Tokyo Ramen Street – 8 of the Best Ramen Under One Roof

CRYSTAL: We’re at First Avenue Tokyo Station and we’re trying to find the Tokyo Ramen Street CRYSTAL: because they have some of the bet ramen here. CANDY: Yeah I’m sorry I’m just like overwhelmed because … CRYSTAL: Candy’s really overwhelmed that she can’t calculate anything… CANDY: I can’t really focus. CRYSTAL: Hahaha yeah but here’s like the beginning of it. CRYSTAL: We’ve heard that it’s really hard to find and it’s like complicated but we’re pretty much there. CANDY: We’re almost there. CRYSTAL: We just gotta go find it now. CRYSTAL: Here’s the Character Street This is the Character Street. There’s like so much going on. CRYSTAL: We just wanna go there. Maybe try this way? CRYSTAL (in Japanese): Excuse me, which way is it to Tokyo Ramen Street? Staff (in Japanese): It’s straight this way. All the way down. Thank you. CRYSTAL: Candy’s like ‘Screw this. I’m so done. I don’t even wanna find this place anymore.’ CRYSTAL: So I found Tokyo ramen Street and gonna
find the best place to go CRYSTAL: Ok, so here’s where it starts, Tokyo Ramen Street. CRYSTAL: There’s a line here… CRYSTAL: Negi Shio Ramen sounds good. CANDY: That does sound really good. CANDY: Yeah! CRYSTAL: Look at how much green onions is in that thing! CRYSTAL: That’s like crazy amounts. CRYSTAL: Lot of people in line for this one. CRYSTAL: Well that was really stressful ordering ramen. We didn’t record it because we were so stressed out. I don’t even know how non-Japanese people can order ramen here because it’s so complicated CANDY: Yeah because even the guy behind us that was trying to help us… he didn’t know how to do it. CANDY: We were all trying to figure it out. CRYSTAL: But we got it. You just have to order it beforehand at the machine CRYSTAL: and then you line up in the next line here. CRYSTAL: The ramen with all the green onions really got to us so that’s why we chose that one but they’re actually kinda known for their cow tongue. I’m not really a cow tongue fan but I’ll try it. CANDY: I like cow tongue. CRYSTAL: Yeah? I don’t know if I… I think I’ve had it before but I’ve had like good kinds which is like really… it’s pretty good. But then you get like the cheap kind which is like terrible. so I think the last time I had it was like
cheap so ever since then I haven’t had it. CANDY: We got the green scallion salt ramen. CRYSTAL: Yup. With cow tongue. CANDY: with cow tongue. Usually they put like pork slices, like pork butt but they’re famous for their cow tongue, so we’ll see how good it is. CRYSTAL: Oh look, we’re RIGHT next to somebody. CRYSTAL: We got our ramen! So this is the Shio Gyutan Ramen, right? Or Shio Negi Gyutan Ramen. CRYSTAL: so it’s like green onions and salt and that’s the cow tongue. and then Candy got the regular soyauce, shoyu ramen. CANDY: Yeah, with pork. We’re just gonna share because we wanted to try both flavors.

23 comments on “Tokyo Ramen Street – 8 of the Best Ramen Under One Roof”

  1. InMyShoes says:

    Nice editing in this video! That ramen with the green onions looks delicious!

  2. Touring Tastebuds says:

    Wow those dishes look amazing, thanks for taking us along!

  3. Todd Hata says:

    Nice video! Ramen in Tokyo spoiled me, took me a long time to find something acceptable back here in California. I'll have to try the Ramen Street next time, I think we had tonkatsu somewhere in that station, then found the Ramen Street after we weren't hungry!

  4. c-a-li LLC says:

    I really want to visit Tokyo. Looks like you guys had fun despite being initially overwhelmed. thanks for sharing

  5. Travel By A Sherrie Affair says:

    Looks delicious!!!

  6. STUFR - Travel & Food videos says:

    Very good that you persisted and you found the restaurant. The food looked really good! I will be visiting Tokyo in the summer, so your videos are really helpfull! Nice editing also!

  7. Jacob Lee says:

    nice dishes and nice places you showed us

  8. Alice Ford says:

    I have yet to find a ramen restaurant that I like, it sounds like you ladies have also experienced a lot of hit and miss. I can never seem to find one that has great flavorful broth, the hunt continues.

  9. aa zz says:

    Great shopping places. Loved the food corner. Nice video beautiful Tokyo

  10. Our Green Branch says:

    I usually only hear about character street at Tokyo Station. I didn't know that they have a ramen street too!!!!!!!!

  11. The Eco Lifestyle says:

    I need to go to Japan ! Food is a bonus.

  12. The Journey says:

    I am an absolute ramen freak! Love it and I loved this video new sub here love your travel channel!

  13. Timezone Junkies says:

    Damn, that looked like some tasty broth will all the spring onion! Not sure about the cow's tongue though!!! Glad you found it in the end, was that place really big? Thanks for sharing!

  14. Esperanza Lorena says:

    I love ramen! I can't believe there is a street dedicated to ramen! So cool 😀


    So many colors and lights inside. It looks like you had great entertainment to find the restaurant. These dishes look exciting, and your advice is valuable for all traveling in Tokyo. Thak you for sharing!

  16. Skyelines and Sunsets says:

    Cool video! The ramen looks so good! Hope to visit Tokyo soon. Will definitely keep Ramen Street in mind

  17. VFCs Travels says:

    Food looks fantastic!!!

  18. Star Lengas says:

    Ahhh the food looks delishhhh! My hubs is obsessed with ramen, so I'll be bookmarking this for our future trip to Japan.

  19. TheTravelBugBite says:

    I've been here! It was hard to pick a place, but I the one I went to was delicious. Glad you enjoyed your food, sorry that the shoyu ramen was disappointing though 🙁 still looked like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. GoYvon says:

    You're making me hungry! It's before breakfast here and the ramen just looks so good! Tokyo Station is a true maze, I would've given up a long time ago. Thank you for taking me on your adventure and bringing me back to Japan (I really need to start editing my Japan videos…).

  21. Puri and Sue says:

    Omg such a long queue! Never tried cow tongue before, wonder how it would have taste like. Man, we're mssing the food in Japan! Ramen's one of our favourite food!

  22. carloko08 says:

    wow, is so nice to hear white women talking in a normal and decent english, and not using the fucking "californio" accent where all the stupids talk with the throat, the ramen always is cool

  23. Nama Japan says:

    Just uploaded a video about another ramen place (Oreshiki Jun) in the Tokyo Ramen Street yesterday. I don't really understand what is difficult about ordering ramen? Put money in, press button, get ticket, hand over ticket, done? I even show the process in my video – you might wanna check it out!

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