TOKYO VLOGS #7 – L’Ora del The Matcha & Pranzo da Sushi Zanmai (ITA – ENGLISH SUBS)

We went in this tiny house of Japanese tea Where the Matcha tea is maked and matched with one of this sweet but, they are almost all maded with azuki. The read beans that we have already eat in this morning. And so, we have choose to not take its. Licia don’t take anything, she take only the tea. Instead I choose this one, that’s made with chestnut. The place is all this that you see. Matcha tea is arrived With his kit This is Matcha tea I think this is normal tea This is the sweet that I have take There are the informations At first we have to take the sweet and cut it as you prefer In this case, Licia and me will cut in a tiny pieces And It is written that we have to eat it inside the paper First you have to get a sweet taste, because the Matcha tea is very bitter. This is my first Matcha tea of my life It is written to put it, with your right hand, in the left palm And to drink almost all It’s good It’s good beacuse before you ate the sweet You taste the bitter, but it is not excessively It is better with the sweet? Yes. Because she had cheat, obviously. She tasted it before, while me was in wc. Also the tiny knife. The tiny knife, obviously, it is a little piece of wood Do you see you? You cut it with this toothpick It seem a twig And also this, with all things here… it is expensive. It is expensive beacuse, for these two and one sweet, we have spent 1300-1350 yen Here. 1317 That is ten euro. But we have spent ten euro also in this morning I want to take a packet of that With carrots Ah, that packets Yes. Shall we take its? We will see after, it depends how much its. Its expensive, its cost more than 1000 We have to economy, my love, otherwise they destroy us. I eat a sweet. And this? I think this is to drink at the end. There is no information about it. We gonna see later, boys. Goodbye! Goodbye my friends! Oh my! That is bitter! Final cliffhanger You have all your teeths green Me too? All teeths are green. The sign outdoor seems that one of sushi restaurant. I am very happy to come here, because this place is very japanese style Little, silent, all made with wood, the girls at the work bench They bow when they bring you the tea. Here, they are very respectful You will be thunderstruck of their corteousness. But it is difficult to communicate, because previously These young girls struggle to understand me But we have do it. Yes, after all we realized that all was maded with azuki apart from this Cheers! Matcha tea. It is good here. It is good here. There is a red packet with onions I want one of them This is the place seen from outdoor That I think this was a sushi restaurant but I asked to a girl: “Torindo? Torindoo?”. And she answered: “That’s one!” on the other side of the street We come back to Ueno. We took the JR, the elevated section! For the first time. It is quite a mess beacuse I haven’t got a map or better I downloaded it last night with smartphone application, but I don’t use it yet I had one of Tokio Metro in which the JR should be on, but it is full of mistakes. probably, it is another railway. beacause we took the Yama Note Line, now. To come back to Ueno from Yanaka. Here, this is one of the elevated section of the JR, for example. At our right we have the Park of Ueno that we saw in this morning. And now, we come back and we go to eat to Sushi Zanmai. A famous franchaise in all Rising Sun, or so I suppose. I dont’t know that it is famous only in Tokyo… Is it famous only in Tokyo? or is Sushi Zanmai everywhere? In Tokyo, yes. There isn’t a Sushi Zanmai in Kyoto? We ask to folk. Stop someone and ask. I don’t know. They will be in all Japan. We take the responsibility to have say that Sushi Zanmai is everywhere. Yes, Sushi Zanmai is settled in all Japan. The sweets shaped panda. We did it! We are at Sushi Zanmai and here all people shout like mads…. … when a customer go in. In fact now, you will listen them And this is one of the chain store where you can have sushi at moderate price. This sushi set of 13 pieces….. I am more moderate in the cost, so I choose this little bowl, always 13 pieces of sashimi and below there is the rice and this cost the half of this. The price of this is 1400 yen, around 10 euro. And this on is cost 3000 yen. What the slices! Bon Appetit! Are you able to eat all? Moreover it is the first time that we eat sushi from when we arrived in Japan. We have to eat the egg at first Why? Because yes! I have a beautiful slices like yours!

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  1. Kokeshi Licia says:

    Che amaro il the matcha! 🙂

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