Top 10 Things to DO in YOKOHAMA Japan Rugby World Cup Guide Series

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

    What kind of video do you want to see next on this channel?
    Mobal –
    Yokohama Map –
    Rugby World Cup Yokohama International Stadium –

  2. Hoodie Brodie says:

    Did she say yes?

  3. Puppoose Man says:

    I want to see some off the tourist track stuff

  4. Clive Baumann says:

    I always feel that positivity in Japan!

  5. ando1135 says:

    Ah I was in Yokohama China town and cosmoworld….should have stayed more but after Chinatown I went to kamakura

  6. Spun says:

    An incredible guide. Thanks Paulo. The Kannai area is such a great place to stay when visiting Yokohama. Just don't try to catch a train with suitcases at the same time a baseball game is finishing.

  7. Willson Ize says:

    Wow great video as always the production of your videos is amazing thanks. Yokohama looks really nice place to visit definitely going on our must visit places 😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧

  8. Kees Manuel says:

    Your video is really cool! Greetings from Northern Europe

  9. The Lavian says:

    I hope the fried skewers have some food on them.

  10. Jenny Tran says:

    Things to do in Odaiba! Hakone! Love your vids, especially the food ones! 😊

  11. Rickey Kas says:

    Dude, what is your nationality man? Japan?

  12. Astronaut Bär says:

    Ich liebe es schöne grüße aus Deutschland !

  13. Yudyca Putra says:

    I knew it! Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is too crowded for you Paolo hahahaha

  14. Yudyca Putra says:

    oh and btw, i love how meticulous you are by giving all the links in the descriptions!!

  15. Ma66o says:

    Been a silent follower most of the time, I'm glad your channel grew so big in this amount of time.
    No clickbait, subtitles and actual dedication to your videos. That's what needs to be on trending.
    Keep up your work I love it. Cheers!

  16. ViolentxStrike says:

    Wasn’t this where the first Shenmue game was located?

  17. astroboy3507 says:

    Iconic Yokohama FerrisWheel!!! Sushi looked good!!!
    That lady at the end really wanted to be on the vid Pablo!!!! 😃

  18. Noah Abada says:

    I went to Yokohama last month, you've made a video out of it, cool.

  19. paul harris says:

    If you have extra free time, check out Orbi Yokohama, it's near Mirato Mirai, kids will love it!

  20. Trails TM says:

    hahaha! at the end of your vid, that old lady next you to bru…😅 she was like (mmm yummy young man) 😂

  21. Udaya de alwis says:

    Nice video.. beautiful country…..
    Thank you so much for uploading this video

  22. Sacto1654 says:

    You forgot to mention how to get to central Yokohama. The most convenient is the F Liner service from Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line. From Tokyo Station, ride the JR East Keihin-Tohoku Line train, which will also get you into central Yokohama.

  23. memau says:

    No mention of Daikoku Parking lot? For those who don't know it, check out this lot on Friday and Saturday nights to see people of the Japanese car tuning scene meet up.

  24. Katrina Do says:

    I was there

  25. Nayan Shrestha says:

    Yokohama is best place to hangout
    Still missing those days

  26. CardboardBox20 says:

    I was just there 2 weeks ago! Watching this was awesome since I did several of the things you listed! Thanks for this!

  27. wafflemag says:

    Dont forget Daikoku Futo PA for car enthusiasts!

  28. Peizxcv says:

    Left Japan yesterday so you are too late

  29. Kill n Protect says:

    I love your shirts lol. toe-kyo

  30. ㇸ/へヘどう見ても山ですmountain/ヘ/へㇸ says:

    Why is Japanese sub accent the Goku😂

  31. antone rich says:

    Great video. I visiting near there soon

  32. Sunset Cycling says:

    BRIEF Maiko citing at 3:55…let's see more Maiko

  33. Scott Lin says:

    I am watching this video because Pokémon GO Fest 2019 is hosting at Yokohama in August, and Youtube recommended.
    Great video, I find it useful.

  34. Theresa H says:

    What month do you recommend I should visit ?

  35. KevInKobe says:

    Amazing guide as usual. I have good memories going to Yokohama.
    I think you could've made a longer section for china town though. It's actually huge, it has a beautiful temple and there are many interesting stores to explore. Like a photo studio where you can change into chinese dress and have your photo taken.
    If i'd ever go again china town would be once of the few places I'd like to visit again.

  36. Lucendi says:

    Your "Day in the life of – " are the best video's you've released. I hope we can see more of them!

  37. Daniel Hsu says:

    Are you Filipino Paolo

  38. Pengyi Gu says:

    I am always thankful to these high quality videos. Thanks.

  39. freecitizen_explorer684 says:

    yo it's official, when i get the chance im living in the japan, really this is like an inner promise. Just so much fun stuff there and their lifestyle is really just my kind of thing XD

  40. Ty Wynans says:

    Wauw looks nice can't wait to back in Japan and put a visit to Yokohama on my list. Thanks for the tips Paolo!

  41. temoa says:

    We have been watching your youtube page in prep for the Rugby World Cup. This is one of my fav 👍 Cheers Mate

  42. The Enforcer says:

    0:04 Perfect NPC walk

  43. Cestus Fr says:

    is ti me or the uk mirror tabloid is spying on your videos??? what are the chances

  44. B Honjiyo says:

    Why do Japanese cameras cost a lot more in Japan versus in the United States?

  45. TheDarkPhoenix16 says:

    Did that American restaurant have the confederate flag……..?

  46. Michael Torres says:

    Your videos are very informative. We are using your videos for our upcoming trip to Japan! Thanks!

  47. Randy Little says:

    you seem tired
    or is it the heat?

  48. Yonghing says:

    ramen oishii

  49. Bobacola says:

    I did the curry flavor at the Osaka location.

  50. Phuc Yu says:

    you should do some different useful videos for westeners like where to buy weed without getting charged an arm and a leg

  51. 毎駒 says:

    ラグビー フットボール 剣道
    柔道 沢山 ありますよ🌻🌻🌻

  52. Colette says:

    “I don’t know where else in the world where you can actually make your own cup noodles”….. well you can do it in Osaka at the original museum.

  53. Mackenzie A says:

    Could you maybe have your wife do a video on where she goes to buy her skincare and cosmetics in Japan?  Specifically items not found in the USA, especially sunscreen.

  54. J Pratt says:

    Why won’t you make videos of Filipino related videos in Japan…represent your own people.

  55. Marco Vibal says:

    The grandma at the end 😂

  56. Carlo Tapit says:

    subscribing to your channel! i'd always like to go to Japan 😀

  57. 焼リナックス says:


    Hello Paolo. What is your wife's job?

  58. Chris Stadtfeld says:

    Just found your channel. Love your positivity and great attitude. Keep it up 😀

  59. Chibi Gamer says:

    You should do a video of good manga shops to go to

  60. reshi p says:

    do they support chelsea in yokohama…and can we have a yokohama tyre factory tour

  61. Elisa L says:

    Your videos are so informative. Was in Japan recently and used your videos for ideas!! Great job you guys!!

  62. Marisia Styles says:

    Hi Paolo, I appreciate your tip on ordering SIM cards early since the Rugby World Cup will be in Tokyo this year. I will be there in October. Can you please do a video on how to prepare for a trip to Tokyo with a big event being in town?

  63. My-Linh Tran says:

    Can you do a video of what to do in Mitaka? I really want to visit the Ghibli Museum but I don’t know what else is nearby

  64. Bejoo Blast says:

    16:11 what is she doing btw

  65. Jessica Tan says:

    Thank you for this super helpful guide!

  66. 1188jv says:

    Hi Paolo. I really love your videos. You are helping me a lot to plan my trip to Japan. Can you make a video where to eat good Chanko Nabe? All the best for you.

  67. uzumaki naruto says:

    Pls visit to university where animation & graphics r being taught

  68. 。 nabecchi says:


  69. Miguel Moreno says:

    This guy is a gay and is obviously a fanatic of the cock in the ass

  70. bigthiccyswole says:

    I have a nice thin noodle, but for some reason nobody ever says they like it.😤

  71. bigthiccyswole says:

    I can't reach my zipper 😀. Too fat👌

  72. More Bad Ideas says:

    I'm going back to Tokyo in Oct! would love to meet you bro!

  73. CT Chief02 says:

    Love your channel. Your positivity is infectious. I love your expression when you eat. It’s like ur having a foodgasm😂

  74. Flo Larrazabal says:

    I miss this place, thank you for making this video.

  75. Azri Mangsor says:

    The video made me miss Japan

  76. Sanjiva Tennekoon says:

    Hey Paolo. I've been watching most of your productions. Love it. Visiting Tokyo in Sept. for RWC.
    Tickets are hard to get specially for opening, Japan vs Russ and NZ vs SA games, though registered for draws with RWC website. Plan B ( if NO tickets — no luck !! ) is to visit the Fan Zones to watch the above games. Any video you can do on the RWC Fan Zones in Tokyo and what to expect ?

  77. Kisara says:

    I went to a concert in Yokohama last month. I'm actually not a fan of the cities but I fell inlove with Yokohama despite being the center of commercial businessess and ports. If you are a nature lover, Sankeien Garden is a must visit place in Yokohama. There's nothing much to see in the Cup Noodles Museum but the Make-your-own cup noodles is so fun! My parents enjoyed designing their own cups. There's also a breath-taking view at the park just behind the Pacifico Yokohama.

  78. Joolz1982 says:

    I lived in Yokohama for 3 years and Noodle museum and red brick building area are pretty cool, as well as Landmark plaza I really enjoyed.

  79. mermaltim68 says:

    Off subject question here, are Yokohama tire prices cheaper there? (Asking for a friend)

  80. tia na says:

    I’m from Yokohama

  81. Medium Bacon says:

    I will be living in Itabashi City. Please suggest something fun to do. Thanksssss

  82. mimichaten says:

    yokohama, a beautiful, cozy city to live in, 30 min train ride from tokyo, 30 min to haneda airport, in the same prefecture there are kamakura & shounan area(30 min.) and odawara & hakone (60 min).
    how ideal!

  83. wantapgt says:

    I have never had cup noodles or the ramen noodle packages in my whole 35 years of life!

  84. pianjooo says:

    Hi everyone I have a very random question, is it possible to buy a sakura mobile SIM card in a store in Japan? Or can you only buy it online and let it be delivered to a place you want? Does anyone have experiences?

  85. Public NoiseMaker Mcee Azutopshutter says:

    Thank you much for this. Am coming for Rugby World Cup. At least i know what to do while there. Ooh btw, cool tee, i need one

  86. Miduuza says:

    Yokohoma is beautiful, it's also one of the event locations for Pokemon Go Fest. I want to visit one day!

  87. map putri says:

    There's nothing like japanese sushi outside japan. Even tho they call it sushi

  88. Rowe Magnon says:

    “Let me know if you really exist” hahaha

  89. Jony Ku says:

    I bought a 1DK for rent in Yokohama last year , but i never been there so far..

  90. Nk x Dexterity says:

    Generically calling things “meat” is kind of concerning 🐮🐷……🐶?

  91. All there is says:

    Thank you so much Paolo, in a couple of days I am travelling to Japan and your videos are very helpful and really a joy to watch. 🙂

  92. Linus Zhang says:

    I haven't had any cup noodles until college. Yeah I exist.

  93. Kingpin says:

    Yamashita park will be one of the venues for Pokemon go event. 🙂

  94. Kingpin says:

    Love your shirt! Where did you get it?

  95. MIKE Marine says:

    Cool video, Paolo! Will definitely take some of your recommendations for when we visit for the rugby world cup. Both yokohama and Tokyo!
    However I was a little disappointed that you left out about the actual venue for the rugby in yokohama: Nissan Stadium. Seems like it's a bit out of the way compared to the other places in yokohama.

    Keep up the great videos though 😉 we'll keep watching.

  96. Sophia Cinta Lee says:

    Thanks a lot for this video… Was scratching my head on what to do in Yokohama before the Rugby World Cup game.

  97. happyt happyt says:

    Hello Paolo, thank you for your video on Yokohama, my wife and I have never been to Yokohama, so this trip we left from Yokohama on a 16 day cruise. Whilst in Japan we went to Amimoto Izu as you recommended and absolutely loved it. we have been to quite a few places in Japan over the years, besides Tsukiji and Sushi Zanmai this is right up there form me. Thank you and keep the great video content coming. You never seem to tire of making videos, as some other you tubers seem to lack heart and passion. Keep up the great work, maybe one day we will cross paths.

  98. BikeStuff says:

    6:55 – what Japanese 50s rockers? i didnt know such things existed. please do a video on them

  99. mosindesire says:

    Great video as always thou I had a thought, is fish based food cheaper then say pork based food? As I'd vote for more pork! And yeah, the lady at the very end seemed like she wanted to talk to you.

  100. Benjamin Baron says:

    Can youn feature the basketball scene in Japan. Thanks

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