what’s up guys and welcome to porkchops adventure this is a new five nights at Freddy’s fan game that has some kind of weird elements to it it’s made by the creator of shadow over Freddy’s I think that’s what that game was called which we played on the game like on the channel in the past like probably four or five months ago is quite a while ago and he released this game and it’s supposed to look like real friendly and happy but if you watch the trailer there’s something going on with this game and I want to figure out what it is something dark is happening and I need to figure out what’s happening in this game cuz it looks really really cool but of course if he has one chance to win any free copy of any fan series game that you want all you do is look on screen now and do the things that it says and all it says is like the video be sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon if you already have subscribed to the channel and of course comment down below what finds phrase game you want and that is it you’re entered anyways let’s go ahead and get back into the game here and get into this because like I said this game actually came out while I was away you guys might not notice but this weekend from like Friday until today I have not been home but I’m home now but I was still looking at fan games and I was like I saw that this one came out and I was like okay this looks awesome I gotta play it but yeah obviously I wasn’t home but now I am and now we can play there’s another one I have lined up after this that came out and I think you’re gonna really enjoy that one too like I saw both of these come out and I was like why why as soon as I go on vacation why does everything decide to come out alright vacation if you want to call it that like a three day vacation anyways let’s go ahead and press new game and get into this house I’m so excited about this no cos made by a developer who we’ve played the games in the past and it just it’s kinda like a dark element to like it’s got a happy little game you’re playing on screen but it says in the menu it takes place in the five nights at Freddy’s universe so what is that is that a heart rate monitor oh it’s a phone what is happening who we call it pick up okay this already seems interesting it’s really dark though hey 18th and I’m calling from the third floor of the studio I uh I’m stuck I can’t leave the elevator isn’t coming up I’ve been trying for a while but it’s just not answering I can’t even hear it moving I think it got stuck after you guys left the building um I I was just finishing up a few things but now I can’t get out I tried the door to the stairs and that’s busted I can’t find my phone either I think I must have left it at home this morning because I searched around everywhere and it’s just not here so I’m calling you from the old analog one we keep on the break room anyways just listen if you buy or if you buy if you or any of you guys can come pick me up that’d be uh I just I can’t be stuck here all night not with all those things on if if you get this message please cut me here before midnight I won’t touch anything I promise I’ll just stay in the break room and play one of the games in the shelf yeah porkchops adventure or porkchops world something like that so yeah just I’ll just I’ll just stay here and wait for you guys to pick me up all right and please please call me back if you get this all right wait a second okay okay so this already has a storyline – okay this is cool dude is this so cool okay so we’re playing as somebody who was working at this establishment I don’t really know what it is I didn’t read the storyline on the game it’ll page if there even is one but we’re working at an establishment okay and we were working there after dark I’m assuming after they’ve already closed and the elevator just stopped coming up for us so what happened with that that’s already question number one and then the door doesn’t work either so it’s like they trapped us in here and he says we need to get out of here before 12 o’clock because that’s when something comes oh boy alright let’s get into this continue alright new game I guess continue how do I exactly work this okay it’s like I get the analog stick I’m pressing the button what’s the start button oh ok space cool alright here we are we’re mister outport pet oh we got a like little – run do this setting is really cool I like the TV porkchop wake up it’s me farmer Joe owner of Joe’s wonder farm it’s terrible all of our crew members have gone missing there’s not much time we have a big show this afternoon we can’t afford to be late meet me onstage in the dining area I’ll have more details for you there be quick all right let’s go to the dining area I love this are you a little – moves whoa we like – around Oh what the heck is that weird scarecrow this is the dining area looks like it oh wow it’s like a little Freddy fazbear’s pizzaria all that is so cool I love how it’s like this retro game on the TV but then on the outside it’s like this real-life world called the game man entertainment box that is so cool oh is this you hello farmer man I’m here how may I help you porkchop oh I’m glad to see you you’re still around yes I am we have a big problem here at Joe’s wonder farm all of our buddies have gone missing cherry the little rooster oh no no no no these are the characters from the real life oh that’s got to be what it is and fluffy the magician are all gone from their pens they must have run off and gotten into trouble again as you know today we have a big show coming up here at Joe’s wonder farm we need all of you to appear otherwise our customers will be disappointed porkchop II need to find our friends and round them up back to their pens could you do that for me this is very important our friends are out there and they must be in big trouble I have to stay here so I can entertain our guests until the show starts but you have to go look for the other crew members oh right I forgot you might not be prepared to face the dangers you might find in this journey I was so worried about our buddies that I forgot you might get into trouble as well I can take you into the farmer Joe Pat Pat in this tutorial barn if you feel you need to you there you can learn the ins and outs of your abilities and other useful stuff what do you say would you like to spend some time in the tutorial barn before going out yeah you know what let’s do it wonderful please follow me to the tutorial barn I feel like we need this cuz I don’t really know the controls and like how to do stuff like I says we can hover by double up that doesn’t do anything shoot by pressing down that doesn’t do anything vanish by doing that now that I don’t know let’s just do his little tutorial here let’s jump over and get to him where are you bro let me find you what what is this a shelf yes a shelf it’s weird sometimes all the buttons just stop working like one time it’s working then it just doesn’t let you move anymore like it like freezes whoa what are you I can catch through you yeah try to stop me you can’t it’s like right there froze I don’t know if that’s the game or if they’re doing that on purpose whoa what is down here can I go up here oh yeah I can wait no I can’t now earlier this way Oh rose again alright let’s see can i it says it’s a double jump but I can’t do that art to hover whoa wait what was that can I look around ah okay I was weird I thought I heard a sound outside of the game but I don’t know okay so how do I double jump cuz like wait see that thing on the top right of the TV screen it’s like glowing red at points wonder what that is okay so wait how do you hover then I thought this was supposed to be a tutorial bro you did help me oh I get it I know what I’m supposed to do okay so we got to do like it okay if it ever stops freezing I’ll do a jump and then that there we go alright let’s go come on move move ice move you’re gonna take the area to do damage to me bro I’m trying to throw I meant to do okay I’ll end it on two of them that is the worst look where’s the guy that supposed to be helping me where are you bro I’m trying to find you what is this am I going here I don’t think we can huh okay so what is this supposed to be then cuz last time it was space to open stuff but now it’s not letting me in are we not supposed to be over here woah am i floating no all right let’s go back I don’t know I guess it wants me to go up there where that sign is or maybe there’s like a secret up there or something alright wait let’s go this way then jump here okay froze again I don’t know why it keeps doing that it’s really weird I were to jump off of this and then do the okay there we go alright now we can jump from here under there oh god that’s gonna overshoot it but we’re good alright now I can maybe jump now oh wait there’s a guy up there okay that’s probably like a tutorial thing tonight oh yes got it I use the advanced technique right there but I got it I did it all right what can I read this good job of making it to the exit however you training your training is far from over in many situations the level may require you to learn additional mechanics I’ll test both your mind and body we call those gimmicks and it’s no different here at farmer Joe’s tutorial barn in front of you is a gate that will only open once you get rid of the three locks that hold it together we have hidden the keys to the to these three locks all around the barn find them and come back to open the gate this of course is a gimmick only present in our tutorial barn real levels will hold completely different surprises so make sure to always be on guard when encountering something new out there and you’re in your platforming adventure alright so we need to find three keys basically I don’t know how to feel about this weird lag that keeps happening though it’s kind of annoying it just keeps randomly freezing like right there I’m not sure why though it’s got to be something I’m doing right I don’t think it would just do that look like right there it freezes it like crucial moments do all these are like loves tutorial signs I guess another important aspect of our adventure is your pause menu the pause menu can be brought up at almost any time during your venture using the Enter key if you ever feel like you need to take a break from the game make sure to open your pause menu if you feel the need to quit the game and do something else that is that is of great importance make sure to open the pause menu and select the quick game option pause you can also select the back to barn option to quickly return to the Wonder farm if things seem dire out there well however these options will only be available to you once you complete this tutorial barn always make sure to play responsibly and take a breather once in a while pause what oh whoa wait a second we can look around what is all this stuff on the walls and the camera what okay can I go to the door dude that is weird okay what about this can I interact no that’s so weird why does this keep turning red on the TV it’s some kind of figure out alright so that’s a little concerning we just got a giant door behind us ah let’s not worry about it though let’s grab his key all right so we got one key oh you only have one at a time that’s kind of weird I wonder if the game pausing is my fault though like maybe it’s something in the settings well we can’t really yeah we can’t use the settings yet I got out to restart the whole game I think so let’s go ahead and just continue with the pausing for right now all right so I need to get up there oh you know that’s where we were before okay so let’s see if we can head back this way I want to jump up here and then okay I’ll get okay so if we can jump up to that next platform oh wait oh I like him just jump up there okay I thought I would okay hello I thought I would need to like do some like insane mechanic but now you literally just jump alright we’re good we got this one oh come on stop freezing I’m gonna take damage huh got it okay we got that enemy let’s read this 100 or not hello adventures are not always completed within a single day sometimes taking a break is necessary however we recommend you save your game before heading off otherwise the progress he made could be lost there is only one way to save your progress and that is to head back over to Joe’s wonder farm and sleep inside your curtain oh that’s an interesting way of doing it don’t forget to save often alright so we have to go back to our staves to save that’s awesome alright so how we’re gonna do this one I’m guessing yeah just a simple jump oh no you’re in the way I got up I don’t want to swing past him I don’t know yep okay of course you can oh you’ve got to be kidding me I like how else was I supposed to kill that guy I wonder if he I’m just like a normal attack I don’t really know the controls that’s the thing I bet you there was a sign when we started but I didn’t know that’s what these were a common misconception among our participants is that enemies to be dispatched by jumping on their heads but in reality landing feet first on top of a baddie will only get you hurt here at farmer Joe’s tutorial barn we care about a smooth and efficient learning process so to provide you with the quality combat training we have hired some stunt rats to pose as enemies those stunt rats with most enemies in this adventure can only or cannot be eliminated by jumping on their heads instead you must strike them down with the full force of your belly by using your – move what go ahead and try it on the following sunrise yeah yeah don’t worry about the well the sunrise yeah yeah okay so that’s weird why okay so that’s gonna so if there’s like an enemy on the edge like that we gotta like plan for it all right so if you see it right it’s done around or any kind of owner wanna please notify farmer Joe okay so I think you’re saying that everything else these are paid professionals or something like that but if you see actual rats that it’s an actual rat and to call somebody all right let’s just keep going over this so we could kill them anyway so he’s gonna jump across now and then after this we just need one more key do that pausing is so annoying I feel like is gonna end up getting me killed it’s just random look at this ah come on okay yeah it’s got to be something to do with that red light though money keeps the world spinning and helps both rich and poor and is always a deal to have in large quantities and this will be particularly important in your adventure all throughout the levels you will find ham coins which you can collect there are always ten any cam coins per level ham coins can be used to buy all sorts of goodies in Joe’s wonder farm but that the chief oh but chief among them is food okay purchase it in plenty in the dining area and if you eat it your max health will increase always be sure to collect as many hand points as you find and any given something you’re on your stomach will be sure to thank you later all right so we find coins collect them because we’re gonna need them for sure as the fact like we need to upgrade our health currently we only have three bars and I already took one damage and this is only the tutorial so yeah and the full game that’s gonna be pretty tough to do like with this low of health oh no oh no oh bubbles died not died if I was to damage right there I would refuse I at Oriel like what happens let’s go ahead and do this one wait oh that means every time I got to put a key in I got to do this like move right here and like oh wait no I got to go from the oh wait oh that works okay so I’ve got to do this which is hard to do why why is it so hard to get into here I bet there’s got to be an easier way like can I just not open this door no it’s so weird oh okay we got it okay so we got to jump now why why does it why does it have to be so hard you just put a key in here maybe if I just jump now that doesn’t work so you have to do the jumping move there’s got to be an easier way in here that I’m just not seeing oh my dude this is so fresh rady I just want to get over this stupid truck now I’d waited too long and that pausing is super annoying to you like it just keeps freezing I like the worst look it’s about to do it again hold on me wait it’s something to do with that red light okay now I did now it’s did it so now we gotta just go over it nope didn’t work I just know is there not there it says there’s a hover button but I can’t do it for whatever reason I don’t know if you like select your move or what it must have set it back here let’s actually let’s try going up this way cuz I feel like there’s got to be another way up there I know this just leads over to here though what’s the sign say dashing is usually performed by participants at the peak of a jump this grants them the biggest amount of vertical and horizontal movement possible and that’s great nah but it might not work on all situations during your adventure sometimes dashing first may be what you need to get through a tricky jump well we’re simply saying here is well when platforming always use your head first in your legs second and then your dash button third and then your jump button fourth or something like that we’re pretty sure you’ll understand once you get past this next part okay so yeah it wants us to – okay so let’s play let’s wait for the fries to go all right so it’s – and then jump No okay so wait can you jump and then – hold on hold on let me try over here so you get a jump are you gonna – and then jump okay yeah that’s literally what you have to do oh that’s gonna be so tough what the heck dude this game fries is super annoying it like it stops everything look it did it right there okay so we got to do a dash and then a jump no okay so you literally dude this is not this hard the first time we did it that is for sure oh wait just let me – twice that was so weird I don’t know whatever we did it alright open this one we still have to go find another one that’s the tough part I wish I want to skip this tutorial it’s really it’s not that helpful how did we get so you can can you do two jumps two dashes in the air though that’s what I’m wondering I bet you like after this I’m gonna like do some setting change and the fries just gonna go away or something cuz there’s no way I mean maybe it is part of the game that it freezes like this alright let’s just get all the way back here I’m assuming this last fuse all the way in the back somewhere come here key where are you it’s got to be all the way back here welcome to farm bitch okay so this is what we were supposed to read but we didn’t yeah yeah yeah prepare for the dangers follow the path ahead and read the signs carefully food drinks will be available in this tutorial have fun okay so we already went ahead though and there’s whoa who’s that okay there’s some weird dark magician guy out there what’s going on out there I don’t know all right so this key isn’t back here then we already got the one up there is there maybe one you seem to have the hang on jumping and listening to and intimate and animate signs however there’s one more skill that you need to master before getting out there and that is dashing yeah we already did that yeah we got it we got it we do that a lot all the time now try it out on these dummies okay so it wants me to go this way so this is a third key somewhere but where could it be that’s the question if we went down here and I can’t really do anything down here I don’t think so no it’s work at this last key B all right you know what I’ll find it then I’ll start the video Oh found it okay so it was back here goes all the way there’s like little crevice at the back right here on the other side which I mean makes sense all right let’s go and grab this and return back to the door so we can finally open it and see what’s inside forgot though we still got a we got to do this jump again I got a master it alright we’ll do it the first time yes there we go I’ve mastered it dude see that’s why you go to the toriel so you can do that kind of stuff all right we did it open the door who are you I know who he is but porkchop you’ve done it congratulations buddy I knew you’d get through it with no issues now come on we have to hurry we need to find our friends we still have time we can go back well we’ll pause the game whoa okay screen went black uh game dang it the power went out I can’t see anything it’s the third time this month this is getting ridiculous I guess I should go reset the breakers I’ll be stuck in the darkness until tomorrow better head into the supply closet and grab a spare fuse too just in case it’s okay it’s fine there’s nothing to worry about I just have to go in replace a fuse pull lever and come back and only take a few minutes I can do this Oh No look through the look through the people Oh Oh what is that is that just darkness or is there something what is that you see that okay no that’s got it that’s the wall yeah these are the walls right I hope all right let’s go out we have to open the door I can’t could I not go through here does it want me to okay whoa okay go through oh no supply closet yeah go in do this feels like a Jurassic Park game or something I don’t know why a few should be to that looks like eyes it’s so weird oh it disappeared was that eyes is that what that was no okay it’s just something I don’t know if you should be lying around here somewhere I just have to find it grab it and head to the breaker room okay yeah it’s really dark uh-huh I don’t is that the fuse oh okay what’s happening I don’t I’m not sure fuse are you around here in the darkness somewhere um is this you right here oh okay so there’s stuff that like shows up at certain points maybe I can only grab it when it’s out like a certain point no I can’t what is that why is it like pulsating like this I can’t move at all there’s gotta be something that I can grab can i grab any of this now huh what does it want me to do then saying that there’s a fuse in here somewhere I just OH I think I grabbed it so we’re we literally just grabbing around in the dark I’m assuming I don’t know it’s gonna keep grabbing around at in the dark gonna keep clicking everything see if we can maybe find something just in the darkness like we did Oh got it you got a fuse okay cool inventory we got a no madison’s number I know with massive number on it she gave it to me in case of an emergency Madison and then we got the fuse all right let’s get out of here I don’t like that room at all it’s too dark and creepy oh okay what what is this what is this hallway oh this is where we have to go are we yeah we’re following the wall oh yeah this is good this is great oh no see I know this is made by like I said the guy that made I want to say was called the shadow over Freddie’s and that game was a jump scare fest like it was so many just jump scares very unnecessary to say the least but I mean I still really enjoyed the game I hope that’s not what he does at this game there’s just a ton of jump scares oh come on where are we going was that the fuse box back here now okay he wants me to go this way I don’t know why all those wires were I see a door up ahead yeah there’s definitely a door what is this is that an arm what is this on the wall right here I don’t know what that is why are we slowly approaching it is that where we put the fuse what is this okay this is the room all right going quick just going going don’t waste any time I’m too worried about what’s out here with us okay so let’s grab the fuse and use it no should I okay oh we got to open this first all right now I only need to take out the broken fuse and replace it with a new one you got a broken fuse okay new fuse in right there and reset that Oh what’s happening okay we should be okay now powers back on the power is back I should go back to the break room now and continue the game okay let’s uh I didn’t close the box I don’t know if that matters it’s like an animatronic gonna go in there and steal the fuse whoa 60 minutes left until elevator resets oh oh what is back here okay what is all this we have like drawings jack-in-the-box and like random pictures looks like a smiley face or something all right we can examine it Oh reset positions oh I can make this ooh okay wait why are they they’re getting they’re stuck on each other okay so that’s the top of the head that’s bottom this is left this is top what was that noise oh no I hope there’s not something out there like while I’m doing this this is the marionettes face kind of looks like the puppet all right let’s just do this real quick oh wow that’s so annoying how they keep sticking to each other okay so we’re missing a note missing the middle okay that’s creepy is that a pig’s head on the right it is okay we did it but I I’m missing a piece so that doesn’t really help that’s weird all right let’s leave this oh so we can find that and put it here though later on I wonder why though why are we building a face wait what I just did all that it reset it wow thanks a lot gay Oh what was that you guys saw that right hold on okay that thing moved or something moved over here I don’t know what that was what is this a door I can’t see anything can be on the bars okay cool what is this thing I shouldn’t touch these things they are very unstable what are they though because I think moved her it did something I need a keycard to open this door to the effects room all right let’s go down here I guess supply closet and we have the elevator I’m assuming this yellow video we used to leave the studio I don’t know why it’s not working but then again most things seem to be breaking down around here lately I just hope I can find a way out of here soon all right what’s back behind me the dressing room it’s locked huh a lot of locked things in this place let’s go up closer alright so what were we in the office or the ooh ooh what is this I think that’s where I think that’s where I’m going well let’s try the supply closet first unless this is where I was oh no this isn’t what is this you got a metal rod in a box a toolbox or something oh is it the box room for Neff for wait what okay so this is some kind of thing that we need to solve which I don’t even have the slightest clue as to how to solve that but we’ll come back to that I’m sure anything else in here for me to take a key you got a key oh we might be able to unlock a room now with this perfect – this is really cool so far does it say what the key is for dressing room key oh we got to go in there I stood around the dressing room was right behind me there’s gotta be something in here whoa screwed it moved again I don’t know what that is but it moved again okay so where was the dressing room key are the dressing room I think it was back this way oh man all right where’s it at dressing room right here okay so key use on the dressing room what’s in here oh okay so I feel like Madison Ethan Madison that’s the girl that we were that left us the note right here Madison on the right huh Marcus you got a battery okay we can’t seem to grab it anything else a R 6 10 K battery oh we don’t really need that now can I close this I wanted to see the other Locker but I guess not all right so we got the battery what’s behind these curtains feel like some whoa okay you know just some weird mash that’s always good to see a note you got a frowning mask you got a smiling mask you got a smiling mask all right that that’s good not exactly something that I wanted but I got them so that’s good let’s read the note hey can I show out with the show memo inspect hello again I’m writing this short memo as a reminder not to use any energy consuming electronics while recording is taking place we had an outage in the middle of the show last week and it’s a pain to get everything back in proper working order after the lights go out a permanent solution to the voltage issue is under way we have to bear with it bear with it until either Brian it can get the improved projectors ready and safely running or we can get the new equipment that can withstand the amount of lectricity currently being used turning off the projectors is not an option and it’s extremely forbidden by the director including the ones installed backstage so do not turn off the protectors they must be available at all times I know some of us aren’t comfortable with it but it’s for the sake of the show you should all know that Madison there’s that Madison girl again huh all right let’s keep these for now cuz I don’t see why would we would put them back I mean I guess we could I don’t know I mean we’re clearly missing some masks here like we’re missing one let’s just put these right here for now there we go let’s just get out of here I think there was another way yeah it’s the left over here boy coming expecting anything on this desk no alright go left something’s over here oh no this is just the lockers alright so I think we’ve kind of explored everything in this room right here so Bryan’s lockers open Ethan and Madison have locks oh no Madison has a lock on our locker which is weird I mean it makes sense but it’s weird just in the context of this game that hers is locked we got a metal rod and the battery nothing else really too useful what do you use a metal rod for oops no and inspect it one of the knobs for that weird box in the bathroom in the bathroom I should probably place it back where it belongs I wasn’t say about this one of those supercharged batteries we power we buy to power our equipment they work miracles but are really unstable okay so we should go to the bathroom then he said that this knob can be placed there 53 minutes okay we have 53 minutes that’s fine okay so where was the bathroom at was it down here I don’t remember maybe over here to the left oh dude this is weird these drawings are so weird and creepy okay bathroom let’s go into the left one first you know we’re the weird man I’m pretty sure so let’s uh oh I can’t see anything light switch should be around here somewhere oh man why do I have to click around oh okay that’s a disgusting bathroom no dice there must be something wrong with the wiring in this room I mean I have I have this metal rod that’ll help come on lighting just stay on ok wait maybe we can use this to our advantage maybe we can like see for a second and plug this now now all right let’s get out of that room I don’t know what I’m assuming we have to use that thing in there but I don’t know how it’s locked all right so we have this metal wire that we can’t actually use is this the room that we came from now what is this you got a note dude what is this room there is something back there I do not want to go into this room stolen batteries it’s inspected attention the director yelled at us yesterday about the missing batteries from his months some months supply month supply but I can’t read today please be careful with the ones you borrow from the stack and make sure to return them back in proper condition after use they’re really expensive we can’t keep T throwing away money like that right now we think the buddy has taken a few and it’s hiding them somewhere in its room well we don’t know for sure so pay attention to where it is going before and after recording sessions we can’t have it playing around with the equipment we work with or at least just leave them lying around it’s a danger so buddy is in here it’s a danger to all of us and after last year’s accident we can’t afford to keep ignoring these kinds of things until one of us gets sent to the hospital with a broken jaw anyways just bring any better as you see to the VFX room and ok so we gotta go to the VFX room but that was locked wasn’t it and you will get fewer lectures does that sound good good madisyn again so there’s this room with an animatronic in it like oh you hear that I think I think he’s sleeping whoa cool just banging back I don’t think I did that bang monkey bang you see what happens wake up come out of there buddy I think he’s snoring wake up bear oh I just I want to see what you look like ok let’s get out of here well if we turn around he’s just here he’s staring at me Oh so we got to go back to the room I’m assuming now we need to go into the through that thing moved again we need to go into the VFX room but I don’t know how to get in there like we don’t have a key I think it was locked oh yeah there’s okay this is the room that we were in yeah okay so I think this is where things are gonna start to get weird and all the radio doesn’t seem to be working but I can hear something rattling inside what okay we’ll knock it down then I mean come on we’re at a survival game there’s got to be something in there that we need I hope they got my call I don’t want to be stuck here all night there anything else in here for me oh we can turn off and on the fan we got windows on both sides of us and a safe ooh safe okay so we need some kind of a key I wonder if I could just guess it when there be something you just like spam the keys you just eventually get it that would be so game breaking they probably have it to where like you can’t you can’t even put in the right code until you find it is it something like 1987 1979 it’s like some weird date no all right well we can’t get into this yet we need a key obviously I would need the code all right so let’s hop into the game again I guess I don’t know I mean I want to keep exploring but I think we have to then we have to do something oh wait I need to save though oh yeah it’s heading to go to the show stage to do that right so let’s continue let’s go to the show stage so wait what happens if I do Oh saving there we go perfect so wait what happens if the timer runs out can you can see we have a timer now what why is it keep saving okay because I’m trying to jump yeah there we go we have a timer now on the top right it’s 1111 whoa what was that noise okay now we’re starting to hear noises huh I think there’s something out there right now but what is that dude what is that sound alright we’re fine we’re fine let’s just continue the game alright um this is the pen of porkchop the friendly Pig porkchop lives to see you smile so if you ever feel down Pamela visit every morning behind his curtain he prepares to do his best for his friends dancing singing playing with it this friendly pig can do it all oh he can do it all everybody loves porkchop the friendly pig I don’t think he’s too friendly for being honest here porkchop where have you been did you go run off to your curtain again now’s not the time to mope around we need to find the remaining members of our crew the show is about to begin quickly head to the exit and go find our friends we’re counting on you bud all right let’s go find our friends exit right here all right so we got to find a lot of them though doz wonder farm tree hug park twist these sewers hat-trick academy all right let’s do tree hug park I guess so we know who’s here what’s that there wasn’t there was I think it was like a vacuum or something that had tree hug in the name I don’t remember though let’s check this place out though can I do anything with the mailbox now all right let’s see what we gotta do Treyarch Park is under new management and this new manager is telling you to scram Wow okay we the Brotherhood of the great tree of knowledge will not let you lay a single finger within this land this part can only be enjoyed by our dear brothers and sisters non-believers will be attacked on sight on a related subject our related topic if you’d like to join our ranks please leave a letter expressing your unwavering devotion to the great tree inside the mailbox to your left some contact information would also be appreciated our leader general blockhead will be sure to call you within three to five business days if your application is accepted besides that however you better stay away don’t say that we didn’t warn you all right um I’m not staying away though I’m going in oh okay I did not see you if you like blend it into the ground is this an enemy what is this what is this right here on the floor it’s like a slot machine or something I don’t know what that is all right there’s the thing up here but I got it OOP got him all right perfect let’s jump across I wish this game didn’t freeze like this though it’s super annoying I don’t think it was freezing out there either that’s the weird thing like the normal game wasn’t freezing it’s just this version of the game so it wants us to do this little like jumping part right here I mean it’s super easy I just accidentally fell down Oh what I don’t do this freezing is super annoying I don’t know what was that noise I think there’s something behind me again I don’t know okay let’s jump right here it looks like we got health – alright so we gotta get this all we should have to do is Oh what you can jump dude this okay this is tough and I like do it do the fries okay we did it alright so got one coin out of ten on this level what is it Oh what the what no get away from it oh there’s random bombs okay can i push that oh god it’s gonna blow up no move okay I don’t know why what is that why do we need a bomb I don’t know I can’t even go back I don’t think can I go back down now alright let’s just continue moving forward okay oh okay so they only do that whenever I hit them am i able to bust down this door here here follow me little guy come here we’re out right over here to this like opening I want to try to hit one of you guys on it and see what happens all right so I should just be able to like tap you know you gotta go no okay oh no I hit all of them I hit all of them at the same time they all just blew up oh now if you even tapped them they just blow up alright come here I need one of you guys I just want to try oh my god you literally tap them they explode alright so we gotta walk one over here I don’t know if this is gonna work but I’m gonna try walking one over here and then tapping him and seeing if that works by the way we’re currently at 40 minutes recording this is a log video but I’m just gonna go with it because I’m having fun with it no why did you oh my I took damage from that too Oh what the heck dude this is so broken I literally I don’t even think we can break this with these guys I tried swinging away when I was already past him and it still brought him with me there we go what why are you moving oh ok give up I give up I give up how do I get up here I give up can I jump on you guys to get up to this next part there we go if the game ever stops freezing that is okay we’re good please stop freezing all right what is his health yes thank you looks like there’s some kind of a coin up dude I press the jump on it didn’t do it it’s weird oh my god if it keeps freezing like this I’m gonna end up dying because of it Oh Mike dude it’s this freezing is ridiculous at this point all right let’s do this jump right here how can I get that okay so I’m gonna jump from this one and do like that belly roll thing yeah there we go got it oh now I hear that noise in the background that’s the thing like the noise in the background when the game freezes the noises in the background don’t so I’m assuming it’s something with the game I don’t know it’s really weird like it’s almost like they’re doing it on purpose but I have no idea all right let’s go down here let’s grab this one and oh okay I thought that was just a random pit to my death all right we clearly need a bomb right here come here bomb come on out of there oh no okay not oh please don’t okay he didn’t hurt me all right so I’ve got to like hit you and then jump over you so come here okay I gotta jump over you perfect I got hit you and jump over you and then I got a run pass to you Oh God okay we got it all right so we didn’t even need one for up there we could just walk down here oh no there’s a lot of them now okay let’s stay away from you guys I don’t need another bomb all right I’m at full health so that’s good come here little guys I need your help oh there’s some on this side to you will that work now all right so we need to blow up this one on this side and then quickly run past you goodbye and then there we go what is this dark door right here can I get up here now all right I might be able to no I don’t think I can let’s just jump through these guys yeah I don’t think we can jump now we can’t oh god no don’t blow up on me and come here I need another one no I didn’t mean to tap you can I not jump up to this part now you can’t dang it there’s a coin up there and there’s something else like a dark door it’s really weird I come here a little bomb come here little guy I need your help come on Open Sesame blow that up for me thank you oh no oh no oh no this is where things get messy I said touching a lot of them and they all just blow up at the same time no I wait I want to blow this other part up right here come here a little bomb I want to blow this part up before we go up there well what was that oh my wait a second turn around okay there’s nothing there whoa whoa someone just knocked on the door I don’t know if I quit the game I don’t know if I quit the game if I lose all my progress I don’t want to you okay wait hold on wait what just somebody just knocked on the door that is suspicious for sure but I hit it now dude who knocked that’s already just so weird I want to go pick up the door but I think if I press quit game I’ll lose all my progress so I don’t want to do it you know while I’m in game I don’t know I wish I would say no why do I keep jumping up here on accident dang it alright let’s just do this real quick to grab this coin there’s something there but how do you get to that part oh god there’s a lot of them holy I’ve got like a whole bomb squad right now this is a lot of bombs alright come here little guys I just need one of you to blow up there you go thank you alright goodbye I’m gonna grab this elf wait I guess I should grab whatever is down here before I continue I’m assuming there’s something in here that’s good I don’t think they just have us open this for no reason yeah there’s pipes okay oh I can probably knock one of them over here to blow this up alright come here little guy I’m gonna need to shoot you across there we go got it oh my dude somebody knocked what the bang explosion really hit oh my dude somebody knocked again somebody’s knocking dude somebody is knocking hold on pause the game somebody’s knocking I don’t know what if we press quit if it brings us back to the menu quit are you sure no I don’t want to quit I can’t I don’t want to you dude there’s something behind me there’s something for sure as a dude it’s still ducking no I’m not I’m not going to the door I am absolutely not no I would but I can’t like we’re in game I just can’t this is bother makes like I want to see what who’s knocking like somebody is definitely a hundred percent one hundred million kajillion percent trying to get in but I am NOT gonna quit my game for them nope not happening oh no I tapped too many of the bombs this is creeping me out though to say the least like that that’s creepy that there’s somebody out there knocking right now hold on let me do this first all right let’s push you into there I want to grab this coin oh no come on stop he really wants to get in like he just keeps knocking – I I can’t let you in yet I’m sorry but I just can’t you gotta just stay out there for a little while okay let’s do that jump over you guys he’s just gonna keep knocking he might get upset though unlike Graham in here I don’t know I grabbed that coin he’s still knocking stop knocking I’m not letting you in I don’t think so I’m not letting you in no no no I was just a boss wait hold on what was there was that way up here though well I want to go back and try this other direction real quick it just keep spamming the – like I wish there was a way to pausing it without losing all my progress I mean maybe there is I don’t know that’s the thing I don’t I don’t want to risk it though cuz like we lose everything we just did on this level that’s gonna suck I’m not trying to do that you know I don’t know oh my that – that PAH this pausing is so broken I really hope it’s something like on my end that’s causing it to pause but I don’t know it’s what I danced right there but the game froze I hope it’s something on my in that I can just fix but I don’t know if it is alright hold on buddy at the door hold on give me a second trying to do this always remember the Creed of the Brotherhood of the great tree of knowledge it’s not my fault things turned sour it’s everyone else’s the great tree is the only path to happiness so we must protect it at all costs even if the grass around us starts to turn point ly pointy and yellow even if the only letters we receive her from the angry idiots idiots at the parks department even if we have to cut down every other tree in this land that dares the Sun to outshine the great tree of knowledge we will face the fire of guilt together with our heads held high in our hands covering our hearts for our cause is greater than the great good itself ok ok I I need to get out of this there’s somebody knocking I need to just skip that I can’t believe I went all the way up here just to read that note what the heck all right let’s go to the great tree so that we can hurry up and save and see what’s behind us knocking I think this is a boss fight though is it I was a little rooster in here well it’s we need to say uh are you the hippo just what in the Sam Hill do you think you’re doing here maggot access to the inside of this tree is expressly permitted under any circumstances and just when I was going to eat some fine chicken for lunch – unacceptable I did not graduate top my class in the Navy nip OHS hippos nipples and serving 57 world wars to deal with your insubordination I will reign the full mighty of firepower might have my fire power down on you or my name is not General H blockhead prepare to eat gunpowder and become smoked ham pig maggot oh gosh all right how do we fight this guy I didn’t exactly get a tutorial I don’t okay so Bob oh wow okay hold on so I’m assuming I’ve got to hit the mom right as soon as he’s about to get here let’s hit the bomb jump over got it hit him yup there we go alright this requires a lot of knowing whoa I did not know he was gonna do that what the heck I hit him right there what how come that didn’t count oh but they can blow up the surfaces that I can sit on I hit him no okay we’re just continue to run towards me that’s fine wow this is gonna be tough alright so we’ve got to use his own bombs against him hit that and that what how did you hit me I’m gonna die Almighty that’s so frustrating I need health ok we hit him again that’s good hit this one and then I think ok no he’s not gonna come over here wait why is it there’s grumbling in two different areas alright we’re good I wish we could see how much healthy as I need a bomb alright quickly no we showed up at the same spot twice game over dang it alright can I check behind me now wait pause the game for a second I don’t I can’t yet sorry is this gonna put me back at the beginning of the boss fight that’s cool alright so it’s not that it’s not you know overly difficult like most of these games are like if you lose once it’s not all at the beginning it’s always super annoying all right come here oh it just starts the fight okay I thought there’s gonna be some kind of dialogue like last time all right come here little guy pop your head out okay there you are oh he’s gonna jump back out again what the why did he switch spots I don’t know dude what is happening why is he following oh my I got hit by the bomb what the I don’t understand he just randomly jumps out like over and over again sometimes how’d that bomb not hit him oh no this guy’s knocking again look he’s gonna jump out again know what’s causing him to move how the heck do you fight this guy I have no idea look he’s just waiting okay so you did that Wow of course I’m dead and I hit him with that one too at the end I want to look behind me but it won’t let me out of this stupid game man all right whatever do it again oh this fights a pain though like I’m sure like it’s good that lets us out right at the beginning of the fight every time but it’s still a hard fight just I don’t know how to fight him yet okay so does it doesn’t want me to hit this bomb because gonna pop back out again he’s gonna pop out again no he put a bomb on this side now okay so that would be when I should hit him whenever he’s sticking his head out like that that work on him wow I don’t like that that it hits him but it doesn’t count cuz he’s heading down already that’s pretty broken all right so it’s wait for him to drop the bombs and he’s gonna sit here for a second and then I’ll hit the bomb at him okay so nope thought that was the time he was gonna stay out what the was he dropping so many bombs okay hit that one Adam that should hit him there we go i nuts wait him out again jump over him no don’t hit that bomb I want to have as many of these as I can okay jump two on this side and hit you this way there we go that should hit him yep there we go got him with that one I could see his nose flashing from here okay keep jumping alright now get ready to hit another bomb Adam hit this one out of maybe Oh what I did not know he’s gonna pop out there ain’t him anyways though we’re good okay now keep avoiding him I’ll do this freezing that this game has is super annoying okay I think I hit him again what why did that how’d that bomb hit me oh that’s so broken I’m gonna die I am definitely gonna die why is there multiple crumble spots on the ground I don’t know I come here a little bomb oh no dude why is he just like teleporting now at this point Matt come here you ready I’m gonna shoot you no why did you come back this way oh my god dude oh my the game froze as I want to jump over it and caused me to die oh thanks game thanks thank you alright let’s do it again one last time alright and now in the video cuz we’re almost at an hour here of just full-on gaming so I should probably come through it at some point here in whole hour-long episode which if I won’t be full hour for you guys unless this ends up taking longer I don’t really know all right come here I’m gonna hit the bomb Adam in just a second okay now I’m gonna hit it over to them nope that didn’t count alright that’s fine where did you go yeah like I’ll say no this game pausing that keeps happening is literally causing me to die at this point because like it freezes at times where I really can’t have it freezing so it’s just out of its really unfortunate how it’s happening alright so you gonna pop out there you know what happened that guy is still knocking at the door behind me – come on out what are you doing taking a while oh there he goes alright come here I need a bomb and I need you to stay still come here guy come on out of the hole I’m gonna hit those two okay of course he just randomly decides to come out of this hole now and just sit here now perfect and I took damage from that all right good to know I’m gonna die again I’m literally gonna die again I have one health there’s no way I’m beating this ah this is a hard fight I’m like here’s the thing like I think we could do it it’s just it’s gonna require a lot of patience and like waiting for the right moment cuz like I don’t know what causes him to come out I don’t know what causes him to stay in so it’s like it’s hard to figure all that out oh no the game froze at the worst time again okay we got him with that one good good good I forgot to hit taught him so far he needs to move the bomb is coming I don’t know keep jumping okay wait here okay he’s gonna drop one right there nice I think last time we got three hits on them so far I think we only have two on them this time Oh God of course the game froze right there that’s unfortunate dude the game I’ll stop freezing game stop freezing can we got him with those I hope that counts is like two hits I doubt it but be nice if it did alright come on stick your head out again alright now we’re gonna hit that one at you dude the freezing oh my I literally I couldn’t shoot it please tell me that hits him Wow oh my god dude this freezing it’s starting to annoy me like a lot if you guys couldn’t tell it really is though just because like the freezing is literally causing me to die at this point okay I hit him with that one alright come on I can win this at the game ever stops freezing it’s got to be no way it can’t be something on my eggs like before the game started I made sure to look in the options just to see cuz I noticed it was freezing from the beginning and he’s right he’s all red now I did it I meet him yes but I looked in the settings and I had everything like normal except for visa guy Driessen off because I have a decent monitor but I don’t know what causes it alright victory do it we did it that’s what I’m talking about that was nuts you were incredible back there man for a big piggy you sure have some Swift moves I swear those guys were totally nuts oh you thought that tree was their God or something tree hug park used to be such a nice place before those Dumbo’s arrived there were so many more smaller trees that were just as beautiful and as the big one oh just as beautiful as the big one hopefully now that they’re big hippo general has been defeated the other Dumbo’s can go away too anyway I gotta thank you again for all the help back there if we’re still looking for the others I think I can give you something that might help you out it’s my super duper special move whoa there’s noise behind me I call it hover with it you can glide across so that’s what hover was perfect for safe and easy platform to use it just yep Wow why doesn’t okay I understand that okay whale on here take it it’ll be reused for out there you got the new move hover okay so why did they have that on the bottom of the screen okay yeah he’s the rooster okay yeah we can’t we get it we get it I’m trying to explain something here game alright okay so yeah look on the bottom left on the bottom of the screen it has all the moves down there and I just assumed that was moons the moves I had but no that’s the moves including the ones that I haven’t unlocked yet that’s okay weird all right so let’s go ahead and save real quick because I gotta see who’s behind me right now before we end this video I just have to you alright let’s save I hope we don’t get jumpscared by something but there’s something back there also I really hope we’re locking the door behind ourselves here cuz that’s gonna be really scary for not okay quit the game yes all right we need to look behind us wait no is it quitting the actual game okay now 30 minute minutes until the elevator resets all right who is no I didn’t mean to click oh no okay okay no no no look through the people who’s out there Oh oh my oh no no no no don’t no no no aah I’m not nope No this is the power without again you know I’m not going out no I’m not going out not doing it I it’s it’s nothing just ignore it for a few more minutes that I can go home but I have to go back to the breaker room and reset the power or the elevator won’t work no no no no no no no no bad no duh no like that there’s clearly that thing is out there and that’s what did it oh no we have to go out though Oh No okay let’s go into the supply closet oh you’ve got to be kidding me okay I need another fuse if I could just grab a fuse in the darkness dude if so if something moves in here I swear all right no fuse yet you got a fuse okay perfect let’s get out please get out Oh No we saw that thing it’s like a realistic-looking pig or something it’s so unnatural like I only saw for a split second but it looks so lifelike and so creepy I don’t all right we have to do this though like here’s the thing like we can wait for the elevator to arrive but we can’t get in it if it’s not powered like it won’t do anything so of course we got the creepy wall that we gotta go down here oh dude this thing is definitely out here though that’s the thing like it’s out here waiting for me I know it is oh my god no just get into the room quick Oh what is this thing on the wall I still don’t know what it is but I don’t trust it at all okay come on go in quick oh dude this is so creepy if he’s in here that he like knows alright get the broken one out put the good one and reset that Oh power please quick don’t be a jump-scare don’t be a jump-scare no ok we’re good we’re good right okay turn around I really hope with this game he has like no jumpscares in it cuz his last game had a lot and I’m hoping that this one just has none okay let’s get let’s just go back right III don’t oh wait let me see if this note oh wait is the note back 1 2 3 now 6 now we’re missing one still dang it I was hoping we could solve that okay so the elevators about to arrive ok yeah nothing there yet alright let’s just go back to our room I don’t want to explore I don’t want to go around I just want to get back to the room that is it ok I kind of want to I kind of want to go up to the door not gonna lie I kind of want to go up to the metal door and see if he’s in there let’s go why am I doing this I have to do this I have to see you there I don’t hear the snoring oh yeah I do ok so maybe he is in there I think he’s in there ok so we should be okay right nothing behind me let’s just get back to the room we have to I don’t I don’t like looking around out here when that thing is somewhere in this place ok we made it back right nothing’s in my room we’re ok what is on the floor right there no nothing ok so we made it back that’s good let’s start up the game again right ok yeah we’re good so we can just continue from where we left off alright well guys I’m in this video here though this is starting to get really exciting like it’s been exciting from the beginning it’s so weird because like we’re playing this friendly game you know you think that it’s not really that creepy if you just see like a thumb there or something like that but then the actual game itself is really creepy there’s something out there we’re trapped in this place and it’s I think we’re about to figure out what it is and it’s not gonna be good anyways guys I’m in this video here enjoy the video hit that like button new channel hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out guys


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    Can I get fnaf SL

  72. Sonny Owen says:

    I want fnaf 1

  73. Kirstie Nowak says:

    I watched all of your videos on YouTube and ROBLOX can I PLZ have a sister location game👍

  74. Jeffy AND Bowser Junior says:


  75. Godzilla King of the monster says:

    Sister location

  76. Ivis Vanessa says:

    Five nights freddys 4 or sister location

  77. YassBoi TV says:

    Why did they make pop the pig a horror game

  78. Franck Kouao says:

    Is cool

  79. Franck Kouao says:

    I want slster Locatlon

  80. Foxy Lover says:

    I liked subscribed and rang the bell can I have sister location

  81. JJ XD says:

    Any except fnaf2

  82. Ovidijus Šiupinskas says:

    FNAF 1

  83. Todd Sparks says:

    Five nights at Freddy’s 3

  84. Queen Ochici says:

    I did what you asked and wish for a sister location game, please and thank you.

  85. Phyllis Flatt says:

    Sister location

  86. Phyllis Flatt says:

    I liked and subscribe and so sister location pls look at this

  87. ghost dreamerr says:

    Fnaf Resurrection

  88. Joan Cardiel says:

    Fnaf 4

  89. Felix 1024l6 says:

    He is going to steals the bocholate bhip bookies NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  90. Ryley Swatton says:

    if you want ear rape put the playback speed on 2.05 and go to 57:47

  91. Brants&Carson Boyd says:

    Five Nights at Freddy's 6

  92. Razvy says:

    Imagine being in that room and someone knocking at night…

  93. Cayden Crouch says:

    I liked subbed hit the bell icon and I want fnaf sl

  94. ed luis says:

    5nitse and frates 3

  95. Carolynhkfktogfhf Beaty says:

    Sister location

  96. viper god productions says:

    Dark detention

  97. Kernite Yt says:

    When he got got the the the note a wi wa on a robotic voice happened

  98. Dubykat 05 says:

    Now thats alot of ads holy shit

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