Top 10 Things to DO in SHIBUYA Tokyo | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

    Map is downloadable from my site
    My Top 5 Bars in Shibuya –

  2. Ahrold says:

    Hi. What camera are you using? Thanks

  3. CR1T1CALHITZ says:

    3:11 that scared me

  4. Darryl Covill says:

    Just did a trip to Shibuya and went to the conveyor belt sushi on the video was the best ever great recommendation loved it

  5. Natasha Fonseka says:

    Im currently taking notes from your videos. would recommend keeping the text on the vidoes a little longer and writing out the names of the resturants you mentioned. Great job!

  6. Adolf Trump says:

    Kh3 anyone?

  7. Norberto Flores says:

    Bro, been saving all your videos. This will give ideas about where to go when we go there in June!!! Keep making awesome videos and love the logo on your shirt too "TOE-KYO".

  8. jacky h says:

    Your videos are very informative and well formatted. Thank you for taking the time to provide the Google map link, this is really helpful in planning our trip to Tokyo. Keep it up!

  9. ALICIA ALDIS says:

    Love your energy! Where can I find gakugyo Joju in either Shibuya or Shinjuku?

  10. East meets West says:

    I miss Shibuya so much 😭😭😭

  11. Raegan Vansandt says:

    Hi Paulo, great videos! We're visiting Tokyo for the second time next month. Can you please tell me about the Shibuya conveyer belt sushi at Seibu? Is it in the basement, or where inside can I find it? Also, the best sushi in Shibuya we were told was the place in Mark City called Midori Sushi – thoughts? Thanks!!!! Keep up the good work!

  12. Molly’s Sims 4 World says:

    my favorite part about Shybiau is da restaraunts

  13. leeyoonhin says:

    I would like to see top 10 things to do in Osaka

  14. Jenny Nguyen says:


  15. bxrried says:

    IS THAT YAMAZAKI KENTO AT 8:19 ?????????

  16. Susan Yuen says:

    I like the videos you posted. Is there one with direction guide? Like how to get to the popular district via train/subway?

  17. Andi L says:

    Don Quijone
    Tokyu Hands

  18. Dorito69 says:

    Thank you for doing such a great video and adding the maps in the description. I'll be going today and exploring with this video as my guide. Great job!

  19. Ch shakeel Shakeel ashraf says:

    I will come to Japan next week, and I will see the natural beauty of japan also shop there, Japanese people are Sooo Polite and kind Hearted people

  20. Ken Jingu says:

    Small Youtubers? Lets help each other.

  21. Benny Ang says:

    Paolo, are the izakaya at the 2nd floor of Niku Yokocho smoking place? Will be traveling with a kid this april. Thanks

  22. LA Gem says:

    Thanks, Pao. I will watch your Shibuya Tour over and over until i am there come May 14, 2019.
    Sumimasen, are you a full bööded filipino?

  23. Antonella Dell'Oca says:

    i'm a cabin crew and im going to tokyo for a day tomorrow, so I will be doing this. Thank youuu!

  24. Fatima Olive says:

    Paolo great videos love your site. Planning a trip right now and this is so helpful. quick question the Shibuya map i downloaded doesnt match the one on the video. Is the one on the video available else where?
    and thanks again!!!

  25. Gerok Jenkins says:

    I finally decided I wanna try moving to japan in a couple years. Thanks to your videos I learned a lot about japan. Hope to see ya maybe

  26. Rina Cimi says:

    Wow youre great wish you would do videos like this for every country in the world!! Thailand next please 🙂

  27. nareeeely says:

    I screen shot your maps before I go the area. lol

  28. Lucky Strike says:

    Thnx a lot for sharing. Japan is on my nr1 spot of countries I want to visit and especially Tokyo always fascinated me. Thnx for the tips as well

  29. Josep Llop says:

    im starting a travel vlog, and going to Kyoto, kanazawa, hiroshima, osaka and Tokyo. And i already watched ALL your Tokyo videos. I'd love to check something like this in Kyoto. You have any recommendation ? cheers!

  30. Junior and Joyce Sanchez says:

    New subscriber! Thanks for all your tips. My husband and I are planning to take trip to Japan in a couple years. Can’t wait super excited 😬😬😬😁

  31. ツ ColdPirate •ω• says:

    "It Even Has Grown-up Toys"
    Made Me Laught AF

  32. Meat Motorsports says:

    i went to the VR station and did the racing game and set the overall top record lap time haha
    10/10 would reccomend

  33. Terry Paull says:

    Glad I found your channel…..tomorrow – Japan for 3 weeks!

  34. Tokyo Viking says:

    Very well done!!!

  35. Iyay Iyay says:

    Hi paolo 😘😍😍

  36. Super Man says:

    Wow that oyster is huge!

  37. jrent52000 says:

    shibuya got lots of hot japanese women

  38. May Bertoldo says:

    Where is the best but affordable place to stay in Shibuya for 5-7 days?

  39. JS says:

    Cant't wait to visit Japan again, cheers

  40. Stephanie Sanchez says:

    Literally my itin for 1st day lol

  41. Toshifumi Sakurai says:


  42. Rodrigo Aguilar Benignos says:

    SHIBUYA IS THE BEST!!! and i've been to shibuya

  43. Haf Su says:

    Planning to go in tokyo! Do u have some cheap hotels recommendation in shibuya?

  44. Emma Hamilton says:

    I've been to the skewer shop its INCREDIBLE!! there is also authentic Taiwanese COCO Fresh Tea & Juice, aka bubble tea, and in my opinion it is the best bubble tea in the entire world. Out of every country I have been to I have tried hundreds of bubble teas, and this is the best.

  45. bonny juta says:

    i realy miss japan

  46. Amy Zheng says:

    I love your videos! They are so helpful for when I go to Tokyo this summer.

  47. burntgrilledcheese says:

    Great video! …I'm going to need a printable version of this map. haha

  48. Abby Halterman says:

    I love your videos, i was wondering if you had/ could do one on how to get from the Tokyo train station to the main city? i want to plan a trip, but i wouldn't know how to get around. i have never been and really want to go.

  49. Eva Wong says:

    Going to Tokyo next week and got so much information from your videos. Thank you! Plus you are so much more fun to watch then the other peeps here! :- ) Kudos!

  50. Steven Kimball says:

    My man! I went to Japan last month and your videos truly helped out. I stayed in Shibuya, Gion Kyoto, and Dontonburi. I had a serious blast and your videos kept me from falling into Golden Gai traps (many thanks!). Seriously keep up the amazing stuff and thanks for all of the tips on Japan. Blessing from the USA

  51. Max Maejima says:


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  53. Raphael Barreda says:

    I have that same shirt from Uniqlo! Lost it tho but it was actually my favorite shirt for a while

  54. Jesiela Gripo says:

    Ran into you while exploring the streets of Shibuya just this morning but was too shy to say Hi 😂😂😂 Watched your vlogs before we went to Japan.

  55. Patrick Tawora says:

    My partner and i are thinking of going to Tokyo this year. Is Shibuya a good place to make base? Obviously we want to explore all of Tokyo but is Shibuya somewhat in the middle of it all?

  56. Khristophesaurus Dinosaurus says:

    3:11 MMMMMM


    Shibuya is trash, the only good thing to do there is the recofan, they have an awesome selection in that one.

  58. Yosuke Hanamura says:

    Did he go to Yongen? Better try LeBlanc!

  59. SuperMarioMC says:


  60. Aaron Kyi says:

    Imagine. He talked straight without rest all through in this 28 minutes video. XD

  61. Stefania Ogun says:

    It's like a little mouse …..yeah sure hahahaha

  62. Timmothy Kuss says:

    Kon'nichiwa. Hello i appreciate all the videos i am planning a trip to japan in the next year or so. Is there any chance there is a guide that i can hire for any of the city's? Or would you like to be my personal guide? Last question what would be a good amount of cash to bring for 4 weeks

  63. Stan Ford says:

    Katsumidori for kaiten sushi was really good. The seafood was fresh and surprisingly very affordable. Going to miss this place. There is nothing like this in California.

  64. YuriOnEdge says:

    I don't think I would want to go to a place called womb…

  65. Brian Q says:

    Here in Japan with the fam. We just left Kyoto and are heading to Tokyo. Your videos are amazing for planning. Can’t wait to visit a bunch of the places you recommend in Tokyo.

  66. MCまっさん says:

    I’m Japanesewww

  67. ugowoundo says:

    Where do we meet good looking girls…… Errrh… The womb lol

  68. Leonardo Fernández says:


  69. M ZG says:

    i wish my legs were as smooth as paolo's

  70. persianOUTKAST says:

    @2:20 … you go to Yoyogi but you don't mention the massive flea market? or the Rockabilly dancers?
    Flea Market :
    YoYogi Event Calendar :
    Rockabilly Dancers :

  71. Desy Natalia says:

    The gold taste like….ehmmmm taste of my life…😅

  72. Linas Kvedaras says:

    I want that t shirt

  73. ACE of PRO bro says:


  74. K K says:

    Taste like my life. 😂

  75. Jared Ward says:

    My wife and I are traveling to Japan in September and I am wondering, do we have to have a reservation for all Izakaya? I know the most popular I am sure, but I don't want my trip to be planned out minute by minute sometimes the best fun is simply stumbled upon.

  76. Mary McReynolds says:

    The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce should pay you for your city tour videos. This is a fun, vicarious intro to a city that would pulverize my sensibilities with its immense size and plethora of choices. Thank you for showing us.

  77. Just Some Lunatic Without a Mustache says:

    I love how people there just continues to mind their own business while you vid yourself unlike here who just needs to stop and wave and point and whisper like, oh look, a camera!


    Konti lang ba chismoso diyan? Parang gusto ko na talagang lumipat diyan a.

  78. Ethan Linton says:

    i neve have seen a black japanese

  79. Tokyo777 mark says:

    Hahahahha this guy look like "Bert" from sesame street!!!

  80. 毎駒 says:

    青学あたり には💔💔💔
    なんどか 行ったこと あるけど
    昔なので 墓地感 強い(笑)

  81. Red X Willz says:

    Chillin hookah bar!

  82. Ashish Gupta says:

    Thank you for the video im going to visit all of these stops on my JULY 19 Trip

  83. sidnei santos says:

    I love awesome!

  84. Lia’s Life Diary says:

    Is anyone Japanese in the 8-14 age range? I need friends ;-;

  85. Luke Harnett says:

    Paolo, how is it that you're not fat?

  86. Daniel Delago says:

    Thanks for the tips on where to shop for souvenirs. I'm going to check it out this week before I leave Tokyo. I've been staying in Shinjuku but I like Shibuya way better!

  87. Lisa Murray says:

    Great video, info not easily found.

  88. Lisa Murray says:

    Paolo which conveyor belt sushi is in this video, i was looking for address and there are 3 in shibuya?

  89. Sabrina Meah says:

    Visiting Japan tomorrow!! Thank you for your amazing content as always <3 stay awesome

  90. Noël Kristophe says:

    I m a Tokyo Guide and your work is amazing ! lets take a barre and exange our good places !

  91. mel pe says:

    why did the "hotel" owner get back? you are filming in the street.

  92. jmercado418 says:

    Loving all your videos so far. I was wondering if you could make a video showing a good overnight trips, 2 day trips, 5 day trips, or 7 day trips of Japan. I'm sure there's places in Japan that you can finish in happy a day, but there are some where you'll need at least 1 full or 2 days to see everything. Thank you!

  93. Maria Krystial Laguatan says:

    Now I'm so excited for my Tokyo trip on December! Going with a friend. Been here once but I was not able to explore the place, stayed for an hour or two. Ahhhh! There's so much to do, so glad gonna stay for half a day this time. Thanks for the info!!!

  94. Stefania Capodici says:

    Che bella Shibuya. Ci siamo stati a gennaio del 2017!

  95. Stefania Capodici says:

    Vorrei tanto tornarci. A parte il viaggio di 12 ore in aereo. Ho visto film per tutto il volo!

  96. Joshua Iban says:

    so cute and adorable! Hahaha 3:12 😄

  97. Banesha Miller says:

    I was just in Tokyo this past May. I watched a lot of your video's before I went. Thanks to your video's I was able to navigate easier through Tokyo! One of the best trips I ever had!

  98. scottietrippen33 says:

    ?????? Best place for a mix of modern and outdoorsy place to visit in japan ??????? If you only had 1 chance to visit. What is the best. Non touristy aswell.😀👍

  99. Rafael Arakaki says:

    Thank you, nice video.

  100. Rolando Quezada says:

    Was there last December for my birthday. WIsh I knew about all these places.

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