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What’s up guys? A couple of days ago we had a very hot weather here in London. We had 39 degrees? – Yeah 39 degrees – Yeah pretty hot, we were literally melting on the spot and since then the temperature dropped by over 20 degrees, it’s only 18 today and we’re feeling like… ramen. – Ramen it is. – Let’s go [Music] In the neighborhood of Tottenham Court Road we decided to wander around central st. Giles the place is easily recognizable from its colorful tall buildings going from green yellow to orange. The piazza offers many restaurants choices, like Korean, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian cuisines and chain cafes. To satisfy our ramen cravings, we opted for Ippudo, a Japanese ramen restaurant chain which is well known for its Tonkotsu ramen. This pork based noodle soup is just what we needed. The restaurant has a bar at the entrance and a nicely decorated open kitchen where you can see the staff bustling with activity. If you would like to visit Ippudo also have two other locations around London: one in Canary Wharf, one near Charing Cross station. The place has a very contemporary vibe and offers a great dining experience. So let’s get started! [Music] [Music] As a starter, we’ve ordered some Hirata buns with pork belly inside. As you can see it’s very very juicy. You can see the fat melting away. In the Hirata bun we have a very nice and thick pork belly slice and a little bit of sauce, a bit of mayo and we have as well some lettuce. Let’s try this! Oh the fat! (giggle) The bun itself is steamed. It’s very soft. Then the pork is melting away… beautiful! Hmm, wonderful! It’s a little bit fat, but the good kind of fat. The lettuce really helps the healthy side of it. Yeah, I recommend this. As a main, I’ve got some Akamaru Special. It’s a very thick Tonkotsu broth, with some special Miso paste and some black garlic oil. I can see as well some chopped green onion, some mushrooms and beautiful slices of more Chashu. Let’s starts with the Chashu actually. It’s a good Chashu, but not as tender as the one we had in the buns. Still decent. Beautiful noodles. Let’s try them. (Slurping) The noodles are not too soft, not too firm just as they should be: Al Dente. And the broth, it should be milky (more slurping) It’s awesooome! It’s like angels tears in a broth! (Giggling) Hmm Let’s mix a little bit so I can have the garlic oil and the sauce. Ooh Mother of Eggs! Wouaaaah Some more of this runny egg. Beautiful I’ve ordered some Tsukemen. It’s a Japanese ramen noodle which is a bit special. It’s a summer dish that consists of cold noodles and a hot broth in a separate bowl. So what you have to do is take some noodles. They’re a bit sticky as you can see. Ooh And if you touch them, they’re like really really cool. Yeah it’s really really icy cold noodles. What you have to do is to take some, dip it into the soup. It’s a really rich thick broth, really piping hot like I’m touching the bowl it’s like (oompf) – be careful. And with that (Slurping) The contrast between the cold of the noodle and the soup, it’s quite good actually! The broth is really rich and savory compared to normal ramen noodle soup. I think it is because of the noodle being outside not soaking in the juice, the broth itself needs to be like very rich, very flavorful. Very good! It’s actually the first time I’m trying it. Since it’s a summer special you can only get it well, in summer. Although ramen is like the staple Japanese food, this one is not too bad! Let’s try the broth. Ooh. Oh! That’s what you call taste! Oh well! Super-flavorful! Oh the richness of the broth, taste of the meat! Hmm, oh my! I understand now why they make like such a small bowl of it, because you don’t need like a huge bowl of it. I think if it’s… if you drink too much soup that’s that rich… might not be good for you. But concentrating goodness in that small bowl, that’s the stuff. I didn’t know but there was actually an egg in there. Pretty nice, nice touch, like it! Ooh it’s filled with broth! Let’s try the egg. And if it’s soaked in that broth, it’s just delicious. Can’t go wrong actually. Put anything into that, you’re sure to get a hit. That piece of chashu there, Heaven! It is so good, you can feel like all the marinade on it. Has been cooking the broth for such a long time, all the juices got sucked into it. When you bite into it, not only it melts in your mouth, but you can feel all the taste of the soup oozing out. Delicious! Wanna taste something super tasty? What is this? Hmm! What is it? It’s fatty and sweet and salty at the same time. – It’s awesome! – I know right? – Is that your chashu? – Yeah exactly! My chashu is actually very really richer in flavor because my broth is like concentrated or full of goodness. Compared to yours, that’s why it’s a different kind of ramen. – Okay, mine is awesome yours is miles ahead mine. How’s the broth? Your broth is awesome! It’s so rich, it could be a sauce. Oh my… do you wanna swap? When I was a child I loved to eat like seaweed, just like that. Plain seaweed as a snack or when I was hungry. ***Crunch*** These are good. Like roasted seaweed. Hmm, that’s the stuff! I love the crispiness of it. I hate it when they go soggy, but these are not good. – These are not good? These are good! These ones are good. Good. GOOD These two bowls of ramen were awesome Tsukemen was amazing! Very tasty, very rich. We hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time. Bye, peace! Actually change of plan! We have a little bit of desserts here. We’ve got some taiyakis from the shop just over there: Chinatown Bakery. Thank you! Little fishy. I have mine ***Ding*** Nice little desserts. There’s a bit of custard inside. Hmm, nice little snack! Bye! [Music]

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  1. Jeremiah Cook says:

    You guys are so cute haha 🙂

  2. Sihame Bikbi says:

    Hey hat boy, you traumatised the fish! 🤣
    Your video is quite informative, I’ve been to Ippudo before (love it) but never realised all the different flavours and ingredients I’ve eaten.
    You guys know all the names of all the ingredients – impressive! 🙂

  3. Far From Home Adventures says:

    Winter is approaching! How about a bowl of ramen?

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