Top 10 Things to DO in Chofu & Tokyo Stadium | Rugby World Cup Japan Guide Series

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

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    Toe-Kyo Shirt Merch –
    Chofu Map Download –

  2. YellowMen USA says:

    Thumb'yokyo! Love the vids, man! Arigatoe!

  3. AwesomeAdam From 2099 says:

    That s so my favorite thing to do .

  4. what the fuck says:

    where’s part 2 of naruto theme park you ugly fuck

  5. CountryDevil: Bill Donovan says:

    Awesome sauce man!!

  6. Froi and Geri - Hong Kong Travel Guide says:

    That park with the airport nearby is a cool place to chill! 😊

  7. 3 Sisters and a Camera says:

    Next time we visit…def must see!

  8. Lily Davenport says:

    Love all the Kitaro stuff! He’s so cute

  9. Jade Cummings says:

    Very interesting video, man! 😉👍

  10. Justin janvier says:

    Where is the drunk outtakes.

  11. Chad Lauderbaugh says:

    Happy birthday 🍺🍺🍺🍺

  12. Simon Manikkam says:

    I love your videos man. You make me want to go back to Japan.

  13. tamiya frog says:

    Interesting vid cool.

  14. Amy Arakaki says:

    I love all of your videos, they are so informative😊

  15. Rion Ishida says:

    Yes ! 17:24 premium malt’s!
    That’s the beer you need to try when you come to Japan😆!!

  16. Randy Little says:

    Hey you need to find the Best Okinawan Soba in Tokyo.

  17. Lefty Momo says:

    Chofu station looks so different from when I used to go there about 20-25 years ago!!! Mushanokouji Saneatsu Memorial Museum is my favorite place in Chofu. It has such a peaceful garden.

  18. ASAI CANNEL says:


  19. Grace Lopez says:

    What’s a junky ramen❓🤔 😋😛

  20. Não é minha culpa que não sou popular says:

    queria tanto ir para o japão ;_;

  21. astroboy3507 says:

    All looks yum to me!!

  22. tarkineWild says:

    Go Wallabies

  23. Cassy Dane says:

    The onsens are they only separate by gender? Do they have for private use?

  24. Nobu. says:

    Please come to Tama Center, and you can meet Hello Kitty 🙂

  25. Elon Betham says:

    Thanks a lot now I know what to do when I’m there to watch the rugby World Cup 🤟🏽

  26. jay d. says:

    I miss Maiko saying Itadakimasu before eating a meal. 🙂

  27. Christopher Pappas says:

    Paolo, you didn't say which one of the three brews you thought was the best?? This is the scoop I needs to knows bro!! Thanks for yet another marvelous video:) ☮🙃🐱

  28. 1981cherokee1 says:

    Paolo, can you take us to a Japanese baseball game. The tradition, foods, etc..

  29. しゃもじ1974 says:


  30. H351gbgone says:

    Please do a video about ikekebukuro please

  31. Amin Jalil says:

    Yes! Definitely an olympics guide

  32. Mari says:

    FREE BEER! Genuine happiness right there!

  33. D J says:

    Great video again. I’ve not been to the area but will visit try visit next time. 🙏

  34. Premananth R says:

    Please let us know the great habits of Japanese people tradition and good attitude culture. I heard many like filling water for friends, keeping money in tray, encouraging friends. like that. Let us know the great tradition.

  35. scrambledegg81 says:

    7:18 #DATSLURP

  36. 如月翠姫 says:

    Nice. Because I live near Chofu.

  37. K.james Carters says:

    welcome back to form! I know you had marriage, honeymoon and a lot of BIG changes, but these are the ones I like seeing.

    Hand drawn map of dubious scale ✔️
    Fried Chicken ✔️
    Another place i need to visit ✔️

  38. Andrea Barcia says:

    I only went to jindai Temple, it's beautiful ! But I will return to see the rest! I didn't knew that suntori was near!

  39. Real Space Hobo says:

    Being a Rugby fan of course I was stoked – I still dig your hair btw…:-)

  40. Jennifer O. Badilla says:

    Amazing and well detailed video..❤️❤️❤️ i miss your street food videos…

  41. Ian Paul Saligumba says:

    Your videos makes me want to visit Japan 😭 Still saving up for this dream destination 😍

  42. ALLESIO SNENS says:

    Looks like very nice area to live

  43. Silver Kiba says:

    Hello pablo,love all of your video.i miss going back to japan.if you have time,could you make a halal food video guide around tokyo.thx

  44. Kettle Korn says:

    Good guide video! That soba and ramen look soooo good…😊

  45. MrMamba45 says:

    Please keep going with the RWC info!!! Stadiums, transport, activities, food and japan in general as an Aussie who is spending a small fortune to visit japan for 34 days for the RWC all info is appreciated. Your videos rock by the way!!!!!

  46. Maha Kali says:

    Whoa, you put a lot of effort in that video 😍
    I like that style ❤ you give me the feeling like I'm with you right there 😊
    The shrine and the area around were my favourites!

  47. T_ Sison37 says:

    I love when you show places from outskirts of Tokyo. And because of that 😎👍🏻👍🏻✨ keep up the good work Mr. Paolo.

  48. Lone Soulja says:

    Want to visit Japan because of your videos

  49. Willson Ize says:

    This place looks really good just a bit away from Tokyo but really chilled thanks for this your videos always feel like we are seeing something secret 👍😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧

  50. rhetoricru says:

    You saved the best for the last. My wife and I went on the Suntory brewery tour. As you said, the end is the best. My wife doesn’t drink, so I had the duty of drinking all the samples. Yummy! But they do kick you out quickly. See if you can find Suntory’s Premium Malt’s Black beer on tap. It is delicious!! They do not sell Suntory beer in California.

  51. Eric Vega says:

    Thank you for the amazing videos because of you I truly want to go to Japan 🇯🇵

  52. Charles Yoo says:

    You don't need mobal sim card you just need to data roam from your provide (Vodafone) much cheaper

  53. J DMG says:

    Your videos are amazing I watched them all while I was in Japan and it only made my experience that much better.

  54. litongtong says:

    Top 10 soba noodles

  55. Gocapture create says:

    If Jindaiji is near, I guess that mean kichijoji is near by too?

  56. Metal Deff says:

    Now that your married can we have Paolo & Maiko from TOKYO… Just a thought.

  57. Captain Catch says:

    I'm digging those pink Nikes bro!

  58. Eric Bloxsom says:

    More of these videos with off the beaten path locations. This was SO cool to learn about!

  59. Dannos Dive says:

    You need to go to a baseball game….

  60. Jayasiri Hewage Don says:

    are there any football games in december?

  61. John and Malie says:

    Paolo, your guides for Japan are so comprehensive yet very straight forward to follow. This video is no different – Thank you for sharing. It's really making us miss Japan right now

  62. Code Deb says:

    Chofu looks like a really nice place to visit with lots to do. I would love to visit the Tokyo area and not have to stay, and spend all of my tome in, in the crowded downtown!

  63. Heartthrob Heart says:

    Love your videos !! And I love visiting Tokyo every year!!

  64. YnnyY&nne OilRyser says:

    Longer videos please…these are such an escape.

  65. the 8th hokage says:

    Will you make the 2nd part of Naruto theme park please?🙏🏻

  66. ReiHenka says:

    going to to tokyo in a week, love your tips and vids

  67. Compact says:

    Can you do a video at the Sailor Moon store in Harajuku?

  68. Gracia TV says:

    mobal sim seems to be cheaper than japanese sim.. will get it..thanks so much! will be there for rugby.

  69. Agigi PS says:

    Hello Paolo! I send to you a gift package from Cyprus, according to the tracking number the package is in tokyo, i wanted to ask if you got it, thank you!

  70. Kris Detobel says:

    Nice video's. In one of your video's i saw a sponsor of you, a free voicetranslator, that also can read text. But dont find it back. Can you send me the name of that app ?
    kind regards and thanks

  71. Megan Fox says:

    I am feeling so great again, another top up of $54,948 from jasonanonymoushacker.

  72. Diego Bergia says:

    Hey Paolo! Have you done a video about arcades in Tokyo? Old school and new school video game arcades?

  73. Alex Couger says:

    I’m going to Japan in a week and I have purple hair and I just wanted to know if it is in anyway offensive. I would appreciate any advice would be great.

  74. ninjatep says:

    Hi Paolo! Just discovered your channel yesterday and have been binge watching your videos, they’re very informative and I love the maps you created to make sightseeing so much easier! 😁💕

    Off topic question, but how do people in Japan feel about filming inside shopping centres/restaurants? Do you get told to stop often or even kicked out of establishments? I don’t plan on uploading any online, it’s more for personal use.

  75. San Diego Tropical Garden says:

    Great Channel, Love your videos on Japan life. Just subbed + Liked. I have been to Japan many times and I love Cherry Bloom season. Hope you can check out my channel, I am planning to upload a video of my upcoming trip to Mexico and visit Dragon Fruit fields. I hope you can comment on my Mango and GEM avocado videos. THANKS !!

  76. Nathan Prescott says:

    Are you a Filipino or Brazilian?

  77. TheGameKam says:

    "So the shrine is know to have spiritual, educational qualities"

    Picks bull statues' nose

    This is the content I'm subscribed for.

  78. Adelle A says:

    Wow you really improve a lot with your voice modulation…

  79. Ki Neko says:

    Thanks for your great local videos!
    I also have a question about the Onsen: Are there options for couples, like private bath?
    Btw I am from Bavaria and our glasses a bigger loool

  80. Rosaline says:

    I used to live in Tama while I attended Tokyo university of foreign studies, and from my dormitory room I had a view of the airport and park. Seeing it made me feel so nostalgic <3 Thanks for making such lovely videos!

  81. YoureNowOnTV says:

    Thank you for all the video's you've made and uploaded. I only found your channel this morning and have watched quite a few and they are really well made. I do find your hand gestures somewhat distracting at times. Gestures are great for emphasis, but not always while you're talking or at the end of each sentence since it distracts the viewer from the things that are going on around you in each shot. Keep up the good work, looking forward to watching more!

  82. M T says:

    Even though I’m Japanese, your videos always make me wanna visit places you introduce!

  83. Pheng Ov says:

    Good to visit Japan for rugby world cup, hope the all blacks nz team wins 🙂

  84. Pheng Ov says:

    Cha su in ramen so different to the Cantonese version, prefer the chinese version has way more flavour.

  85. McHaggis Chuckie says:

    You're the first vlogger I've stumbled over who's started to cater for the RWC visitors. Nice work.

  86. Sue Chun says:

    I had such of a hard time following your directs to the onsen…everyone told me there wasn't one in the area.

  87. Krzysztof Hadala says:

    Awsome journey Paolo! Places to visit, restaurants . Brewery was ok 👌 I wish I could have a pint 🍺

  88. Loretta Liu says:

    This video is helpful coz I will be in Tokyo for the rugby olympics!!

  89. Sabbir Hossain says:

    Do a video about karaoke.

  90. Debanjan Chatterjee says:

    Hey Paolo! Excellent video … i live near Chofu area and I didn’t know these places exist. Great Stuff !! Can you guide me through the Suntory Brewery reservation. The website seems to be in Japanese.

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