Top 10 Most Expensive SUSHI In The World

22 comments on “Top 10 Most Expensive SUSHI In The World”

  1. Jonthan Patterson says:


  2. Dark Cruiser says:


  3. Alfie O hanlon says:

    First babble top

  4. Chazzy 123 says:


  5. BULLETCLUB 72 says:

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Jitzy Skayla says:


  7. Super smash fighter777 says:

    Holy smoke 🤯

  8. Just a sprinkle of Geniya says:

    I’m the 16th like btw…… I LOVE YALL❤️

  9. Verdean Brown says:

    So I can waste all my life savings for raw fish!

    well yes but actually no

  10. Lil ta says:

    We still dating?

  11. Tridon says:

    Ahhh yes fish

  12. Rafael Cameron says:

    I don't like sushi and I'm not wasting my money on raw fish 👍 or comment if you don't like sushi

  13. Wilson Lam says:

    I never want to hear the word omakase again

  14. 摩天楼オペラ says:

    Top 10 yet you didnt put prices. Fail.

  15. Gabriel José Bernardo Santos says:

    0:17 seriously the video didn't even begin and there's a jojo reference

  16. jamie Sutherland says:

    You forgot Tetsuya's Restaurant in Sydney Australia he is the best

  17. Viet Truong says:

    Oh mock ka say… 💀


    If you want great seafood, live near the coast. I can gold plate a turd, and sell it to you anywhere.

  19. AVA Always says:

    Japan is top notch at pretentiousness

  20. Breezy says:

    I do not understand the point of buying gold and eating it. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a luxury item to end of in the toilet.

  21. mike hunt says:

    another top ten channel that steals all the lists from some other website… hooray!

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