TOKYO VLOGS #26 – Ramen Nel Golden Gai Di Shinjuku (ITA – ENGLISH SUBS)

We are looking for our restaurant.. but It will be a hard work Look at this mess! There are, more or less, 200 mini restaurant in the Golden Gai area, in Shinjuku. This is an absurd neighborhood! These mini bars are full. A steep stairway? It may be this! Our travel guide tells us to follow a red sign and a steep stairway. But its are everywhere! This is another red sign. Steep stairway… another steep stairway! It should be here! Nope. Oh there is another steep stairway Oh God! Nagi! Nagi! Nagi! Look there! NAGI! NAGI! Look where the queue is begin! A bowl for ramen, we are in the right direction, dudes! There is a reason, or not? Yes. This mean that this man is well knowed. We are in queue. They tell us that there might also be to wait an hour Who knows? In the meantime we are already moving on It is a good sign. It will be ten minutes that we are here in queue. We are debating whether this is who is going to cook our ramen In my opinion: no. But her think yes. In my opinion he is only one who put him photo on the wall.. … because he have a smart face. Practically, to order, we have to push this one for standard ramen and then push these for more ingredients. It is very tight Here the sight that we have above the street. One of the many streets in Golden Gai, in Shinjuku neighborhood. Do you see that there isn’t the guy on the poster? Or do you think that he work at the upper management? And here you are, the big ramen! Take a look! I take two slices of pork and an egg more. All of this at the price of 820 yen for standard ramen, 200 yen for the slices of pork and more 100 yen for the egg. Bon appetit! Becauses, Dudes, you have to eat it, you have to bite it, you have to taste it quickly and very fast. Like all Japanese do it here Then, when it is the time of the broth, you have to swallow it and you have to make noise And here in Japan, this behavior, it is considerer like an appreciation. We are slowly to eat the ramen. While we were here, one that came after us, he has already finished I am not joking. They are very fast to eat it.

4 comments on “TOKYO VLOGS #26 – Ramen Nel Golden Gai Di Shinjuku (ITA – ENGLISH SUBS)”

  1. RomaNews says:

    come mangiare il ramen! cavolo bellissimi vlog, li recupero piano piano 😀

  2. MountainD18 says:

    I am subscriber 100! Also liked this video. Congrats on 100 subscribers! You are now part of the 100+ subscribers club. 😀

  3. Kokeshi Licia says:

    Che casino a tirar su quel ramen! hahahaha

  4. ぶり says:

    Ramen "Nagi (凪)" is famous shop. Did you enjoy the ramen?

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