Tokyo’s Freshest Sushi | Tsukiji Fishmarket

Eurgh. Stupid alarm clock. It’s 4 o’ clock in the morning. I don’t think I’ve got up this early since… ever. Honestly, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. Today we are off
to explore the world’s largest fish market, It’s often described as
one of the must see things to do in Japan. And though I’ve been a few times before, I’ve never really been
into the market in the morning rush hour But fortunately, a friend who works for a popular sushi chain, has offered to take us in and show us behind the scenes firsthand. So I think, I can justify getting up this early… Just this once. Let’s go. Over 2,000 tons of marine products are
handled at Tsukiji fish market everyday. Due to the dangerously chaotic atmosphere tourists
aren’t actually allowed in until 9am. However, thanks to our friend Mr Kondo,
we were given some magic orange clothing, so we could access the entire market. And almost get run over. It’s like some sort of video game.
Or obstacle course. One wrong move could end in tragedy. Being in here feels like being underwater. The atmosphere is very damp – the air is quite damp.
It’s such a bustling atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere quite like this ever. With the tuna auction due to begin at 5.30,
we headed over early to first inspect the fish. It’s quite weird to be stood right here in the middle,
of literally hundreds of tuna. I’ve seen this on tv and videos and things all the time, but to be here for the first time in person is quite surreal. And it’s such a weird atmosphere Everybody inspecting the fish.
Examining them so thoroughly. In ways that I can’t even begin to comprehend. How many people can you feed with one fish? One sushi….12 grams. One piece of sushi is 12 grams.
How many sushi with that. Maybe 3,000 pieces. 3,000 pieces! With one fish? With one fish? One fish. Woah.
Oh my god. That’s quite a lot! With the buyers having inspected the tuna for freshness and fat content and settling on their price, the bell began to ring signalling the start of the auction. Buyers would quietly show their bid
with a simple hand gesture. The first tuna had been sold in just 10 seconds. Everything happens so fast.
They kind of do that with their fingers
and it’s sold, it’s gone. The auction has been going on for about 6 minutes
and already half of the tuna have been carted off. Off to their new owners to
be chopped up and sold at tasty profit. The largest and most prized tuna came in
at 200 kilograms, and was sold for a remarkable 2.6 million yen. Not surprising given that this one fish could literally feed the 5,000. Having witnessed the most intense
and fast paced auction I’d ever seen, and our tuna being carted off,
it now made sense to go and give the tuna a real send off. So later that evening we headed for Itamae sushi, where we found our friend Kondo san outside,
with his brand new haircut. Along with the catch of the day
and lots of impressed passers by. It’s getting a good reaction from the street.
Everyone’s looking and being amazed. Itamae sushi has a reputation
for having a ruthless pursuit of delicious sushi. Every January the restaurant chain holds a ceremony
to bless their first tuna catch of the year Showing their appreciation to the tuna and
bringing Itamae sushi good fortune throughout the year. A ritual that fish and chips shops
in the UK would do well to consider. And tonight, the restaurant would be holding an event where customers could watch the freshly caught
being skillfully carved and prepared. But before the event we decided to kick things off
with a few pieces of sushi. That looks rather exotic.
Everyone’s taking pictures. Take the picture!
Go on! The speed is phenomenal! And it was all going well until my friend and I were
dared to eat a large shrimp – a large shrimp that was still alive. So they’re bringing out live shrimp for us to eat.
I don’t know if I can actually do it. I’ll just be sick. I was actually quite excited but now I regret it. Shit.。 From excitement to dread. Look at what just arrived. I genuinely don’t think I can eat that. Who is going to be the first to try it? I don’t know how to eat it –
as I supposed to remove the head? After a few minutes
the chef generously removed the head. Oh the tale is moving. Okay ready, 1, 2 , 3. Ah it tastes good. Very good. I feel a bit like Gollum eating that. But it was pretty good.
Once the head had been taken off. But when it was moving around, that was terrifying. But yeah it was alright. Unfortunately though,
it turned out I still had to eat the head. The head…it can’t be edible.
It can’t be edible surely. Which is the best way to eat it.
That way or that way? Eat it all! Look at his little eyes.
He’s saying “Don’t eat me. I was killed 5 minutes ago.” Come on! It’s got a bit of a crunch. Oh fuck me. It’s crunchy. It’s better than I was expecting. Having successfully pretended
to enjoy eating the shrimp – it was time to see the freshly caught tuna being carved. In many ways I’m not sure what was more impressive. Seeing the gigantic tuna being carved up
to reveal the delicious raw meat. Or the overexcited reaction
from the huge crowd of customers. It took 20 minutes to carve the tuna and as the sushi chefs went to work preparing the sushi. We were able to scoop out the
remaining tender raw fish using seashells. No way. He’s scooping it out with a seashell. Look at that. We’re going to scoop the tuna
with this seashell…scoop it out. Wow. It’s really really easy to do. But not when you’ve got a camera under your arm. Very very good. Having waited all day, it was time
to try the freshly caught prepared tuna. Oh yeah!
That’s wahat I’m talking about. That’s brilliant. So good! Such an awesome texture. I need to think of some more adjectives to describe it! Delicious, outstanding, magical, perfect… Like a magic. So that was Itamae sushi
– one of the best sushi restaurants I’ve been to in Tokyo so far. Its absolutely delicious,
I highly recommend going its a chain you can find throughout Tokyo. And it’s so fresh!
Straight out of Tsukiji fish market!. Unfortunately the legendary Tsukiji fish market will be relocating in November 2016, so if you have the chance make sure
you go and check it out before the year is out. Thanks for watching guys –
now let us never speak of getting up, at 4am again. Oh my god.

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    I read a comment on this board by someone that said no reputable restaurant would put a customer at risk of parasites. That they inspect each fish for parasites. I have news for you. All fish have parasites. Just because you don't see a worm doesn't mean they are not there. An adult parasite can be killed just by chewing the sashimi. and Of course it is sliced thin for that reason, to inspect each bite. But the parasites that will get into you are invisible to the eye. Very very small worms cannot be detected by looking. To make sure you don't get infected all you have to do is freeze the fish for about a day. I have had fresh sushi in Hawaii, maybe two hours since it was caught we consumed it. We each had some small bites but the large pieces we grilled. Yes, the fresh was good but it wasn't quite as good had it been aged ten days, the norm. The way they flash freeze fish today doesn't affect the flavor. Even lobster is good frozen. Play it safe and eat thawed raw fish. I don't know why Japan keeps perpetuating this myth about fresh sushi. They all know it tastes better aged.
    BTW, if you do get the chance to eat a piece of raw lobster, try it, sweet and delicious. One thing that is best fresh is salmon roe, no need for freezing, no parasites in it. If it tastes salty it's not fresh. The freshest of roe tastes sugary sweet.

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