Trends & Talkers: Gloves for Sushi chefs

We’ve been reporting on the the Department of Health’s new restaurant placard program, which is meant to keep restaurants cleaner and notify customers when they’re not. One part of the program requires sushi chefs to break from tradition and wear gloves during food preparation. Some sushi chefs say this make their job much tougher, because being able to feel the texture of the fish, the product, the vegetables is very important, Online, lots of you weighed in, almost no one in support of this restriction. Kathy Deloe writes, “I bet they can keep their hands cleaner than those gloves.” Haken Pax says, “Just wait till someone gets an allergic reaction because of latex sensitivity.” And Heather Barton adds, “More unnecessary government overreach…laws made by career politicians who’ve never worked a day in any restaurant, or anywhere except the Capitol. Enough already.” There is a way for businesses to apply for an exemption that would allow its chefs to continue to use their bare hands while handling food. But the chefs we spoke with say the processes requires a lot of documentation and is almost not worth the time. We want to hear from you – should sushi chefs – and all food prepares, be required to wear gloves? Head to

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