TOP 10 Must-Try FOOD in a JAPANESE Convenience Store

so in this video I’m gonna show you my top 10 convenience store food in Japan [Music] how’s travelers coming to Japan I know people want to go to all these different cool restaurants and shops and go out but sometimes you just want to stay in the hotel or maybe the Airbnb and just have a snack as a local I’m gonna show you my favorite can be any food that I buy when I go home and just want to chill all right let’s get started it’s come on curry pan number 10 fried curry bun from daily pon means bread and Japanese daily is owned by a big bakery company called Yamazaki usually convenient store sell pre-made packaged bread but daily does it with a freshness so I just heated it up a little bit put it on the toaster it’s actually got a little bit burned a little bit still freaking ready to go let’s just open this bad boy up now there’s a strong strong curry smell it’s a little bit oily like you can tell us well it’s coming from my fingers I just know that it’s been fried and pride and for I want enough it’s amazing it’s almost like like a donut really really crispy fried donut with curry inside and if you like fried food and you like hurry then you’re definitely gonna love this thing no need to haul in the oneness I’ll clip it on there like I can hear how crispy it is super super crispy like a thin crust you would think this is really heavy cuz like fried it is oily but it’s super light curry is really good serious you’re like a sweet Japanese curry which I really like look look look for divine on that what about it I get it didn’t you go hmm number nine eat CUDA onigiri from Lawson what I like about Lawson is that they also have a health-conscious line of food and check out these healthy packaged side dishes and Lawson farm vegetables yes they have their own farm so there’s so many types of onigiri in all the different companies this one is actually Michael’s favorite I’m not much of an onigiri fan because she recommended it this is gonna make our top 10 list now this in fact is one of those more premium ones and there’s 100 in Tony giddy this one is 162 yen which is kind of like a great above it comes in a spring in package what else can you ask for it little insider tip this line of onigiri usually uses koshihikari rice from Niigata it’s like the rice version of Wagyu beef there’s so much you could in here gonna take one half and eat it and give the other half to Mike on let’s take a bite of this look at that I love how the equator just like pops in your mouth and then all of that the juices and the flavor just like burst and explode a little like saltiness of the equitable you would think that the rice and the seaweed would like really be bad but still pretty fresh so usually the seaweed wraps and rice are packaged separately to keep it crisp like this I guess this is why like in Japan people love on EGD you know if you need a snack you just pick up annointing idiot so you like put it in your pocket put it in your bag and then like an hour later when you get hungry just like eat it it’s like the one of the most convenient foods here in Japan it’s like better than should I say a sandwich so this is my favorite it’s like go-to and I don’t know what to get mm-hmm good up it’s not really like put your pudgy but um it’s really like mild I think it’s marinated it’s really mild and like this rich base it’s like soaked into the rice it’s just so good a lot of like different company does sell it we don’t get it but this place is the best one and this premium package makes me feel better number eight side dishes from Family Mart Family Mart is my comfort convenience it always has something I want their hot deli always shows up plus they’re known for unique side dish is called okaasan shokudo which means Mama’s kitchen all right what’s also cool about convenience stores is you don’t need to get you know the full meal deal you can actually get some little Kaiser’s for just snacking and maybe even drinking I wanted to show you my favorite this is spicy iike which is spicy squid and this is now coarser yucky look at that it’s its own freaking tray it’s amazing so ingenious but it wouldn’t be complete without a beer the thing is right now I’m not really drinking so much so I wanted to tell you guys about my little secret Suntory all free hmm I’ve tried other non-alcoholic drinks this one is my favorite so if you ever come to Japan and you’re looking for a non-alcoholic beverage Suntory all free is the freakin bomb mmm look you can see the cartilage there’s like some meat there – oh the cartilage I love cartilage it chewy crunchy right it’s like one of those really salty salty snack so they put the peppers it with the salt and it just goes well with the freaking beer and then let’s try the squid mmm really soft and they’ve added kind of like a pepper to it by the Chili Peppers so it’s a little bit fuzzy but not so much and this is still really really moist up you can see it’s like dripping so I used to get this little side dishes when I’m not that hungry but I do have to eat something for dinner like afterward you know we have a lot of pepper and so sleep is perfect for Pierre doesn’t stop Christian nuggets on it this is you can stop good like my mom used to make the broiler for like long hours and like the taste is like suck picking the meat so good it’s not Sophie at all it’s like yeah I see like nice homemade kind of taste number seven oh yeah codone from 7-eleven so 7-eleven is definitely the largest convenient chain in Tokyo and recently they’ve upped their variety game I mean look at all these scrumdiddlyumptious treats [Music] definitely smell the chicken in this one you can also smell the no D that’s nice and kind of melted when we cooked it it looks still pretty good it’s what’s nice is like to keep the rice fresh they have a little like this tray for just the meat and the egg and for the sauce and then after you cook it and you take the toppings and then you put it on top of the rice all right I can eat chicken all day so no matter what it has chicken in I’m probably gonna love it hmm then chicken is nice and tender it’s it’s not breast meat it tastes more like thigh meat which I really love I really love dark meat the meat isn’t dry at all the egg is pretty nice itself man I really like the smell of like this Japanese home cooking kind of smell like a mass mmm mmm I just had like a really good bite mr. Park has a lot of yoga me Nippon the niche niche a step on it yeah Chiquita has a strong taste ah no wonder like everything else was it really like a light flavor but like that’s to go with this like strong taste chicken which it’s really good no I’m gonna buy dinner from no no good next give it to me Oh Dan number six Oden from Lawson every convenience Oden in the winter but Lawson is my favorite because I love their selection and the soup dashi is light yet rich one of the things I really like about Lawson is it has a lot of toppings that you can actually get to it it’s all free for example you have green onions you have a yuzu Kosho kadhai she looks like a mustard yeah yuzu which is kind of like a citrus taste to it Deli sauce smoked kun say miso Tata so I’m gonna put some musical show what’s nice is they have this lip right here to put your sauces and then let’s put some karashi I love yakitori one of my favorite things in your catotti is says sette and they actually have says Sethi at this Lawson check this off so Sethi is actually the neck part of the chicken and it’s super good because it’s in the odor they’re just soft and tender and I also like scoonie it’s like kind of like a chicken meatball mm-hmm it’s super juicy and then when you bite into it you can feel like the little cartilage little crunchy parts and so I really really love that part of it all right let’s try that with a yuzu mmm it’s good to have the user – all right so let’s taste the soup so it’s kind of like a fish broth it’s very very light so you know it’s not doesn’t overpower all of the ODE in here slowly cooks over time so all of the juices from all the different pieces blend in together and mixed together so you kind of get like this interesting and delicious wouldn’t taste I also picked up a fish cake with gobo root and Chicka wah a bamboo shaped fish-paste cake all right so let’s take this and dip it into the Karachi which is a mustard get that in there you can see mm-hmm a little kick run the mustard really good tofu I love it I just love how you can get all of this food at the convenience store it is so convenient really convenient I’m Don Jon I missed it yeah it’s like you know the way back in the bottom I think my favorite Gordon is daikon so like Mesa they use not have missile intercarrier only in Aichi cuz that’s how we eat mighty I’m for my team but like maybe I think it’s getting more common [Music] honest opinion you don’t like it you say no it’s good number-5 menchi-katsu from Lawson so I love Lawson’s fried food karaagac hoon is delicious roasted chicken hits a spot but like the kid who sends money home I love men she cuts in the most like of that it’s just golden-brown still warm to the touch it’s actually kind of like hefty pretty heavy like you can feel like this is going to be like very very filling so crispy I’m gonna build a crunch and you can see the juice is still flowing inside it’s like so juicy I can just suck the juices out super soft and you can taste this is just a little bit sweet follow that melt there’s nobody oh wow it’s super soft usually like a mint you cut too but meat is packed in but like it’s really soft like almost gooey looks good mm-hmm good taste the onion and black pepper it’s a really flavorful I really like it I usually don’t like ride food at conveniently it’s always like really creepy but this is a really crispy number four carbonara from 7-eleven ah I feel like I’m smelling a lot of cheese and butter I’m gonna smell the bacon too and it’s kind of like that pepper bacon ah so excited for this one when you first bought this you look like a bunch of cheese on pasta and now that we’ve heated it up you can see that’s melted and kind of liquefied a little bit let’s take the first bite Wow look creaming hmm when the bacon is really nice with it too you can touch a little bit salty but I think that’s kind of accept expect it well I just got all of myself so I have a problem with getting all of my choice it almost tastes like there’s just a lot of different cheeses in here so it’s like really hard to tell it’s really good and when you’re at home who my favorite have asked us us maybe just a little bit of pepper but definitely you can taste the calories in here this is not the healthiest meal but still pretty good this fellas most favorite pasta I’m gonna eat it’s a good choice that you put the Tabasco in there a little kick bacon no so holy I hate oily bacon you really meaty smoky number three men taiko carbonara who don’t from Family Mart as you guys can see I love carving our up but this one is a little bit different because this is food Oh noodles which is very very Japanese and it has some meant ICO you can actually smell the mint ICO a little bit but you can actually smell the cheese even more and was super cool is you just put that egg there’s an onsen tamago which means that it’s half cooked egg and you just drop it in there and you mix it inside and then it creates this like awesome master I love how the meant ICO mixes in well with an egg and then you have the Carbonaro cheesy sauce and then a new donor the thick noodles I also like the little pieces of bacon and adds meat flavor to it which is nice delicious I like dieudonné especially the one at Family Mart it’s like safe noodle – by going in New York super cheesy I don’t really do cement back home I’ve been much it the noodles out then there Alicia can taste more maple oh hi mister – tanta that was a really good number to get a katsu sandwich from Family Mart here a katsu Sando it’s really nice cuz it comes in like this premium wrapping there was actually two different here that cuts through the sandwiches there was just a regular one and this is a premium one look it inside see the heated cuts it there’s a pretty freakin thick piece it’s actually cold to the touch it just came from the refrigerator section so I mean it’s not super cold but you’re not actually supposed to heat this up which it says in the package so let’s take the first bite like a big freakin vitamin [Music] hmm it has a layer of the country sauce which is a little bit sweet but then you have the bread layer which kind of not balances out the taste and then the meat is really thick it’s not so juicy but it is like very meaty this will fill you up it’s almost like a gut bomb suanne your salsa coughs ah if by salsa liked it hmm let the sauce it’s the Shires worst worst – Cyrus off worst desire sauce where is this entire sauce we’re good sisters oh yeah and that’s really good outer layer is like soaking back all the sauce the cockles pretty crispy – and number one fried chicken from daily I love fried chicken so every community has their own version of fried chicken this is from daily what a lot of people say is that bummy chicky is the best chicken in all of the convenience stores but my favorite is actually from daily I would say that Fahmy chicky is actually pretty freakin good but I kind of like the daily fried chicken a little bit better that daily fried food selection is a so freaking big so when I want to get my fried food on I go today Lee [Music] oh no it’s and juicy it’s nobody it’s so delicious it doesn’t even need any sauce they just eat it just like this it’s really good amazing paint like ten were these okay so I don’t really care about fried chicken but all it’s good right is bad tasty outer layer you can see like spices mixed in so that’s probably like well the flavor is coming from which is pretty good I like it all the way to the bone no soldiers left behind so that wraps up my top 10 favourite combini food now obviously it’s not as healthy and if you were to make it yourself and it maybe you could probably make better food on your own but if you’re in a pinch and you just want to try some Japanese food you don’t have a lot of time and convenience store food is pretty friggin convenient so if you like this video help me out and hit that like button if you have any questions or comments leave it in the comment section below and like always if you want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo and in Japan hit that subscribe button I’ll see you guys soon

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