Tomato Ramen & Tomato Motsunabe

Hi, I`m Chien Chien with Feel Fukuoka Today, I`m going to introduce you some rare kind of ramen dish. It`s Tomato Ramen Sounds pretty yummy, huh? The restaurant which offers this amazing dish is right behind me and it is called “Sanmi” I`m wondering what it`s going to taste like. Let`s go inside and find it out. Sanmi operates three restaurants and you can find them in Daimyo, Tookaebisu and Koga. First, you have to buy a meal ticket at the vending machine at the entrance. Give the ticket to the staff. Tomato seems to have antioxidant and anti-cancer effect. In addition to that, Tomatoes also have a low calories and a positive digestive effect. You can also order Spicy Noodles. “辛” means spicy or hot. Look at this. You can choose from different levels of spiciness. This is the “Shinsekai” or “New World” level of spiciness Looks pretty hot to me. At Sanmi you can also order this! It`s a menu for all you can drink and eat. It`s very cheap. 3500 yen for men and 3000 yen for women. The time limit is three hours! Good value! There are really tomatoes inside the soup. The broth has a nice tomato smell. And it`s red, which is really rare I think. It looks completely different to normal ramen. Somehow like Italian style ramen. Itadakimasu! I will try the broth first. Yummy! It has a nice tomato flavor. It`s my first time eating soup like that. The noodles are thin. There are various kind of noodles but Hakata is famous for thin noodles. It`s really delicious. The soup and noodles match each other perfectly! There is celery inside. And also pieces of tomato. After you finished eating and there`s still soup left, you can order a risotto made
of your leftovers. Here is your cheese risotto. Cheese flavored! Very delicious. When you post a picture of the restaurant`s food at Instagram, you get
one drink for free. Just post the picture with three or more
hashtags and show it to one of the staff. There is also another special menu. This is the Ganzo Tomato Motsunabe. Amazing! Tomato and Motsu are inside! It`s made with beef offal Looks really good. It has a nice Tomato smell. After pouring some cheese of it, the nabe is ready to be eaten. First, I`m going to try the soup. It has a lighter flavor than the ramen soup. The Motsu is made of high quality Japanese ingredients. It`s really delicious. The soup bases of Motsunabe are mainly soy sauce or miso but Tomato is also very delicious and matches perfectly. Even if you don`t like Tomato that much you should give it at least a try. It`s really good. No matter if you like tomato or not, this restaurant is a place worth visiting. It`s name is “Sanmi” It has three restaurants in Fukuoka. Tomato Motsunabe can be ordered only
at Koga and Tokaebisu branch. I highly recommend you to try Sanmi Tomato Ramen when coming to Fukuoka.

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