally use whatever ingredients we have in the fridge. R: It’s a very difficult recipe.
J: *chuckles* R: Clearly this requires an entire video showing you how to put ingredients on top of crackers. J: Yup, exactly. J: It’s like a… a Michelin 3-star recipe. R: *weird grunting noise* R: Give or take, 3 stars. J: Alright. *sounds of running water*
R: nO R: Now it’s all wet. R: He’s trying to jump down onto the counter. J: He’ll probably jump on the, uh… J: Bl- *interrupted*
R: Did you sanitise it again? J: I did.
R: Then I have to block him. R: He’s trying to jump over my head. J: Uwoh? Uwoh? Uwoh… R: *laughs* J: Okay. No cats, no cats. Not anymore. J: Okay, um. I’m gonna start with the, um, tomatoes and these veggies I think?
R: Mhm. J: Could you help me with the crackers, spread them out… J: There you go.
R: This is my job. *stares into the camera like Jim from The Office* J: Onegaishimasu. R: Japan has a type of onion called “shintama”. J: I mean, the onion that, like- we harvest around last season, I think?
R: Uh-huh. J: It’s sweet. R: When you eat it, and it’s- R: It’s just sweet. It has no, like, strong, onion… bite to it at all.
J: Mm. R: It’s great. It’s really delicious.
J: Yep. J: You can literally just, um… J: Peel the skin off the onion, and… J: Make a cross at the top, put it on a plate, put a- a block of butter and microwave it. J: And you can just eat it like that.
R: Yeah. J: So sweet. R: *laughs* R: We can make videos biting in the onions, R: and not explain anything, and just put it on the internet and people would be like, EW J: Oh, because they wouldn’t know how it would taste? R: There’s a video of like, a little kid, who… R: Is demanding an onion from her mom, I think? J: Demanding? Okay. R: I think maybe they thought it was an apple or something? R: And they’re like I want to take a bite, and the mom’s finally like, R: “Sure, here you go,” and they take a bite of the american apple (onion) and their face is like, terrible, R: But they don’t want to admit that they were wrong. R: *laughs* That it wasn’t what they thought it was. R: It’s so cute, I wonder if I can find it. J: Oh, honey. Can you explain this to people? Poki: *meows*
R: It’s super processed salami. Poki: *screams* R: *giggles* Poki! I’m trying to talk to people! It’s super processed salami and cheese and stuff, R: uh, which is totally very not healthy for you, but R: tastes good. *noise from video on Rachel’s phone* *Jun chuckles*
*noise from video on Rachel’s phone* R: *giggles* It’s so cute!
*noise from video on Rachel’s phone* *noise from video on Rachel’s phone* *sound of kid choking on an onion* *second cough* J: He thinks it’s an apple? R: Yep. J: *sympathetically* Awww. *child chokes again* J: It’s really, like, time-consuming to do this all by myself, J: but with two people, it’s so much easier. Thank you! R: You’re- *giggles* R: YOU’RE WELCOME. J: This- this shape is my favorite shape of peeler and there’s, J: like I don’t know, looks like just a stick type of peeler, that you like, right? J: And you don’t like this type, right? J: Which one do you like better? I like this- type of peeler. R: I- I don’t know if people know what you’re talking about. *giggles* R: Hey, we have- we have the other one. J: Which one do you like better? J: Let me know. R: I don’t know if… R: … that’s something people have an opinion on. J: I have a strong opinion on this.
R: Do you have a strong opinion on peelers? J: You do now, right? J: ’cause uh, you hated this one.
R: Because I cut myself with it. J: *chuckles* And you will not cut yourself with this one?
R: No. J: Mmkay. R: I don’t- *devolves into nervous laughter at the sight of the peeler* J: Okay. J: Broccoli spout- J: Wait. Are “sprouts”? R: Mhm. J: So the tomato slices, on this side, is thinner.
R: Ohkay. J: For you. Here’s the thicker for me. J: You think that’s enough? R: Yeah. J: Alright.
R: That’s more than enough. J: More than enough? Okay. R: *high-pitched, sing-song* More than enough~ J: Sorry Poki. I don’t think you can eat that one. J: Flaxseed oil. J: You want some, like, herbs? R: Sure.
J: Okay. What do you want, basil? R: Sure. J: Okay, yay! (R: Yay!) Done. Itadakimasu. R: Woo! J: Ii ne, oishiisou. (It’s good, very delicious.) J: Itadakimasu. Kanpai (cheers). R: Ka- Kanpai.
J: Cheers. J: I want to try with shintama too, but this is good. R: Yup.
J: Mm. J: It’s good, I like it. R: Ii ne. (It’s good.) J: If you guys have a favorite, like, a combination for crackers, let us know. I wanna try it. J: I like this one a lot. R: With ingredients we can get in Japan? J: Hmm?
R: With ingredients we can get in Japan. J: With any ingredients we have, yeah. J: This is good.
*noises of cat destruction* J: Thank you for watching.
R: *laughs* *more noises of cat destruction* R: Uwoooooh! R: Poki’s fightin’. Poki’s fightin’. J: See you guys later. Bye! R: Bye! J: Mm. So good.

100 comments on “Today’s Lunch: Cheese Crackers”

  1. Syrian Soaper says:

    I saw this in my recommended and just wanted to see how many people actually watched a video about crackers….. not watching it tho

  2. An stronaut says:

    Wait…. is that jun? 😱😱😱

  3. Kar Aashika says:

    Funny how Rachel's hair matches the two cats Jun got and Poki matches Jun and is more attached to Rachel

  4. Katie Jo says:

    As for my favorite peeler, it depends on the situation. For long vegetables I like Jun's favorite style. If I'm peeling apples or something round I like the stick style.

  5. Angela Perez says:

    I like the stick peeler style LOL Also those are fancy cheese and crackers! 😀

  6. love Mervyn says:

    I have a strong opinion on peelers, because Im left handed and some of the kind of the right one only work for right handed people😀

  7. Leanne M says:

    Juns peeler 100%. I really dislike the other type.

  8. Adlyn in the village says:

    this is….lunch?

  9. River Amazon says:

    i have a strong opinion on peelers. I like the stick type. If you hold it correctly you have a lot of control, you can peel thin or thick, and not cut yourself. You need to get a good quality one. The cheap ones are trash.

  10. Jonathan888 says:

    Nami is that you?

  11. Annabel Wang says:

    can rachel speak japanese ?

  12. isabellecw1 says:

    I have a mild opinion on peelers. It depends on the vegetable. But, I tend to prefer stick peelers.

  13. supergirlsbr says:

    I like the stick type peeler! Though mine had plastic around it so it's easier to hold. Plus it has a thing on top I use to pit out the eyes.

  14. Joseph Brudlos says:

    Straight peeler for sure

  15. Bri Cheese says:

    I love both peelers because my grandma taught me how to use Jun’s type and my mom loves Rachel’s type which I use when I feel lazy, only time I don’t use either peeler is when I’m extra lazy and just grab a knife 💀

  16. Anna N says:

    Rachael is so beautiful with that mermaid hair

  17. New Meta Knight says:

    1:14 I have the exact same box with the blue lid.

    I am officially an amazing cook now.

  18. Holly Wickham says:

    my strong opinion on peelers is that Jun's style is the best – so much faster to use

  19. Liam Aoki says:

    Jun turned to hot japanese daddy lol 💚

  20. いちのせ says:


  21. Samara says:

    I love sweet and savory combos like fresh goat cheese and honey on a cracker. Maybe with some ripe fig or walnut, or both! ^^ Or brie, pear, fried dried ham (like parma ham) or bacon and balsamic vinegar if you wanna go fancy :3

  22. mizah jamaludin says:

    Customised tomato slices awwww 😍

  23. Dipsy says:

    I like the stick tipe of peeler.. It just comfier and safer for me. I feel like I have more control over the peeler when I can hold it like a knife (when you woul peel with knife )

  24. fedupwithusernames says:

    I prefer Rachel's type of peeler.
    Also this is the fanciest crackers and cheese I've ever seen.

  25. Ariel Hunt says:

    I'm with Rachel. I like the stick peeler better.

  26. Karen van Staalduine says:

    I really like the left peeler.

  27. Jacy LB says:

    I prefer Juns favorite peeler type.

  28. Jacy LB says:

    Did Jun go to culinary school?

  29. Anna M says:

    I agree with Jun 100%. The larger peeler is safer and more confortable for me. It also works better

  30. Kirsten Goff says:

    The peeler Jun likes is my favorite too

  31. J. Chen says:

    How is that remotely enough food for lunch? That's more like afternoon snack #1 of 5 for me haha

  32. Mike Magdin says:

    Im with Jun regarding the peeler

  33. Nabilla Amanda says:

    Apa kenyang?:(

  34. Jackie Hsu says:

    i agree jun. the wide peeler all day everyday, never the skinny one.

  35. Some One says:

    Jun: Talking about what types of peeler
    Me: looks at the stick looking one
    Me: It’s a wand whatcha me?! Harry Potter? Ha I only know Harry Peeler

  36. Faith Pon says:

    Love the new look Jun! Shorter hair and facial looks good. You both are a very beautiful couple.

  37. De Nice says:

    My two favorite people finally uploaded a video!!! I know it's weird but you guys seem so much more grown >_<

  38. JOÃO REGO says:

    Come back with your main channel pls

  39. Sapphira Alexis says:

    Definitely Juns peeler for me. The other peeler does not feel as sturdy. Love your videos guys! 😄

  40. Digital.Parkour says:

    stick peeler all the way i walways end up hurting myself with the other…p.s i want juns knife skills..pleaseee

  41. E Bake says:

    Okay I’m gonna say it

    Did Rachel get a nose job

  42. ArcticFirepixy says:


  43. Sou Zero says:

    Because Rachel and Jun are big dummies who won't promote their socials, so I'm going to do it for them! >:[

    Jun's Kitchen:
    Rachel and Jun:
    Jun Yoshizuki:
    Rachel and Jun's Adventures:


    remember to like the video too, or Poki will steal your food >:(((

    Also, if you have any questions regarding anything in the video, the cats, Rachel, Jun or even anything at all, reply to this comment and I'll try my best to answer! (I know a lot 'cuz I stalk their socials lol)

    (p.s. I did the subtitles for this video!! Let me know if they're okay/if you liked it, really boosts my ego lol)


  44. Sophia Ponce says:

    I like jun’s peeler

  45. Enid Ualc salazar says:

    Please upload videos regularly. 😔

  46. Lea Murphy says:

    It's funny how you made a video to put cheese on biscuits (crackers)

  47. Lea Murphy says:

    Haku wants some

  48. Amélie Pedro says:

    I prefer Jun's peeler 😂

  49. Chxn 3gg says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you will be doing an update on your garden? I would love to see how it is coming along. It actually inspired me to make a small one in my back yard. Have a great day!

  50. thorn winterson says:

    I prefer juns peeler

  51. A O says:

    Team Jun's peeler for the win

  52. Megidork says:

    I have a strong opinion about peelers. Rachel's peeler is better, it's more comfortable to hold and peels easier

  53. Justine O'Hare says:

    Poki screamed at the salami because he *knows*… cats can have little a salami, as a treat

  54. Niéko Okina says:

    The right peeler is clearly much better! 🤔

  55. ChelzLovesPeanut says:

    That’s how we know Jun’s the cook.
    “Give or take.”
    Ya can’t give, Rachel. 😂❤️

  56. WingYi says:

    you guys are so cute

  57. Ivana Martins says:

    Wow Rachel looks like a princess😭

  58. Yuzutrodo kishitomoki asheto says:

    That mustache tho

  59. Marvellous Margot says:

    Just came here to say Jun is giving off big Zaddy energy here

  60. aslob 9 says:

    Try this: Ritz cracker, slab of blue cheese, slice of red onion, dollop of spicy mustard, some salt & pepper. Devour, enjoy! Adjust proportions to taste. Ukrainian tapas… Let me know if you like…

  61. 夏羽 says:

    Ooh my I thought Haku's tail was some orange alpaca

  62. alondraburrr says:

    Agree with June on the peelers

  63. zea says:

    everyone in the world deserves a jun

  64. Esther Lim says:

    I like the stick peeler better than the one Jun likes

  65. Valerie Pallaoro says:

    The number of people who have an opinion on peelers? What else is the youtubes for?

  66. ideflate says:

    I have a third type of peeler that neither of them have???? It looks like a knife, but it's not, and it tends to come with a plastic, orange handle. I grew up using that one and am most comfortable with it. Jun's and Rachel's peelers scare me bc the blade can move, whereas the one I'm comfortable with doesn't 😬 I've tried all three and each has their pros, but… I still like mines.

    Edit: with the peeler that i use, depending on how u hold it, u can either make short peels (which r great for potatoes) or u can make long peels (which can give u a ribbon, like when u peel an apple) 🤔 I guess you could do that with a knife too, but there's less of a chance of cutting urself

  67. mah tay says:

    Ever had Georgia's own Vidalia onions? also sweet. probably sweeter due to the nature of the soil. Only grown in GA, found no where else, because of the soil. Can eat them out of the ground like an apple- they are sweet.

  68. DeadWhita says:

    I do have a strong opinion on peelers! 😀 I like the ones Jun prefers for elongated veggies like carrots and zucchini, but I prefer the "stick" type for potatoes and apples and such!

  69. Bruce Forte says:

    Nice beard, Jun

  70. eyhh says:

    I thought Jun would prefer the straight peeler since you can hold it more or less like a paring knife/nakiri

  71. hoda says:

    did Jun change the name of this channel?! they need to post more!!

  72. ShunXXX196 says:

    Sausage, extra sharp chedder, and apples are a good combination

  73. Sam Lost says:

    I feel like Rachel"s social battery has ran out.

  74. Regina di Spade says:

    Left peeler. The one on the right could be a weapon

  75. John Workman says:

    In my opinion, the stick peeler is better for things like potatoes, apples and other round stuff. the other version is good for carrots

  76. TrinityRosealy says:

    this vid is the bisexual experience

  77. GoldDVaniyah says:

    I love the same piller as you Jun-san x) #teamJun

  78. Xin says:

    Jun's favorite peeler is the best shape. I feel very strongly about this and so does my mom. lol~

  79. Corina Stadler says:

    I always watch these videos with the captions on, because the captions are always a little stylized and /hilarious/; like when Poki meows the second time while Rachel is showing the salami stuff, it says "Poki: *screams*" and I just burst out laughing. This is some quality viewing!

  80. grey roses says:

    I like Jun's preferred peeler myself. I have a utilitarian one & a self-indulgent pink Hello Kitty one… 😂

  81. EmmaVasNormandy says:

    I've used both peelers, but the pne Jun's using is the kind I prefer. More comfortable to hold and less likely to hurt myself with it.

  82. EmmaVasNormandy says:

    Ingredient combos
    White Cheddar and strawberries
    Proscuitto and garlic herb fromage d'affinois
    Brie and Raspberry preserves
    And of course salami and cheddar because its too dang good!

  83. Ann Cleuren says:

    I put cheese and pineapple on crackers

  84. Homer Jones says:

    LOL Japanese processed "fake" cheese

  85. Sara Nguyen says:

    I totally forgot about using a peeler when I need it, that I've already master just using a knife to peel my fruits and vegetables.

  86. Jessimae says:

    Listen… listen. My fiance straight up eats onion. Not the nice kind. Just onion. He eats it raw – whenever I'm cutting it up for dinner he's there stealing some to eat raw. I know a little bit of raw onion can be good on salads or burgers/chicken burgers but.. he would eat a whole onion raw. It's so weird!

  87. LilliLabyrinth says:

    4:05 I do, in fact, have a strong opinion on peelers! I prefer the stick one in Jun's right hand because I peel away from me really fast, but if I use the one on the left then I have to peel toward me and I cant go as fast and I'm awkward with it. Plus, baby hands 👐

  88. mdr53229 says:

    noises of cat destruction

  89. l p says:

    I personally believe Rachel's peeler was made by Satan to torture me

  90. pia Labsis says:

    I prefer to use the first one

  91. Айша Разаханова says:

    this is so delightful, i honestly feel better after watching this video

  92. SkyWolfAlpha says:

    Today: How to put things on crackers. Featuring: fluffy cat butt. With bonus strong opinions on vegetable peelers!
    gdi I really want some stuff on crackers now.

  93. Dominique Rocher says:

    I agree with Rachel that the skinny peeler is much easier to use…. However, even among my friends I am the only one to prefer that peeler 😄…

  94. shadowX says:

    you should have a shave

  95. Sarah Ali says:

    I like the potato peeler better than the veg one

  96. Madalin F says:

    Stick peeler gives you more control

  97. Sarah says:

    I prefer the skinny peeler for things like potatoes & then the other type for carrots lol
    You both look so good!

  98. Alex says:

    Actually I really do have a strong peeler opinion 😀 and i woulf chose neither. I like a stick type one but with only one non-movable blade.
    Also I love how these videos make me feel understood in my cooking nerdiness 🙂

  99. はや8 says:


  100. iMpiSh says:

    Left one because I'm asian, right because I live in a western country

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