Tokyo Street Food | Top 10 Must-Try at Togoshi Ginza | 1.3km long and 400 Shops

in this video I’m gonna take you guys on a food tour of Takashi Ginza we’re here today at the go see Ginza it’s one of the largest show 10 guys in all of Kanto area its 1.3 kilometers long and it has a 400 plus stores I’m so excited to check this place out today let me just show you guys how long this place is looking right behind me that is so long and then right here that’s so long alright let’s start togusa Ginza is just two stations away from Gotanda it’s always a pleasant surprise to find a friendly neighborhood like this in the middle of Tokyo so the first place we’re gonna hit up is this yucky toy shop called ABC also perfect for daytime drinking if you’re down for that [Music] what I love about this place is that I have the yaki toadies 10 just right on the street and you can order right on the street because you can like use one of these tables as I’m sitting down right now or they say would you like to walk and eat with it it’s called habit anuki this is beef tongue really nice but the texture is amazing looks so good the juices are still dripping like a Valentine’s Day surprise so tender and warm and might not a good hook for makeup it’s so good I’m gonna eat this really like the sweet soy sauce started in the mid pretty bouncy [Music] [Laughter] because she gave us some so we can eat it right on the street this is toto that’s chicken I just so as you can like it’s almost like really really buttery you can I taste it just slide down here at the broke octopus put a little wasabi on there that is the shiznit look at this tuna lady says that their store is known for their tuna look at how nice and red that is I like eating all of this like my horn happening good actually feel kind of weird eating sashimi on the street Gemara total this year [Music] sorry Minotaur on it we see you like the red regular tuna melts in your mouth it’s as good at Tsukiji one [Music] in front of Yuki there’s always a group of people gathered for their juicy treat Xiao long bao like it’s still hot yeah you sit on ba there’s just so much of juice in here it’s just super hot it just came from the griddle the pan I’m just gonna suck it it’s a really really hot in here you can burn your tongue that is heaven it’s like a nice creamy broth it’s like almost like chicken noodle soup or something tender meat surprise you definitely have to try this what do you come here I like it but I never had this like juicy one [Music] hmm hello mummy Jews is everywhere my face just like the soup and the bottom is like gold crispy I’m gonna do this the best you’ll dump I’ve ever had in my life it’s juicy it’s just perfect Beast I have nothing else to say a small local bakery casino is filled with fun Japanese breads and pastries and I’m throwing down on my favorite beef curry pond this is the unique eat up woody curry pond look at that oh wow it’s still warm to the touch Wow you see all the steam coming from there it’s just so crumbly and you can see the carrots and the chunks of meat in here ah it smells so good it’s so crunchy thumbs like a pot pie I’m gonna eat this all day ah the inside of the curry bun it could be like a really nice but this is the grew asad it’s got a sweetness from the onion you see this big chunk of beef I think it looks gonna be like a ground beef but it’s like a chunk go ahead number five ice cream from Hawaii [Music] Miki speaks English the shop is from Hokkaido they just opened two months ago and this is Carmen bells cheese that really tears that Carmel cheese it’s like kind of cold outside but it’s still so good mm-hmm I don’t know why thought this is gonna be super cold okay it is like T’s oh yeah actually it is a milk – is the gorilla milky and rich [Music] number six Oden from Cotto kamaboko you can smell the broth of the Horde end look at that look at all these goodies inside it’s like a pinata without having to break it open and there’s a little egg in here who’s it on no tamago one of the things I love the most about Odin is it’s a super nice meal on a cold day this happen Odin you can drink the soup afterwards feels like you’re in Japan when you eating this look at that this is very rare too you don’t get a lot of this this is bamboo they’re having this because it’s like spring I think funa funa looking thing is also like a fish cake but it’s like super fluffy it’s like a marshmallow fish gets called hump in marshmallow fish cake I feel like you can eat a hundred of these things it was like eating hair this here is kombu which was the girl’s favorite it’s like a really really hard seaweed if you love seaweed this is this is a ticket yusuji please add this is steam coming off of it this is Michael’s favorite mochi keen Chuck okay I put a lot of mustard on accident Taunton is a BBQ pork Bowl restaurant with an 85-year history and today I’m gonna get this rice ball steak to go [Music] look at that is grilled pork charcoal grilled pork wrapped around a stick of rice ah it’s still hot everybody’s really sticky let that rise it how would you kind of wrapping up in an elite but this time is wrapped in or and it’d be better than that [Music] number eight karaage from cutter agua que [Music] what top ten with is view without cut again look at that ah it’s still hot know what the meat is so tender and moist it doesn’t even need any sauce it’s so good that place is the bomb but this place is the most popular cut out a place in all Street and I can see why it’s beautiful who you are I think the chicken is marinated really well girl the key Sophie I think when you start number nine fried TB na go from Satsuma and Oconee it’s an antenna store from Kagoshima [Music] Wow thank you but he not go maybe that one it’s a small fried fish not so good it’s like a little bit salty mmm the fish is still nice and moist and it really goes like a good snap it would wish I would happen to the beer right now right next to Kagoshima is Fukui Ken pretty awesome I’m rounding out my top ten with this shop that takes salt tasting to a new level so ko is a modern and fashionable salt specialty store you can try 45 different kinds of salt from all over Japan around salt salty are pretty neat though how they have all sorts of different salt taken out from all the different prefectures and there’s like all these like whole different colors like brown green pink [Music] salty I actually can’t tell if your bins agenda insults but it’s like a pretty cool concept and pretty fun just I try honey giddy and there’s like the different salts like this things are like 100 yen you just like try all of them hmm there’s smoke you can actually tell the difference like it’s like it’s like does it taste like it’s been snuffed once again it’s all true all right that concludes my top ten street food ad to go she gives up you guys like this video helped you out and hit that like button if you have any questions or comments leave it in the comment section below and like always if you want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo or throughout Japan hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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    Map is downloadable from my site

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    Wish we had food like that here in the U.S.

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    Greetings from the Netherlands

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    4:00 sorry to correct you, but that is actually SHEN JIAN BAO (pan fried soup buns). xiao long bao are soup dumpings.

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    Sheng jian bao*

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    Hi Paolo. I hope that you are well. I have checked your list and it appears that the first and the second restaurant have been closed. I dont know if you have the possibility to get an updated list.

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    I have a BIG problem with this video … I am now starving :p … can't wait to be in Japan for the Rugby World cup …

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    the intro allready had a bald guy smiling at the camera while calling someone. Damn made my day.

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    What a great video. I never knew about Togoshi Ginza. I will go on a food safari there next time! Thanks for sharing.

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    haha Maiko eating the pork tongue and her fingers slep

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    Hi Paolo. I would like to grab this opportunity to ask you something please. I am starting to look at Natto food and in the UK the only place that I know so far is a Japanese supermarket in London.
    I have read about Natto and there are some concerns that I have got specially with soy beans that might have been GM, that is that are GMOs.
    That said the question that I have for is the following: Is 'Osato Umai Ichiban Natto' a well known brand in Japan? Is is trustworthy? Do you know if they use organic soy beans or are they GMO or a mixture?


  19. PAUL ROBSON says:

    Curry bun is good but some places serve it cold. In Tokyo area at the moment heading to Ginza today.

  20. Camille M says:

    I love your response when you taste something delicious! I can't refrain from an audible "mmm" when sushi and other favorites, or when trying something new…

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    So how annoying is it to order stuff from these places with limited Japanese? Are there signs that I could decipher using Google Translate to help? Just curious. Thanks for the video!

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    Paolo you sounds like you dub in an anime.. 🙂

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    #1 and #2 is permanently closed??? do you know why?

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    Wanted to go to Yebisu, Uokazu & Satsuma No Kuni… They're closed forever, too😭

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    Nuh, buddy, that's not xiao long bao, that's sheng jian man tou. Totally different things.

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    I saw a yakisoba pan on that bread store. I'm having anime feelers just looking at you guys eating.

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    On the last leg of the train right now to hit up the Yakitori spot. Update, it is permanently close. Going to still hunt around the area though.

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    We just went earlier today and was able to find 3/10. Hope to go back to try the 7/10 more. Thanks Paolo!

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